Trading Advisor Steve (“Steve”) is supposedly based on convolutional neural networks, econometric and mathematical analysis. It was proposed to run it on all instruments, since, according to legend, it analyzed all markets in order to predict price movements and choose the optimal entry point. Sounds incredible. To complete this task, enormous resources were required.

“Steve” was supplied by the companyInfoIdea (Belarus). She appeared in 2015. When this review was being prepared, I was staying afloat.

BrandInfoIdea (“InfoIdea”) refused to sell robots in MetaTrader stores and on its official website. Now it’s tempting to install nameless advisors for trading from the main site – And he doesn’t even try to somehow prove that they work at all.

It is important to understand: an advisor focused on all markets at once is garbage. There is no point in such universal software. Robot Steve used Martingale and grids to open positions and average losses. This approach is very dangerous. In 99% of cases it ends with the loss of the deposit due to a malfunction.

“InfoIdea” sold “Steve” without real evidence of the quality of work. The company’s only argument in favor of the effectiveness of its product is the account statistics on Moreover, it was opened a year before the adviser appeared. There is no hint of use, and the broker was an unregulated “kitchen”.

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A trading robot supposedly using neural networks actually works on a grid and drains deposits

Reviews of Steve

Reviews of sales advisor “Steve” – ​​stories of divorce. For example, on the website one of the traders said: the robot is retarded. He had not seen such blatant deception for a long time.

The author of the review feels that the developers made Steve somehow, without bothering with creating working software. There is an opinion: this is why the office was so quickly covered with a copper basin. The robot’s strategy turned out to be completely ineffective. Because of him, all the money melted right before our eyes.

Steve отзывы

The author of the following review tells a similar story. Although the robot “Steve” opens transactions that sometimes end in profit, in the end the deposit was lost. The person believes that the program is harmful. I do not recommend installing it, even if you really want to take the risk.

A review of Steve on warns: this is not an advisor, but real garbage. It is promoted as a technological miracle. In fact, it is very risky. Because of him, half of the deposit disappeared in a few weeks.

Steve отзыв

Another trader complains: the robot promises a lot. Gives with a gulkin nose. Trusting him is a mistake. A person installed an advisor on a trading account. I got a terrible result.

It turned out that “Steve” opens trades at random and ignores basic indicators, not to mention more complex market analysis tools. Losses were higher than expected. This is a scam.

Complain to Rating Forex lawyers, if the trading robot Steve (“Steve”) left you without money. Consult for free on withdrawal issues. With our help, everything that the scammer has pocketed will be returned.

Terms of cooperation. TOhow to make money with a robot Steve?

The developers of the advisor “Steve” offered to install it through the MetaTrader store or buy it on the website They asked $630 for it.

Steve’s work is based on convolutional neural networks. The program supposedly analyzed the market and chose entry and exit points itself. It could be used in parallel on several accounts and instruments, any of them. This alone is very suspicious.

The minimum deposit to launch a trading advisor is $1630. That is, you had to deposit at least $2000. 630 bucks went to buy the robot. The rest was allowed to be deposited into a trading account.

Moreover, it was not possible to open a depot with just any broker. It is necessary that it meet a number of conditions in order for the robot to work properly:

  • The minimum transaction volume is 0.01 lot. If so, every real broker that brings transactions to the interbank market was not suitable. It was possible to deal only with “kitchens”, scams and forex dealers.
  • Leverage – 1:500. Leverage is very wide. This is only the case with “kitchens”, Forex scammers. You need to run away from them with your heels sparkling. “Kitchens” steal all the beans. Scammers won’t let you get away with it. There are “kitchens” that reset deposits for those who use robots.
  • Timeframe – M15. In this situation, “Steve” is one of the representatives of advisors who open positions for a short period. He may even have been scalping. This is doubly risky. There is a possibility that a series of small orders will reset the entire deposit.

Advisor Steve can open several trades in one direction. This is typical for all martingale robots. They are the most natural garbage that doesn’t cost a penny. Take profit and stop loss are also fixed.

“Steve” suggested several settings. At least that’s what the description said. To find out the details, you had to buy the robot and start using it.

Rating Forex comment: even if you don’t buy Steve, it’s clear that you definitely won’t be able to use it with a real broker. This is a drainer. It is created exclusively for launching through “kitchens”. Turn it on and you’ll go crazy.

Registration and regulation

Advisor “Steve” is a development of the Belarusian company “InfoIdea” (UNP 192421928). Year of registration: 2015.

“InfoIdea” is a real brand. He sold robots on the website It stopped in 2022.

Rating Forex Comment: When this review was prepared, the InfoIdea website was The company moved to Lithuania.

At one time, the advisor “Steve” was distributed through the MetaTrader store. That is, it was relatively legal software. Now it is no longer available in the MetaTrader store. Even the free version is gone. This is extremely strange.

Modern “InfoIdea” sells nameless robots. There are aggressive and conservative ones. They are supposedly easy to install. There is no time-consuming setup of MT4 or MT5 terminals. However, there is not a single proof that the software actually works.

The biggest problem is that InfoIdea targets forex intermediaries, not traders. The interests of these two groups are diametrically opposed. Therefore, using robots promoted through “kitchens” is very dangerous. These will be merged in no time.

Rating Forex comment: Many junk advisors are based on the Martingale method. He came to trading from gambling. This is a very dangerous betting strategy that leads to loss of deposits. It was not popularized by traders – online casinos. It’s the same with the robots that “kitchens” offer. They wouldn’t be promoted just like that.

Like a divorceandt for money trading robot Steve

The Steve robot offered to invest in any financial instruments available in the trading terminal. According to legend, he knows how to trade each of them. But in reality this is impossible.

“Steve” is a very simple robot. He makes primitive trading decisions about entering the market. Simply opens trades against the trend or along it. Then he tries to correct the current situation with the help of additional guards with an increased depot.

According to the developers, Advisor Steve was trained using convolutional neural networks. Exactly how they were used is not explained. Rating Forex checked: such neural networks are used strictly for image analysis. This means that finding application for them in Forex trading is a very non-trivial task.

Rating Forex comment: It may seem that neural networks help in graphical analysis. But a chart is just a visual representation of market data. That is, numbers. The robot does not need a visual representation of data. It can analyze them directly. Therefore, convolutional neural networks in trading advisors do not make sense.

In addition It is not clear how “Steve” takes into account the fundamental factors of all existing financial assets. In fact, this is an unlikely occurrence. Implementation requires a huge amount of resources.

Rating Forex comment: if there were systems capable of analyzing all fundamental factors at once, they would be adopted by large traders (corporations, institutional clients), and not sold for just $630.

Believe,that the robot Steve was actually working is a huge mistake. Reviews prove: this is completely untrue.


“Steve” is a very bad option for installation in a trading terminal. Firstly, it is very difficult to find it now. It is not a fact that you will get it for free. Secondly, the robot has not been updated for a long time. Therefore, one cannot expect compliance with modern markets.

Most importantly, there is not a single piece of evidence that Steve’s advisor ever worked. Reviews about it are only negative. This requires great caution when using it.

It is unlikely that the robot will generate profit. Especially if it can only be launched on accounts of Forex scammers with inflated leverage.

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