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Just another scammer who only wants to take your money. I didn’t invest here and I don’t advise you to.

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Another SCAM. At first glance, everything is profitable, but then the money pumping just begins. Nothing has been returned yet.

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Egor Krivosheev

There are no documents, no license, fake contacts. It's an ordinary scam, I don't recommend it.

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The same scam as other such sites. Same conditions everywhere. It is clear that they are just clones to scam people. When will they be covered?

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I feel like they literally reached into my pocket and pulled everything out. They drained all my money and left me with nothing. These are ordinary scammers, not a broker.

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I don’t recommend it, I was deceived here, and they took almost all the money I had saved for the house. Fraudsters!

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AMM Brokers: Who They Are and What They Offer to Traders

PAMM, which stands for Percent Allocation Management Module, is a specialized account mechanism for trading. It involves two key participants:

  1. Investor: This is an individual who deposits money into a PAMM account.
  2. Manager: The manager is responsible for opening and closing positions using the funds available in the PAMM account.

In the PAMM system, the manager’s task is to execute trades using the capital in the PAMM account, with profits and losses distributed proportionally among the investors based on their contributions. The manager receives compensation in the form of a share of the profits and a percentage of the returns earned by the investors.

In essence, the PAMM system operates similarly to a managed account or trust management. It’s important to note that the manager is often not an employee of the broker but rather a skilled trader operating within the system.

However, it’s crucial to understand that not all managers possess the same level of trading expertise. Some managers might even be associated with fraudulent brokers, which introduces additional risks. If an unscrupulous manager collaborates with fraudulent activities, they may mismanage funds while claiming poor trading performance.

What PAMM Brokers Offer: Opening PAMM Accounts

PAMM brokers offer the option to open PAMM accounts, where multiple investors (traders who have invested their funds) can participate. These investors have the flexibility to withdraw their funds at any time.

It’s important to emphasize that if a PAMM broker restricts fund withdrawals, it’s a clear sign of a potential scam. Each PAMM account should have only one designated manager.

Investors Benefiting from PAMM Accounts

Investors who typically engage in PAMM accounts include:

  1. Novices: Those who are new to trading and investing.
  2. Those Seeking Passive Profits: Individuals interested in earning passive profits from speculative trading in currency pairs and CFDs.

However, it’s essential to highlight that investing in PAMM accounts carries significant risks due to the unpredictable nature of the forex market.

One of the key downsides of PAMM investments is the variability in the expertise of the managers. Some managers possess significant experience and education, while others may be overconfident novices.

Realistic Expectations and Risks

Claims of PAMM managers generating profits of up to 1000% per month are highly unrealistic. Skilled traders who can consistently achieve substantial profits are unlikely to engage in PAMM account management.

In reality, potential profits range from 10% to 15% per month. Additionally, investors should be prepared for substantial drawdowns as part of the trading process, especially when managers make mistakes.

Choosing a PAMM Broker: Key Considerations

Selecting a forex broker offering PAMM accounts involves criteria similar to those used for regular brokers:

  1. License: A valid license is essential, and brokers lacking one should be avoided.
  2. Reputation: Positive and honest reviews from professional traders are crucial.
  3. Transparent Conditions: No hidden fees or undisclosed liquidity providers.
  4. Verifiable Statistics: Clear and verifiable statistics for all PAMM accounts confirm the broker’s reliability.
  5. Stability and Consistency: Reliable PAMM accounts display consistent profit and investment growth.

Our PAMM broker ranking can assist in choosing a reliable partner for opening PAMM accounts with confidence.

For Aspiring PAMM Managers

For traders considering becoming PAMM managers, the PAMM account offers an opportunity to increase profits. Managers invest the same amounts as before but receive a percentage of profits from investors for each successful trade.

A PAMM account serves as a valuable means for traders who haven’t yet attained professional qualifications to manage funds. It’s an opportunity for them to demonstrate their trading skills and earn additional income.