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My brothers, I’m unlucky, I always end up scammed like this. What doesn’t save me is the fact that they are tailor-made. Don't do like me or you won't make any money. Don't mess with Smart rVid.

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I was an idiot and thought that this was a normal broker with whom I could make good money if I didn’t take too much risk, plus they promised me consultations so that I would feel confident. Therefore, I opened an account with $1000 at once to get wider leverage and better conditions. It turned out that there is nothing good there; the spreads are very wide, and at the moment of transactions there are hidden commissions that turn the profit into dust. In the end, I got tired and I submitted a withdrawal; it turned out that they were not going to give me the money until I paid the insurance of $500. Of course, I refused and they immediately gave me a ban.

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This is a very bad broker and you can’t trust him, he lures you in, I know from experience. He started calling me about a week ago and actively forced me to open an account with him, and this continued for 2 days until I agreed. They immediately demanded insurance fees from me, I refused to pay them and received an account ban, that is, the scammers simply stole my money for themselves and did not give anything back. I already contacted the prosecutor’s office and they said that these swindlers are sitting somewhere in another country.

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The last time I trust a broker from the Internet is simply no good anymore. If others were simply cutting off my profit, this particular idiot didn’t even want to return the deposit. Not only did he constantly put a spoke in the wheels with his jumps in spreads, but then he also canceled withdrawal requests one after another without explaining the reasons. I tried to contact them in different ways, but apparently they no longer need what they have, they have already gotten through the roof.

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I was seduced by registration in three countries and a solid website, everything at first glance looks very convincing. Therefore, I topped up the deposit. I was hoping to make good money, but it turned out that I donated my earned money to the afirists. When he received the first thousand from me, he immediately wanted more and began persuading me to give him more, without giving any objective reasons. They just demanded and that’s all, I naturally refused and put everything on the line, but I failed to take anything away.

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I never managed to register even though I was really excited about it. I was very interested in what this swindler was offering there. As I understand it, the promo code is given only to those who are definitely ready for a replenishment. I just spilled it and lost my memory.

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Best Binary Options Brokers – How to Choose? 

In the modern world, many individuals and companies face an increasing number of fraudulent platforms that deceive them and abuse their trust. We’ve found a solution to this problem and created this resource to help users avoid such fraudulent actors and select reliable and best binary options platforms for their investments. 

Binary options let traders predict asset price movements, offering a straightforward way to profit by speculating on whether prices will rise or fall at a specified time. Yet, many deceitful brokers exploit trust with false promises and financial threats. 

Where to begin when selecting a reliable binary options broker? 

When choosing a broker, it is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects: 

  • Regulation and Licensing 
  • Reputation and Reviews 
  • Trading Conditions 
  • Security and Protection 
  • Education and Support 
  • Withdrawal Options 
  • Customer Support 

It is strongly advised to thoroughly research and compare different binary options brokers before making a decision. Choosing a trustworthy and regulated platform can significantly impact your trading experience and safeguard your investments. 

The Risks of Dealing with Scammers 

Collaborating with fraudulent binary options brokers can have serious negative consequences for traders: 

  • Fraudulent brokers may employ various schemes to lure a trader’s funds. 
  • They may provide unreliable information and analysis to mislead traders and manipulate their trading decisions. 
  • Scam projects usually lack licenses and regulation by official financial market authorities, leaving traders with no recourse in case of disputes or withdrawal issues. 
  • Scammers can manipulate trade outcomes to their advantage. 
  • Fraudulent binary options brokers often restrict access to their support or fail to provide adequate feedback. 

It is crucial to thoroughly research a broker before engaging in any collaboration and choose only reliable and regulated intermediaries to protect your interests and funds. 

The advantages of our portal include detailed analysis. The best binary options 

Our primary goal is to provide objective information about binary options brokers. We analyze various platforms, assessing their reliability, licensing, reputation, trading conditions, tech infrastructure, and trader feedback. 

We focus on rating binary options platforms, using our unique algorithm. Regular updates ensure users find platforms that suit their needs. 

Our team actively exposes fraudulent platforms to protect users from financial losses and offers advice on spotting scams. 

We aim to build a community where traders share experiences and reviews to help others make informed choices. 

Our mission is to assist traders in selecting trustworthy platforms and safeguarding their investments from fraud. We hope our website becomes a valuable resource for those interested in binary options.