About us

Our project simplifies the process of making money in the currency market, binary options, trading derivatives, and basic exchange instruments. We offer the following: 

  • Impartial and current information about the trading world. 
  • Posts from brokers, traders, and analysts. 
  • A comprehensive view of the trading process to enhance profits. 

We have compiled extensive profiles of Forex brokers, market makers, dealers, and fraudulent entities. This effort continues daily, producing a wealth of new material. Our collection includes hundreds of articles, reviews, analytical insights, and news summaries, making trading more accessible. 

Direct Insights

Participants in binary options and Forex contribute news, overview articles, and analyses. Brokers and dealers discuss upcoming marketing campaigns and congratulate contest winners. 

Registered users gain unique advantages on our website, including a “Personal Cabinet” with special features: 

  • Directly questioning brokers and dealers. 
  • Sharing comments and personal opinions about those in our ratings. 
  • Rating brokers and dealers. 
  • Comparing intermediaries using top parameters. 

By registering, you stay at the center of events. Need the best broker? Read real traders’ reviews about those genuinely trustworthy, aiding your decision-making. Additionally, flag scammers in the blacklist. 

Our Mission

Our project aspires to become a leading source of accurate information about: 

  • Forex brokers and binary options. 
  • Dealers. 
  • Bookmakers. 

To achieve this, we continually expand our database, acquiring essential data for informed choices. 

Our sources are brokers, dealers, and bookmakers who share their insights with clients. However, this isn’t sufficient for a comprehensive assessment of their performance. Therefore, we turn to real traders, whose honest evaluations provide valuable input. 

This endeavor results in an extensive pool of unbiased information, assisting in making impartial choices. 

Our ratings are consistently updated and expanded, incorporating new data and improvements. Their flexible settings allow you to access relevant statistics. 

Website Content

Our array of sections continues to grow, creating a structured website covering various aspects of currency and speculative trading, binary options, and other online earning methods based on investments. 

The “Best Forex Brokers” section offers a broad selection of intermediaries for trading, accompanied by daily reviews. This section helps identify reliable partners for earning and exposes potential scammers. 

The “Forex Broker Comparison” section empowers traders to assess intermediaries across top-priority parameters, saving time and aiding selection. 

To identify the best broker according to our users, explore the “Voting Statistics” section. We gather monthly data, preserving all voting information, showcasing clients’ changing trust in intermediaries. 

The “Forex Broker Announcements” page showcases intermediaries’ plans and promotions, aiding decisions about partnership opportunities. 

Our site hosts sections providing insights into Forex brokers. We craft news ourselves and publish content from others, enhancing trading experiences. 

The “Seminars and Webinars” section is particularly valuable for newcomers, providing ample information to enter the market confidently. 

We regularly update analytical tools and supplementary materials. Enhance your trading comprehension with: 

  • A glossary of terms. 
  • Currency converter. 
  • Current strategies. 

Delve into fundamental and technical analysis fundamentals. Learn to trade more efficiently through video tutorials from expert traders and analysts. 

The “Forex Reviews” section contains thousands of trader comments about various brokers. Professionals, beginners, and intermediates share insights, offering diverse perspectives. Determine who welcomes newcomers and who suits experienced professionals. 

The “Forex Articles” section is a treasure trove of materials encompassing different trading aspects in the currency market. Updated regularly, it caters to traders regardless of their experience. Discover a wealth of useful information, including strategies, basic knowledge, signals, trading psychology, fundamental and technical analysis. 

In the “Binary Options” section, we gather bookmakers offering opportunities to predict price movement for earnings. Despite binary options’ negative reputation, we clarify which bookmakers are trustworthy, explaining their operations and compatibility. 

Find us on social media for simpler access to new content and news. Engage with our analysts, communicate with subscribers, and share knowledge. This interaction is vital for refining your trading skills. 

Each new user, each community member, contributes a voice we prioritize. All opinions matter, painting a comprehensive market picture. An objective assessment based on this input minimizes risks and safeguards against potential scammers.