Cookie policy

Anyone who registers on this website or uses it without registration agrees to the application of cookies. 

Purpose of Using Cookies 

The purpose of cookie files is to distinguish users from each other. They enhance the user experience on the website. 

What are Cookies 

User browsers create and store short text documents known as cookies. With their help, websites: 

  • Simplify internet browsing.  
  • Make the user experience more convenient.  
  • Collect information about traffic.  

Through cookies, servers obtain necessary user information for their operation, including: 

  • Login information. 
  • Geographical location.  
  • Time zone.  
  • Languages and currencies.  
  • Font sizes.  

Cookies can also automatically log users into their accounts if they were registered and did not log out during their previous session. Users don’t need to input the same information repeatedly. 

Cookies come in various types, differing in their expiration periods. Some files are deleted after a certain time. 

IP Address Data and its Use 

Stored in cookies, information about IP addresses used by individuals can include data about their geographical location. This is used to gather traffic information and optimize services based on location. 

This website does not track or identify users based on their IP addresses. Activity is not monitored or stored. 

Login, Social Media Integration 

When users log into their accounts on this website using social media, the Privacy Policy of the used social media applies to confidential user information. They may take personal data collected through cookies for their own purposes, often related to marketing campaigns and advertising. 

Information Confidentiality 

By posting any personal data about themselves or other users on this website, individuals agree that this information may be accessible to other site users, search engines, and unregistered visitors if the information is on publicly accessible pages. 

Each user must exercise a high degree of responsibility for any data they publish on this website and its associated social media pages. This website is not liable for such actions. 

Cookie Security 

Cookie files are text documents that cannot contain or facilitate the installation of malicious software on users’ computers. They mostly consist of “key-value” pairs that instruct the resource on actions to take. For example, to apply a light or dark theme, automatically authenticate for access to the “Personal Account” (if the user didn’t log out during the previous session), or display localized advertisements. 

Cookies are anonymous and lack personal information. This eliminates the risk of obtaining user personal data even if they are intercepted. 

Ignoring the risks of an insecure connection is unwise. If data exchange occurs with an unprotected website or through public networks, attackers can replace cookie files with their own. 

Necessity of Storing Cookie Files 

Storing cookie files is optional. This function can be disabled in most modern browsers through account settings. Cookies can be deleted along with temporary files during history cleanup. 

Certain browsers allow users to choose which cookie files to store and which to block. Some files can be blocked. 

If the function to save cookie files is disabled, users will need to log into their accounts and adjust settings according to their preferences at the beginning of each session on a specific site. This may affect the site’s loading speed during the first visit. The browser will need to load additional files that could have been stored as cookies on the client side. 

Use of Cookies for Advertising Purposes

The website uses data from cookies to provide users with the most relevant advertising materials based on their geographical location, interests, and other personality traits. 

Edits to the Cookies Usage Policy and Its Scope of Responsibility 

This website reserves the right to make changes to the existing Cookies Policy when necessary. This policy applies exclusively to this website and does not extend to other resources, external sources, or links present on this website. 

This pertains to all links, whether placed by users or representatives of the site in informational, analytical, or other materials. This website is not responsible for third-party content, links provided by users.