User agreement

Every individual (referred to as the User), who has completed registration on our website (hereinafter referred to as the Site) to gain the ability to vote for Forex brokers and dealers, write comments and reviews, voluntarily agrees to the terms of this Agreement. The User commits to abide by these terms without exceptions. In case of non-compliance, the User must cease using the Site. 

When a User registers on the Site, they confirm that they are located outside the territory of the Russian Federation. 

User Rights on the Site 

A registered User on the Site is granted the following rights concerning the information on the Site: 

  • Information search. 
  • Posting personal information. 
  • Commenting on publications, messages, articles, reviews, analyses, and other data and informational objects that support the comment function on the Site. This applies to the information posted by other users.  

User Obligations 

The User, regardless of circumstances, undertakes not to publish on the Site or send through the Site to other users any information materials that may incite hatred or enmity based on the following criteria: 

  • Race. 
  • Gender. 
  • Religious beliefs. 
  • Social status. 
  • Ethnic origin. 

Materials that humiliate human dignity, discriminate against minorities, contain threats, insults towards other users, as well as any: 

  • Physical persons. 
  • Organizations. 
  • Social groups. 

The User agrees not to publish or send materials that could infringe upon the rights of minors or cause harm to them in any form. 

Through their publications on the Site, the User is not entitled to violate the rights of third parties: 

  • Intellectual property rights. 
  • Means of individualization. 

This prohibition extends to the violation of any copyright, related, and other rights. 

If a User receives information based on a non-disclosure agreement or classified as state secret, they cannot post it on the Site or transmit it to other users through the Site. 

The Site prohibits the dissemination of personal information about third parties who have not consented to the use of such information. 

The User commits not to spread publications, comments containing: 

  • Indecent materials. 
  • Defamation. 
  • Obscene language in any form or derivatives. 
  • Materials pursuing commercial purposes. 

Users are prohibited from posting files on the Site containing software viruses, as well as information, code samples that could interfere with and disrupt the operation of any computer, telecommunications equipment. 

The User commits to fully comply with all international legislative restrictions and limitations regarding any materials prohibited from dissemination. 

Editorial Rights 

A registered User confirms their agreement that the representatives of this Site have the right to take the following measures in relation to the information posted by them, without prior notice: 

  • Deletion. 
  • Restriction of access. 

These measures are applied only if the User’s information or its dissemination contradicts the terms of this Agreement. 

The representatives of the Site have the right to refuse registration to the User. They are not obliged to inform the User of the reasons for such refusal. 

The representatives of the Site have the right to make changes to this Agreement. Prior notification to the User is optional. In this case, a User who continues to use the Site’s features after the Agreement has been changed is considered to agree to the changes. 

By registering on the Site, the User agrees that the representatives of the Site (editorial board, administration): 

  • Do not bear responsibility for data that the User received from other Site users. 
  • Cannot guarantee that the information received from other users complies with legal requirements, is truthful, or accurate. 

The User bears full responsibility for posting information, publications, and distribution that fall under the restrictions or prohibitions of international legal norms. 

The User agrees to abide by this Agreement from the moment of registration until the date when the User withdraws their consent by contacting the representatives of the Site. To do this, the User needs to write a written message from the email address provided during registration on the Site. The withdrawal of consent message can be written in any form.