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    How to give all your money to scammers and not notice it?

    Online trading is a constantly evolving segment of the trading market, and within it there is an ever-expanding market called the cryptocurrency market. For years, this market has generated positive sentiment among the online trading community. Similarly, many crypto brokers have emerged who have stepped into the market and gained significant recognition in no time. Oriontero is also a company that trades cryptocurrencies and other traditional assets. But is this online broker reliable and is it worth investing your money in assets through We are presenting you our unbiased Oriontero review, in which we will briefly tell you about the pros and cons of this broker.

    First impression of Oriontero

    Oriontero is a diverse trading platform that aims to attract traders from all walks of life. The company provides an extensive list of trading tools: 

    • indices;
    • commodities;
    • bonds;
    • stocks;
    • forex;
    • cryptocurrencies, etc. 

    In this way the platform is trying to attract traders from all over the world. According to the statements of the platform Oriontero is actively used by institutional and casual traders who are interested in creating extravagant trading portfolios. Oriontero’s goal is to provide ample opportunity and full access to this highly lucrative online trading marketplace to everyone from all walks of life.



    Founding date


    Referral System







    [email protected]

    • 7 accounts
    • Large selection of trading instruments
    • Referal System
    • Low fees
    • Insufficient information about regulators and registration
    • Negative reviews about the project
    • Insufficient information in trading accounts

    МТ5, МТ4


    Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Premium 


    RUB, EUR, USD, Cryptocurrency


    Cards (Visa/MC), online wallet

    Min Deposit

    10 000 EUR





    Min order




    Financial instruments

    Cryptocurrency, metals, stocks, index

    Margin Call/Stop out


    Liquidity Provider


    Mobile Trading


    Referral System


    Order execution




    Trading accounts on the website manages and provides several trading accounts. Below are the first three types of Oriontero accounts:

    • Bronze – 10, 000 EUR;
    • Silver – 25,000 EUR;
    • Gold – 50, 000 EUR.

    The Bronze account is a basic account, but the staff may interest you with a minimum deposit of 250 euros. However, you will not be able to start trading until you upgrade your status by fulfilling the initial level of 10,000 EUR. And that’s the standard pattern of how a company can get you to invest more and more. 

    What leverage is available at Oriontero?

    Oriontero provides access to a fixed leverage of 1:200 to almost anyone who wants it, which cannot be changed – and such amounts have long been considered too high for a retail trader by most regulators. In many countries of the world such large values are not allowed, the EU, the UK and Australia have set a limit of 1:30, and the US a limit of 1:50. Most offshore brokers set such high values in an effort to attract more clients. If you see similar leverage, be careful because nine times out of ten you will be dealing with an unlicensed broker, a scammer, or both!

    Trading software available on the platform compares itself to other brokers and claims that while its competitors still stick to traditional trading methods, its platform is unsurpassed and not offered by anyone else, the company undertakes to provide traders with technological platforms, tools and software. These are rather bold statements, but the truth is that Oriontero is another questionable broker with a mediocre Webtrader. provides access to a fairly poor web platform. It lacks many of the features that we have come to expect from working with the industry standard MT4 and MT5, namely a clean interface and powerful automated trading. Oriontero claims that MT4 and MT5 are available, but this is not true – one of the proofs of fraud, as the broker deliberately takes advantage of the solid reputation of the platforms.

    The only thing is that MetaTrader is available as a mobile application. You will have the opportunity to log in to Oriontero via your cell phone, which can be done through the MetaTrader application. However, access to some features is limited because the company wanted to save money and not buy the full version.

    Can I make money with Oriontero?

    No – as already mentioned, this broker is not licensed. It is very important to always be sure that the company you are going to do business with is licensed.

    Fees and withdrawals

    Information about withdrawals and commissions is too sparse, and we only know that it takes the broker 5 days to process requests. In any case, there is no point in discussing withdrawals, because the broker is just another scam.

    How do scammers work?

    This site can not be trusted, even if you suddenly decide to take a chance, you are guaranteed to lose your money. Scammers very often change the addresses of sites, but the scheme of deception remain the same. Below you can read what scammers usually do to lure as much money from their victims as possible.

    Often people are lured to the Oriontero website – just by calls and offers of great investment earnings. They also use social networks. Scammers can promise good conditions for “real” trading, then tell tales about good profits to make it easier to cheat. In addition, in order to gain credibility, thieves usually pretend to work for the government, financial authorities, banks, reputable companies, etc. The fraudulent process begins after you send the money. The fraudulent process begins after you send the money. Once you get the deposit you want, the scammers will distort prices and falsify reports to make you believe you made a profit, to manipulate you into thinking about a larger deposit. Scammers will gradually ask you to increase your investment and make up stories to get you to fund your account over and over again. However, sooner or later you will decide to withdraw some money, and then the scammers will ask you to refill your account again because, according to them, there are taxes and fees that you have to pay. At that point you will probably realise that something is going on, and when the deception becomes too obvious, the scammers will simply cut the connection and disappear.

    It is important to know and remember that Oriontero brokerage company does not withdraw money. On the Internet you can find positive Oriontero reviews that are written like a copy. The company is actively promoting its site and erasing negative comments from victims. Scammers very often try to convince their future customers that negative reviews are the tricks of the competition and so on. You also need to understand, cheaters will never admit that their Oriontero project is dishonest. Oriontero trustpilot. You can look at the trustpilot website and see that the company has a good rating. But you should not mislead yourself. If you go down to the comments section, you can find out the real truth about

    Affiliate Program

    Another fraud scheme that can lure money not only from you but also from your acquaintances is an affiliate program. The company invites everyone who considers themselves as active Internet users and social media influencers to apply for the affiliate program. Of course, these users are entitled to a percentage of the deposit that others make. However, the broker does not intend to pay you or the people you brought in.

    Where does the Oriontero scam operate?

    It is better to say where Oriontero Scam is not active. Our research showed that the broker operates in countries such as:

    • Canada;
    • New Zealand; 
    • Sweden;
    • Netherlands;
    • Australia;
    • United Kingdom.

    However, the list does not end there, so be vigilant and avoid any offers from this company.

    What to do if you have been scammed?

    It’s best if you call your bank first, let them know, and deactivate your card to avoid additional risks, as fraudsters may well have gotten your personal information. Then call the police, inform the financial authorities, file a complaint, and don’t forget to spread the word on the Internet so other people know about the fraudulent scheme. Nevertheless, it is extremely important not to rush into trying to get your money back, as numerous scammers masquerade as chargeback agencies designed to double-cross victims.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Absolutely not – the company is not licensed by any regulatory agency. Oriontero is some kind of underground broker who does not disclose its address and contact numbers, let alone its license or registration numbers. states that they are in the process of obtaining a license, but does not mention from whom or when it should be obtained. Legitimate brokers are allowed to offer Forex services only after obtaining a compulsory license. Such vague statements are not enough to make us believe that Oriontero does not suffer from the same problems as all offshore brokers. For example, the lack of regulation means that they have no way to prove that they are not engaging in fraud. deliberately misleads the public because regulation is the most important aspect when it comes to trading. 

    Working with unregulated brokers is usually a terrible idea because these organisations are anonymous and unaccountable. For example, your deposit at Oriontero will be handled by people with hidden identities who take no responsibility for their actions. Moreover, scammers prefer to work with offshore shell companies, as clients’ money literally disappears after being sent. That’s why we recommend to use only licensed brokers.

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    Should you choose the company as my broker?

    Oriontero does not deserve even the slightest bit of your attention. The fact is that there are literally hundreds of such companies – and they all have similar problems with a lack of regulation, lack of legal documentation, and terrible trading conditions. This is a common scam for money. It makes no sense to invest in the project, you’ll just be cheated by experienced fraudsters. All their promises are lies, they work very fast and use psychological tricks to deceive. The company does not have a license, even if you do find one, it will most likely be fake. We recommend that you check all licenses on the regulators’ websites. should never be trusted. As we’ve said before, Oriontero is not a bona fide broker – and there is no reason why trading with this company instead of a regulated and legitimate broker would be considered a good idea.


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    Does the opinion of a broker's clients affect its reputation?

    The company’s rating and reputation largely depend on whether its clients are satisfied. The reviews about Oriontero are not the most flattering, and therefore you should take a close look at them before deciding to cooperate with this platform.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Oriontero on the website?

    To add a review of this company on the resource, you do not need to spend a lot of time. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, and this is already with registration. A letter with a link to confirm registration will be sent to your e-mail, and it will also contain detailed instructions on how to add a review to the site.


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