C.K.Expro crypto exchange review – reviews from real clients, signs of fraud, scam scheme


An anonymous sharaga drains user deposits, refuses to withdraw deposits, blocks accounts, removes hidden commissions and payments.

Expert opinion

Crypto exchangeC.K. Expro is very often blacklisted on independent monitoring and thematic websites. Founded in 2023 and registered in Singapore, this company attracts the attention of investors with promises of high returns and various promotions. However, as user reviews and expert analysis show, C.K. Expro uses a variety of fraudulent tactics, from quote manipulation and hidden fees to blocking customer accounts and refusing to withdraw funds. In addition, lack of transparency, anonymity of the founders. Therefore, it is not the best decision to contact SK Expro.

Reviews about the project

Since we are dealing with a young organization, comments are just starting to appear. Obviously, the service has been providing services relatively recently, plus the advertising campaign has not yet been launched. Accordingly, this makes it much more difficult to find real reviews about C.K. Expro. In most cases, clients were unable to withdraw money.

Take a close look at the stories; clients are trying to get their withdrawal request approved, but are being refused. In the worst case, the crypto exchange blocks the profile or simply ignores user messages.

Here are a few more comments confirming that the quotes are completely under the company’s control. Daria purposefully checked the courses and was convinced of this.

A company can simply draw a profit in their personal account, and when it comes to withdrawal, the user realizes that he was scammed.

Review by C.K. Expro or divorce scheme

Now regarding how the company makes money by manipulating users:

  • inflated promises of profitability. Serviceattracts newcomers with promises of significant profits, which creates the illusion of easy money;
  • bonuses and participation in promotions are used to attract and retain customers;
  • assistance from personal managers. The assistance of so-called personal managers is provided, creating the appearance of an individual approach and care for the client;
  • aggressive calls and letters. Clients are aggressively persuaded to top up their account using calls and letters;
  • draining money and blocking account. After clients invest, the company manipulates processes in such a way that the money is lost (drained) and then access to the account is blocked;
  • hidden commissions and payments;
  • manipulation of asset prices, even users can see it.

This scam scheme is aimed at extracting maximum financial resources from gullible newcomers. Considering that the number of comments is growing, the company is succeeding.

Remember that getting money back from scammers is a very real goal. It’s just that, as practice shows, only a few start the process and bring it to the end. Just for consultationwrite to us. If you are interested in chargeback.

Help about the C.K. service Expro

Company C.K. Expro, listed on, was founded in 2023 and registered in Singapore. However, despite claims to be legally registered, a detailed analysis reveals that the firm does not have proper documents to prove its legality, including license and registration. The company’s website began operating in May of the same year, but has already raised suspicions due to the lack of reviews and transparency in its activities. The cost of the portal is 45 rubles. Which already indicates its low level of reliability.

C.K. Expro positions itself as a cryptocurrency exchange, offering services for the sale, storage and exchange of cryptocurrency assets. In addition, the project announces the possibility of DEFI mining and staking. However, the site is missing important information such as team details, office address and contact information.

Scheme of work of C.K. Expro includes a variety of fraudulent tactics, such as offering bonuses and programs to attract customers, manipulating quotes that do not correspond to the real market, and mining offers that are often unprofitable. The service also uses a variety of methods to persuade newcomers to invest, including aggressive calls and emails.

C.K. Expro is a high-risk and potentially fraudulent project that should be avoided. Lack of transparency, unreliable information on the website, as well as the lack of real documents and regulatory oversight are the reasons for blacklisting the organization.

Please note that the company has not provided any method of communication with the service. Clients will only be able to contact if the manager so wishes.

Terms of cooperation

Based on information from, C.K. Expro, operating under the domain, presents itself as a cryptocurrency platform offering various services in the cryptocurrency space. However, it is important to note that the site and its activities raise serious suspicions and accusations of fraud.

The platform offers the ability to trade various cryptocurrencies, including the most popular pairs such as BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT. Users have access to margin trading with leverage up to 5X for spot trading. The exchange is said to provide support in multiple languages, including English, German, French and Russian. It claims to protect user assets using various technologies, including multi-signature cold wallets and account encryption. The platform offers the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrency using fiat currencies. Indicates the availability of a mobile application for Android and iOS.

The problem is that on the official website of C.K. Expro contains information about commissions, trading rules and withdrawal policies. In addition, there are no documents as such that give the right to officially provide services in this niche. The company is operating illegally.

Verdict or signs of divorce

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic signals indicating fraud:

  • lack of license;
  • hidden fees for trading, transferring funds or other services;
  • clients of this platform report the loss of their initial investments, regardless of the format of cooperation (trading or ICO);
  • false statements about legal registration without specifics as such;
  • manipulation and ignoring requests for withdrawal of funds, which leads to losses;
  • blacklisting of scammers. Independent monitoring has included this project in the blacklist of scammers;
  • anonymity of the founders. The founders and team of the project chose to remain anonymous, which is a red flag for any financial project;
  • lack of contact information and dubious reputation: The lack of direct contact information and negative reviews indicate a dubious reputation of the company;
  • problems with withdrawal of funds.

Knowing about such problems, you shouldn’t even waste time opening a personal C.K. account. Expro. We are dealing with classic scammers.


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