WallStreet Evolution 2.0

You have the option to acquire the Wall Street Bot by visiting the website The standard price stands at $347, although the vendor occasionally extends special offers, allowing you to secure the robot at a discounted rate of approximately $80. The website exudes a professional and meticulously crafted appearance while furnishing a wealth of information concerning the system.  

Within the seller’s website, one will discover a privacy policy and a set of terms and conditions governing collaborations. Should a customer find themselves dissatisfied with their purchase, the provider extends a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, it’s worth noting that despite the program developer’s mention, specific details about this individual remain conspicuously absent.  

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The FXAutomater team is the creator of WallStreet Evolution 2.0. This trading software incorporates numerous novel features that enhance its user-friendliness for traders in comparison to the earlier version.

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WallStreet Evolution 2.0 serves as a currency trading consultant tailored for the Metatrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. It represents an adapted edition of the WallStreet forex robot, featuring an integrated broker security system.

Wall Street Evolution 2.0 Overview – Feedback on the Platform, Earning Terms, and Fund Withdrawals

FX Automater asserts itself as a seasoned team formed by accomplished Forex traders boasting over 12 years of trading experience and an additional 8 years dedicated to the development of automated trading systems. Their portfolio includes the creation of other prominent trading robots, such as Volatility Factor, Forex Diamond, Forex Trend Detector, and more. However, the wsb Wall Street Bot seller maintains an air of anonymity, although conventional expectations would dictate the publication of a physical address and contact information on their website. Despite this, FX Automater enjoys a commendable reputation.  

In reference to the roster of currency pairs with which the Wall Street Bot operates, it exclusively encompasses a list of the most liquid instruments characterized by narrow spreads. This configuration affords traders protection against the inadvertent initiation of orders with elevated spreads.  

Customer Reviews    

Feedback regarding the Wall Street Bot is available on both international and local forums, encompassing a mix of positive and negative reviews.  

Vitos lauds the Wall Street Forex software as a standout among its peers. However, he highlights the challenge posed by market volatility, which tends to diminish the bot’s effectiveness. In his view, these bots lack artificial intelligence and function as mere mimics of a trader’s actions when it comes to opening and closing orders. Nonetheless, this trader also mentions that he manages to attain decent profits, albeit consistently at the same level. His recommendation is to monitor the program every other day.  

Another user contributes their perspective within the realm of Wall Street Bot reviews. They describe it as a tool that hinges on market trends for its settings. This user finds fault with this approach, as it means that in the event of a market crisis, the bot could lead to financial losses for the trader. They contend that the developer’s promises of guaranteed profits are misleading.  

Regarding the Wall Street Bot, a trader conveys that the bot operates adequately. While they have utilized it for some time, they haven’t experienced significant gains or losses. This customer expresses the desire to engage in higher-risk trading to correspondingly amplify their profits.  

The prevailing criticism from users centers on the bot’s capacity to deliver only modest profits. Many traders aspire to enhance their earnings, a pursuit that appears challenging with the current version of the program.   

Expert Opinion  

The FXAutomater team created the Wall Street Forex Robot, priced at $347. They claim to have developed a protective module for traders against dishonest broker practices, including slippages, high spreads, and order execution delays. Users can monitor their broker’s actions in real-time for added security. The Forex advisor is said to enhance trading success by 88%. 

Determining if the program meets the creators’ claims remains a challenge, with varying user opinions, including satisfied buyers and those who feel their investment was in vain.

Cooperation Terms  

The Wall Street Bot is a scalping advisor that offers minimal risk and tracks short-term and medium-term market trends. It updates settings in real-time and is optimized for trading currency pairs on the M15 timeframe. The recommended minimum deposit is $1000 with a 50:1 leverage ratio. The developers claim that their software generates substantial profits through timely trade closures. 

The profit protection system prevents premature position closures, extending trade durations for maximum profit using a specialized algorithm. It also guards against high spreads by identifying transactions exceeding the trader’s acceptable threshold. 

The WSB Robot advisor refrains from opening trades that currently feature unfavorable prices, a particularly important feature during periods of high market volatility. Clients have the flexibility to configure the program to their own preferences.  

Conclusion on Collaboration 

When it comes to the advisor, it’s a genuine program with its own set of pros and cons. After going through numerous reviews of the Wall Street Bot robot, it becomes evident that generating substantial profits using this software may be challenging. Nevertheless, it’s reassuring that in most cases, the initial deposit remains intact, although there’s no absolute guarantee.  

Reviews from traders about the Wall Street Bot provide an accurate portrayal of its real-world application. To recoup your investment, a considerable amount of time must be dedicated. Therefore, if a trader aspires to achieve significant profits, they may need to discontinue the use of the bot and engage in higher-risk trading.  

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My brothers, I’m unlucky, I always end up scammed like this. What doesn’t save me is the fact that they are tailor-made. Don't do like me or you won't make any money. Don't mess with Smart rVid.

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I was an idiot and thought that this was a normal broker with whom I could make good money if I didn’t take too much risk, plus they promised me consultations so that I would feel confident. Therefore, I opened an account with $1000 at once to get wider leverage and better conditions. It turned out that there is nothing good there; the spreads are very wide, and at the moment of transactions there are hidden commissions that turn the profit into dust. In the end, I got tired and I submitted a withdrawal; it turned out that they were not going to give me the money until I paid the insurance of $500. Of course, I refused and they immediately gave me a ban.

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This is a very bad broker and you can’t trust him, he lures you in, I know from experience. He started calling me about a week ago and actively forced me to open an account with him, and this continued for 2 days until I agreed. They immediately demanded insurance fees from me, I refused to pay them and received an account ban, that is, the scammers simply stole my money for themselves and did not give anything back. I already contacted the prosecutor’s office and they said that these swindlers are sitting somewhere in another country.

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The last time I trust a broker from the Internet is simply no good anymore. If others were simply cutting off my profit, this particular idiot didn’t even want to return the deposit. Not only did he constantly put a spoke in the wheels with his jumps in spreads, but then he also canceled withdrawal requests one after another without explaining the reasons. I tried to contact them in different ways, but apparently they no longer need what they have, they have already gotten through the roof.

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I was seduced by registration in three countries and a solid website, everything at first glance looks very convincing. Therefore, I topped up the deposit. I was hoping to make good money, but it turned out that I donated my earned money to the afirists. When he received the first thousand from me, he immediately wanted more and began persuading me to give him more, without giving any objective reasons. They just demanded and that’s all, I naturally refused and put everything on the line, but I failed to take anything away.

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I never managed to register even though I was really excited about it. I was very interested in what this swindler was offering there. As I understand it, the promo code is given only to those who are definitely ready for a replenishment. I just spilled it and lost my memory.

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