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Vsignal Trader is a robot advisor designed to automate trading on the Forex market. Recently, interest in such programs has grown significantly, since they are able to work around the clock, opening and closing transactions much faster than a person can do. However, despite the developers’ promises of high efficiency and profitability, ordinary users are losing their savings. The scammers did not test their “brainchild” on the real market, demonstrating to potential buyers the results of trading on the history of quotes.

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Technical characteristics of the Vsignale Trader advisor

Drain software is a classic martingale advisor, which implies doubling the trading lot after each losing trade and returning to the original lot size after a profitable one. This strategy involves trading without losses in the long term, but is associated with high risks. The Martingale strategy always causes investment to drain.

Trader Vsignale allows you to use different time frames and is recommended for trading trending currency pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD. The minimum recommended deposit is 10 thousand units per 0.1 standard lot. A special feature of the advisor is the introduction of artificial intelligence algorithms, which allow the advisor to independently adapt to the current market situation and reconfigure itself for more accurate and profitable trading.

There are different versions of the advisor Vsignale Trader M3:

  • Aggressive: aggressive mode with high risks and potential profit of about 40-50% per month. Recommended for passionate traders;
  • Safe: safe mode with minimal risks and profits from 5 to 15% per month. Suitable for long-term investment;
  • Standard: a golden mean with moderate risks and profits from 15 to 25% per month;
  • Professional: version for experienced traders who can customize the work of the advisor to their needs.

Despite the stated advantages and technical capabilities of the software, negative reviews predominate on the Internet. Many users claim that the bot does not live up to the promises of the developers and leads to the loss of their deposit. Considering the dubious reputation of the creators of the program, it is better for beginners to avoid using Vsignale Trader official website There is no development company. The scammers just created a community on Facebook. This doesn’t look like the handwriting of a reputable company.

The unpleasant truth about the Vsignale Trader advisor

Upon closer examination of the advisor Signal Trader Serious causes of concern are identified that put potential investors on guard. Despite the developers’ promises of high profitability and trading automation, the reality is far from so rosy. One of the main disadvantages is using the Martingale strategy, which, although it can provide short-term wins, is associated with high risks. Doubling the trading lot after each losing trade leads to the rapid depletion of the deposit, especially in conditions of high market volatility.

In addition, many user reviews indicate that the advisor not only does not live up to stated expectations, but also actively contributes to the loss of funds. Users report cases when the robot opened many positions without any visible logic, which led to a quick drain of the starting capital. This approach to trading makes using Vsignal Trader an extremely risky activity that will result in significant financial losses.

Another alarming point is the opacity of the advisor’s algorithm. The developers do not disclose details about the trading mechanism, which makes it difficult to independently assess its effectiveness and safety. In the world of financial trading, transparency and verifiability of trading strategies are key to investor confidence. Scammers hide information about:

  • system for searching signals for entering a position;
  • algorithm for closing a trading operation;
  • using pending orders Take-Profit, Stop-Loss.

In addition, many sources point to the adviser’s connection with dubious brokerage companies, which further increases the risks for traders. Interaction with unreliable counterparties will lead not only to the loss of invested funds through ineffective trading, but also to problems with the withdrawal of earned money.

Scammers deliberately promote Forex kitchens in order to get their share for inviting users. In fact, the creators of dubious software participate in affiliate programs of scammers.

Despite the developers’ attractive promises of high profitability and trading automation, the real risks and shortcomings of the program make its use extremely doubtful. There is not a single real argument in favor of using Vsignale Trader Investments There is no point in purchasing a robot. Working with such software always ends in loss of capital.

Reviews of the advisor’s work

Users have expressed their dissatisfaction and warned others against interacting with this product, highlighting its unreliability and potential financial threats. There are no complimentary comments; in RuNet there is only criticism of the creators Vsignale Trader reviews confirm the high probability of losing the initial deposit.

Traders are paying attention to a dubious marketing strategy involving the choice of a product name that is too reminiscent of a popular social network. This is perceived as an attempt to take advantage of someone else’s fame to attract attention, which already raises certain suspicions about the honesty of the developers’ intentions.

The author of another review raises the issue of outright plagiarism and the lack of legal consequences for the creators of the advisor, which indicates insufficient legal protection for consumers in this area. The creators of the program hide behind anonymity. They do not have the appropriate documents to provide investment services on a legal basis.

Investor complaints also concern the simplicity of the advisor’s algorithm, which calls into question its ability to generate profits in difficult market conditions. This is confirmed by user feedback, which talks about the loss of a significant deposit after use Vsignal Trader. Deceived traders are sure that this is an ordinary scam.

Reviews reveal even more troubling aspects of using the advisor. One user reports that after launching the program, access to all personal data on his device was made available, highlighting serious security and privacy concerns. Another review indicates problems with withdrawing funds and communicating with support: after submitting a request to withdraw money, kind managers stopped responding to requests, and the consultant began to be rude or ignore messages.

Promises of easy money lead to financial losses and additional problems, such as an unexpected microloan in the user’s name. An analysis of reviews shows that using this advisor is associated with high risks of losing funds, security and privacy issues, as well as potential deception on the part of developers and managers.


All facts point to fraudulent origin Vsignale Trader review The adviser left no doubt that the program was launched by swindlers to swindle private investors out of money. Fraudsters promise stable earnings from automated trading, but in reality they steal other people’s savings, and also promote the idea of ​​​​cooperating with forex kitchens. Beginners should avoid this software.

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