Spartan Bolt EA

Spartan Bolt EA is a Forex trading advisor designed for aggressive trading using pip tactics and averaging elements. This robot uses a moving order grid that follows price and operates on a scalping basis, seeking to make many small profits in a short period. It is especially effective on the MetaTrader4 platform with the EUR/USD currency pair on a minute timeframe, although it also supports other highly liquid pairs. It is important to note that Spartan Bolt EA is a very risky trading format, since its strategy includes methods that lead to a rapid increase in profits or loss of deposit. It is recommended to carefully select settings and regularly withdraw profits to minimize risks.

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Trading Conditions

Trading terminal

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Minimum deposit amount

From $1,000


Not indicated


Up to 1:100

Financial instruments

Cryptocurrency, currency pairs, indices, commodities, precious metals, shares of international financial companies, energy, futures

Order execution

Market Execution


From 10.23% per annum

Maximum drawdown

From 18.47% per annum

Date grounds

2013 year

Automatic account type


Review of the history of the Spartan Bolt EA project

Could not find the service on the official website specific details about the launch date of the project, its creators or place of registration. Such data is often key to understanding the reliability and provenance of a trading advisor, but, unfortunately, without this information it is difficult to make a full assessment of the project.

If you believe the information that we managed to find, Spartan Bolt EA was created back in 2013. But, it has been actively used for about 3 years. The goal of the developers is to provide traders with the opportunity to open orders using the program.

In turn, on the site and in general it was not possible to find any specifics regarding what kind of profit clients expect. The technology is supposedly innovative, but what exactly it will bring is unknown. There is no official Spartan Bolt EA website as such. All information that is taken about the project is borrowed exclusively from other thematic sites and forums.

Terms of use for Spartan Bolt EA

Based on the information presented on the page of the project itself, we can highlight the following features of the robot, the principles of its operation, the subtleties of its settings and information about the potential amount of earnings.

Robot Features:

  • aggressive trading strategy. Spartan Bolt EA uses aggressive pipsing tactics with elements of averaging, which involves actively opening and closing trades to make a profit on small price changes;
  • scalping. The robot is based on a scalping strategy, the goal of which is to make a profit from many trades in a short period of time;
  • work with highly liquid pairs. Spartan Bolt EA is particularly effective on the EUR/USD currency pair, although it also supports other highly liquid pairs.

Work principles:

  • use of indicators and filters. To open orders, Spartan Bolt EA uses several indicators in combination with auxiliary filters, which allows it to adapt to different time frames and currency pairs;
  • a constantly moving grid of orders. The robot follows the price, constantly updating the grid of open orders, which allows you to optimize entry and exit points for transactions.

Setting details:

  • choosing a money management mode. Users can choose between dynamic and static lot size control, allowing them to tailor risk and reward potential to their preferences.
  • Customizing Risk Settings: Ability to customize the percentage of deposit that the robot can risk on each trade, as well as the maximum and minimum lot size.
  • Using filters: Settings include options to activate signal filters based on the moving average and other indicators, which allows you to refine the conditions for opening orders.

The amount of earnings in this case depends on a number of factors, and of course the developers do not make this very clear.

Divorce algorithm Spartan Bolt EA

Below we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a potential divorce scheme:

  • pexaggerated promises. Fraudsters use exaggerated promises of high returns and minimal risks to attract the attention of potential victims;
  • hidden information about risks, and they are definitely present; it’s just that the scammers decided not to disclose information about this;
  • cooperation with dubious brokers. This could include hidden fees, poor order execution, or even the inability to withdraw funds;
  • fee for an advisor. Requiring an advance payment for an advisor, especially if it is significant and is not accompanied by a guarantee of a refund if there are no results, is considered a red signal that we are dealing with scammers;
  • pressure for a quick solution. Creating an artificial sense of urgency or limited supply to force the trader to act here and now.

In the case of Spartan Bolt EA, as with any other investment product that hides the terms of use, you will only lose money.

Reviews of Spartan Bolt EA

It cannot be said that there are enough comments on the Internet to evaluate a broker. Yes, there are responses, but taking into account the stated date of service provisionSpartan Bolt EA since 2013, there should be many more reviews.

Among the key negative aspects, users note the excessively high deposit size to activate the program. Traders are also not happy with the fact that failures occur regularly during the operation of the advisor.

If you carefully study the available stories, in most cases you will understand that the software did not live up to its expectations.

If you fall for the promises of scammers, it’s realisticget your money back. There is a chargeback or forced cancellation of the transaction. This is exactly what will allow us to restore justice without any problems.

Conclusion on the Spartan Bolt EA project

We suggest below that you familiarize yourself with the signs of fraud that were discovered during the analysis process:

  • aboutpromises of get rich quick. At the same time, there is no information about risks, or managers guarantee stable income. In our case, the focus is on aggressive trading and a rapid increase in the deposit can be perceived as a hint of high income;
  • using aggressive and risky strategies. A strategy based on the Martingale method or aggressive scalping, like Spartan Bolt EA, is associated with high risks;
  • lack of transparency. Lack of detailed information about the operation of the algorithm and the history of trading operations;
  • cooperation with dubious brokers. The Advisor is actively advertised or offered in partnership with brokers that have a dubious reputation, this may indicate potential fraud;
  • promise of effectiveness without confirmation.

If you plan to work with Spartan Bolt EA, you must understand all the risks of this format of earnings. And that the probability of losing the deposit is 100%.

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