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Forex advisor Lucky Grid is one of the most discussed tools in the field of automated trading on the foreign exchange market. This robot, designed to work on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, attracts the attention of traders with its high profitability. According to the developers, their software is capable of increasing the deposit by 1170% in just seven months, which makes it one of the riskiest, but at the same time profitable instruments on the market. In practice, the results are very modest, mainly investors drain capital.

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Trading Conditions

Created, year


Free to use


Price, $


Advisor class

medium term

Advisor type


Lot size

500 currency units per 0.01 lot

Amount of the deposit, $





position averaging


MACD, RSI, moving average

All about the Lucky Grid advisor

CreationGrid Lucky dates back to early 2015, when the first testing of the program was launched. The verification results showed a significant increase in the initial deposit, adding 1170% to it. Particularly impressive returns were recorded on the EUR/JPY trading pair, where the starting capital increased by 332 times with a maximum drawdown of no more than 18.75%.

Testing was carried out on the history of quotes. Therefore, comparisons with the real market are just an attempt by developers to pass off wishful thinking. When it comes to trading, the software behaves unpredictably, draining investments.

Main characteristics and features of the advisor:

  • work only with independent terminals MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5;
  • the minimum amount to start the program is 100 US dollars;
  • The optimal lot volume is 0.01.

The advisor is adapted to work with relatively large time frames, from daily to six-month, and supports trading on cent accounts. It is not limited in terms of trading time and currency pairs, although the most optimal are AUD/USD and EUR/JPY.

The robot uses risky strategies based on the RSI oscillator, making trades based on a comparison of the level of price decline and the absolute value of its growth. The robot also supports working with the MACD indicator to determine the impulses and strength of the current trend, and the Martingale strategy allows you to automatically increase the amount of orders depending on the market state.

One of the key featuresLucky Grid is the principle in which the robot builds an order grid in increments of up to two hundred five-digit points, setting separate Stop-Loss and Take-Profit for each order. This allows you to optimize trading and increase profitability when certain market conditions are met.

Despite the stated high profitability, there are many skeletons in the closet associated with the actual work of the advisor. Traders note that achieving the results promised by developers in practice turns out to be extremely difficult. Customer reviews often mention significant losses during useLucky Grid without careful customization and adaptation to current market conditions.

There is no point in wasting money and time on this garbage. Automatic trading with the robot in question will result in a loss of money, as proven by reviews from practicing investors.

How the Lucky Grid forex advisor trades

The trading strategy behind the forex advisor is a complex combination of technical indicators and order management techniques, making it one of the most advanced automated trading tools in the forex market. This bot is designed for trading the AUD/USD currency pair on the H1 timeframe, although its algorithms can be adapted for other currency pairs with appropriate settings.

The basis of the strategy is to use the method of averaging positions, which allows you to minimize potential losses in the event of unfavorable market movements. The advisor begins its work by analyzing the current market state using standard indicators built into the MetaTrader 4 platform:

  • MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence);
  • RSI (Relative Strength Index);
  • moving averages.

These indicators are used to determine the optimal moment to enter the market.

The first order is opened after the combination of these indicators indicates a favorable moment to start trading. If, after entering a trade, market quotes do not move in the direction of the expected take profit, the adviser begins to build a grid of orders.

Orders are closed when the total profit from all open orders reaches the specified take profit value, or when each individual trade reaches its individual take profit. If the stop loss is reached on any of the orders, the advisor can also close all open positions to minimize losses.

Martingale strategy is integrated into the algorithm Lucky Grid Investments in this style are accompanied by an unreasonably high risk. The robot automatically increases the volume of orders depending on the current market state. This means that after each losing trade, the next order is opened with an increased volume, which allows you to quickly recover losses if the market situation changes favorably. However, this method entails increased risks, and its use requires careful money management.

All talk about the importance of choosing balanced settings is a farce. Fraudsters are cunning, their crooked software leaks them regardless of the selected parameters. Trading with an advisor will end in crushing losses.

Exposing Lucky Grid

Forex advisor reviewLucky Grid identifies serious problems and risks associated with its use. Despite promises of high profitability and a unique trading strategy, real user reviews and analysis of the advisor’s performance show the opposite.

Suspicious points:

  • Lucky Grid is described as a product that offers greater profitability through a successful combination of indicators and order grid. However, behind these promises lie fraudulent intentions and many hidden risks. The advisor is designed for trading only one currency pair – AUD/USD, which limits diversification opportunities and increases vulnerability to market changes;
  • the developer does not provide information about its registration or regulation, which raises doubts about its reliability and transparency of activities. For the advisor to work effectively, continuous access to the Internet and the use of VPS server services are required;
  • Despite claims of impressive testing results, such as a 332x increase in deposits on the EUR/JPY pair, such claims require deeper analysis and confirmation. Real user reviews and independent tests do not confirm such a high effectiveness of the advisor;
  • traders complain about the poor performance of the Forex order grid and point to the insufficient effectiveness of the strategy when the market is trending. Other investors have expressed doubts about the realism of the results, suggesting possible manipulation of the data by the developers.

There is not a single argument in favor of trustLucky Grid official website The development company does not have it. The software is distributed through anonymous forums. Users should avoid trading using this program.

Honest reviews about using the Lucky Grid advisor

Traders actively criticizeLucky Grid reviews dedicated to a large number of losing trades. The trading strategy included in the program has too many weaknesses. The robot ignores important economic news, which also leads to unexpected losses.

Nick and Lilu emphasize that instead of the declared high profitability and stability, the adviser leads to continuous losses and significant financial losses. This indicates a clear discrepancy between the marketing promises of the developers and the real effectiveness of the advisor in trading.

Shvets shares his experience when, despite the apparent profit, withdrawal of funds turned out to be impossible. This may indicate manipulative practices on the part of the developers or the platform where the advisor is used. Drain software developers are actively promoting the idea of ​​cooperation with fraudulent brokers. Apparently they work in pairs.

Lekha expresses concern about the leakage of personal data after using the advisor, which led to unwanted connections with microfinance organizations. This is a serious charge and indicates potential safety risks with this product.

Kirill criticizes the program for unrealistic promises of 1200% profitability, calling it a classic example of a scam. The review highlights the danger of manipulation by inexperienced traders, creating the illusion of easy money against the backdrop of the real risks of Forex trading.

Traders have no confidence inLucky Grid overview complaints showed the futility of using the adviser. The developers of this leaker chose to remain anonymous because they are afraid of liability for their illegal actions.


Lucky Grid – useless software that offers beginners random trading at an inflated price. You can just as easily open trades at random. Practicing traders warn beginners about the dangers of using this software. If you transferred money to scammers, but realized that you had contacted a scam company, write to us and we will let’s do a chargeback after preliminary consultation.

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