The robot provides effective trading in the financial market. The program is intended for those who aim to start an easy process of earning money without directly delving into trading.

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MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

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Cryptocurrency, currency pairs, indices, commodities, precious metals, international stocks, energy, futures

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Default from 0.1 lot

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From 35.39% per annum

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2015 year

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Not provided

Expert opinion

The KeltnerPRO Advisor is an automated Forex trading system that uses Keltner Channels to determine entry and exit points for trades. If you believe the information, the adviser does not use martingale, grids or other risky money management strategies. The working lot is 0.05% of the risk of the trading account size, which reduces the risk of rapid and sudden loss of funds. For KeltnerPRO to work effectively, you need 24/7 Internet access. If you believe the statements on the site, 827% of the profit is guaranteed by the software. In reality, users do not get such a result.

History of the formation of Keltner PRO

The history of the project begins with its founder, Jared, who is a complete newcomer to the world of automated trading. The project was launched with the goal of providing traders with an auto trading system and a Forex advisor that can simplify the process of investing in Forex, relieving users of the hassle and stress associated with independently tracking various currency pairs.

The domain name was registered in 2014, indicating that the company began its activities during this period. However, the available information does not mention whether the company has a license, and there is no information about the registration address and owners. The only contact listed is [email protected], and there are no social media accounts.

The purpose of KeltnerPRO is to offer traders a tool that allows them to automate forex trading using a strategy based on breaking formations and entering the prevailing direction of the market to exploit volatility. The system is designed to trade selectively and only when certain conditions and rules are met, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Subtleties of using Keltner PRO

The KeltnerPRO robot is an automated trading system and forex advisor designed to simplify the forex investing process. The main operating features and nuances of using this robot include:

Features of operation:

  • trade automation. KeltnerPRO fully automates the trading process, allowing traders to avoid the need to constantly monitor the market;
  • selective trade. The robot trades selectively, activating trades only when certain conditions and rules are met, which can result in periods of no activity followed by days with many trades;
  • focus on currency pairs. KeltnerPRO’s main trading focus is on specific currency pairs, including NZD/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF and EUR/USD.

KeltnerPRO requires a constant Internet connection to function, as the robot must monitor existing trades and make recommendations in real time.

KeltnerPRO is designed to utilize a formation breakout strategy by entering the prevailing direction of the market to exploit volatility. This implies the activation of trading operations based on the analysis of price chart formations and their breakouts. The specific details of the indicators used by the robot are not specified, the name KeltnerPRO hints at the use of Keltner Channels – a popular technical indicator that determines the upper and lower boundaries of trends based on volatility.

Reviews about Keltner PRO

Let’s start with the fact that there are very few comments online. It seems that the development is not in great demand or that the authors paid to remove responses. It is extremely rare to find reviews dating back to 2019 or 2020.

Reviews aboutKeltner PRO is mainly dedicated to how users try to get their money back. But, scammers reject their messages or ignore requests to withdraw money.

Of course, none of the traders saw the declared profit. The managers simply pulled the wool over their ears, and the clients were left without money. We paid for the licenses, but in fact received nothing of what was promised.

In most cases, the program simply drains deposits and that’s it. Which is quite natural, since there is no body that would regulate the process. After all, the developers remain anonymous and do not give any comments regarding legal registration.

If you fell for tricks and paid for drain software, write to our managers. Chargeback Specialists will help you get your deposit back

Divorce scheme

Algorithm for divorcing clientsKeltnerPRO looks like this:

  • lack of transparency. The authors of the service do not detail the intricacies of the program. This allows fraudsters to use various tricks;
  • high cost minimum 500 dollars. At the same time, managers can adjust the price tag if necessary;
  • questionable marketing strategy. Founder Jared tells the story of a “magical” trading system that supposedly made huge profits “overnight.” However, there is no real evidence of this process;

Overall, the scheme presented by KeltnerPRO is not considered to be anything unique. This is a classic scam approach.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the signs of fraud that were discovered during the review process KeltnerPRO:

  • lack of data about the company’s performance. Lack of sufficient information about exactly how KeltnerPRO works and insufficient data to make a reasonable conclusion about its effectiveness;
  • closing my account on Myfxbook. The only KeltnerPRO account that operated on the Myfxbook platform was closed, which may indicate an attempt to hide unsuccessful trading results;
  • Jared’s personal story. The founder tells an emotional story that may be aimed at manipulating the prospect’s feelings to convince them to buy;
  • the price of a license per advisor is $499, or $600 broken down into monthly payments, which is a significant investment, especially given the lack of conclusive evidence of its effectiveness;
  • no positive stories;
  • limited number of copies;
  • unknown registration and licensing details. The lack of company registration, license and contact information other than email reduces transparency and raises questions about legitimacy.

Therefore, you shouldn’t even download KeltnerPRO, it will speed up the withdrawal of your deposit.

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Another SCAM. At first glance, everything is profitable, but then the money pumping just begins. Nothing has been returned yet.

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There are no documents, no license, fake contacts. It's an ordinary scam, I don't recommend it.

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The same scam as other such sites. Same conditions everywhere. It is clear that they are just clones to scam people. When will they be covered?

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I feel like they literally reached into my pocket and pulled everything out. They drained all my money and left me with nothing. These are ordinary scammers, not a broker.

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I don’t recommend it, I was deceived here, and they took almost all the money I had saved for the house. Fraudsters!

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