Gold Snipers

You can avoid deception and reduce the risk of losses when choosing a trading robot if you examine the reputation of the advisor developer. To do this, you need to study his past experience in the industry, analyze reviews from other traders and find out an assessment of reliability based on ratings. You can only trust a robot that has statistical reporting on real trading. If you have this information, you will be able to understand what the profitability indicators and risk level will be. It is also worth demanding from the developer sufficient transparency regarding trading strategies and algorithms of the advisor. You need to be careful about overly aggressive promises, since beautiful fairy tales about bright prospects are only a scam.

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Trading Conditions

Date of foundation


Official website of the company

Trading platform

MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Minimum deposit amount


Financial instruments

Cryptocurrency, currency pairs, indices, commodities, precious metals, shares of international financial companies, energy, futures

Mobile trading


Company Features

The project offers its clients high-quality automated trading using a special program. In reality, everything turns out quite the opposite. Clients are left without money.

What is known about the company

Gold Snipers official website is not informative. Apart from the statement about 95 percent accuracy of signals for entering the market when connecting to a robot, and the offer to join a closed channel, there is no information. Nowhere is clear information provided on how exactly such high rates are achieved.

Ambitious promises mask a lack of specificity and uncertainty. Even the appearance of the site warns of an imminent scam.

Going to a WhatsApp group is frustrating. It is closed and without customization options. In the Gold Snipers messenger there is no information on how to make money, just as there is no information about the principle of operation of the robot, transaction statistics and the size of the commission. The founders of the project suggest believing their words without confirmation.

Adding to a group requires approval from the administration. Such secrecy only increases the mystery of the project, but does not provide any guarantee of responsibility to investors.

Trading conditions and platform tools

The Gold Snipers project does not provide a personal account, since there is no way to register on the site. All users are redirected to the messenger group. After launching the chatbot on WhatsApp, the project participant is offered a list of brokers with whom they need to register to open an account and integrate it into the system. After paying the subscription fee, you can launch the robot and monitor its actions.

How scammers scam users – exposure

It is not recommended to invest in Gold Snipers, since the decision to use the project’s service is guaranteed to end in problems for the participants. The organizers have no intention of playing by fair rules. They are not interested in clients’ trading results. The main task of swindlers is to get rich as quickly as possible by deceiving project participants. Their promises of easy profits hide complex fraud schemes targeting gullible investors.

The scam begins with attracting clients with promises to increase investments by 20% per month by copying signals, 95% of which are supposedly guaranteed to be accurate. To receive them you need to join the WhatsApp group. You can use the signals sent automatically if you open a deposit with a broker from the list of recommendations.

The meaning of divorce is the gradual disappearance of funds from the account. This is due to a flaw in the robot, which ignores risk management issues, applies unclear trading strategies and always opens transactions in conditions of unpredictability of the market.

The reason for the drain is also the programmed robot algorithm for such actions due to agreements with partners – pseudo-brokers. The losses received by traders are their profits, from which they deduct a certain percentage.

After connecting to the copying service, the trader automatically becomes a victim and standard scam schemes will be applied to him:

  • theft of personal and financial data and their use for their own purposes – this information becomes known to crooks at the stage of client registration, payment for the copying service and carrying out a financial transaction to top up the account;
  • gaining access to a client’s computer or mobile device and compromising confidential information;
  • charging a subscription for a completely useless product;
  • rejection of requests for withdrawal of funds;
  • manipulation of results – to create the illusion of the success of the project and involve even larger sums of money in it, as well as new clients based on recommendations.

The Gold Snipers project does not have a user agreement. His administration comes up with and changes the terms of cooperation on the fly. It does not provide any guarantees and does not provide refunds for the purchase of an unsuitable product. It is useless for scammers to threaten to contact the consumer protection service, since in fact there is no one to complain about. The legal entity is not registered, nothing is known about the developer and his team, and therefore there is no one to file claims against.

However, if you find yourself in such a situation, you don’t need to put up with losses. Contact lawyers, and they will do everything to get you back the money spent on the subscription and the amount of losses incurred as a result of incorrect service, as well as compensation for moral damages.

Customer Reviews

Reviews play an important role in evaluating projects, especially in the investment field. From this source you can get valuable information about the Gold Snipers company in terms of its reliability, efficiency and reputation.

Comments about the project must be analyzed taking into account the objectivity and reliability of the information. You should not trust the reviews posted on the website of the project discussed in the post. Clearly, such a source contains custom comments, especially since there is no opportunity to share your opinion on the website Only administrators have access to it, and these are scammers.

Reviews from real participants about the Gold Snipers project are negative. They complain about the disappearance of funds, inadequate signals, opening orders that are clearly against the trend, and the discrepancy between promises and actual results.

Judging by the reviews, the project is not worthy of trust and does not deserve the attention of investors. In the comments you can find complaints from traders to developers, since their product manages to reset the deposit to zero in a couple of transactions.


The review carried out regarding the Gold Snipers project allows us to conclude that it will not be possible to make money in it. Despite the fact that its founders are obvious amateurs in the scam niche, all participants in this show are left without their savings. They could have prevented personal financial disaster if they had been able to discern the facts that indicated the problematic status of the proposal:

  • simple site interface, fabricated using a free template;
  • lack of information content of the portal, the content of which is limited to a link to the WhatsApp channel and reviews;
  • lack of feedback;
  • conducting activities without registration and obtaining permits;
  • failure to provide statistical data by which the company could be analyzed;
  • inability to test the service in demo mode;
  • negative reviews from traders who trusted the Gold Snipers robot with their deposits.

Potential clients of the service should be wary of the beautiful tales of a comfortable life that are promised to project participants. This is just a bait to attract new gullible victims. A critical look at such proposals and a cautious approach to investments will help avoid a sad outcome and maintain financial stability.

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Another SCAM. At first glance, everything is profitable, but then the money pumping just begins. Nothing has been returned yet.

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Egor Krivosheev

There are no documents, no license, fake contacts. It's an ordinary scam, I don't recommend it.

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The same scam as other such sites. Same conditions everywhere. It is clear that they are just clones to scam people. When will they be covered?

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I feel like they literally reached into my pocket and pulled everything out. They drained all my money and left me with nothing. These are ordinary scammers, not a broker.

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I don’t recommend it, I was deceived here, and they took almost all the money I had saved for the house. Fraudsters!

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