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The Forex Shark advisor is a paid service, acquired from specialized websites, with a recommendation to consider brokers like RoboForex and Forex4You. It’s compatible with the widely available MT4 platform but requires a $200 initial deposit to start, managing trades across five currency pairs with an average trade value of approximately $40. 

After installing the trading robot, configuration and downloading a dedicated mobile app for tracking trading statistics are necessary. The bot is claimed to potentially deliver monthly profits of 5% to 20% of your initial deposit, meaning $10 to $40 with a $200 deposit. These returns may appear modest, suggesting that a substantial initial deposit is advisable as trading with smaller sums may not yield significant results.

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EA Gold Shark Forex Advisor aims to enhance traders’ profitability. The software operates 24/7, even when traders are not actively engaged. It conducts trading activities with currency pairs and requires a deposit of $200 or more. The program is typically available for an annual subscription at the standard price.

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EA Gold Shark is an automated Forex trading advisor designed to function without direct user intervention.

Wall Street Evolution 2.0 Overview – Feedback on the Platform, Earning Terms, and Fund Withdrawals   

EA Gold Shark creators pledge the possibility of withdrawing profits within a month to bank cards and electronic wallets. The bot uses proprietary indicators to track market trends, making precise trading decisions. Drawdowns are mitigated through techniques like averaging and reversal prices, ensuring positive outcomes, albeit to a modest degree. 

In addition to the bot’s cost, premium services are available, including monthly consultations for proper robot configuration, ranging from $40 to $300 for a one-year period, in addition to the base software cost. Alternatively, unlimited access to all the advisor’s features can be obtained for $500. 

Customer Reviews     

Numerous reviews regarding EA Gold Shark can be found on the internet. These reviews span across different years, suggesting that the advisor was developed several years ago and is still in use by traders, with varying degrees of success.  

One trader observes that they are acquainted with other bots that operate on a similar principle but regards this bot as the most superior. It doesn’t merely execute a single transaction but rather multiple transactions concurrently following a thorough analysis. This approach proves to be profitable.  

However, not all online reviews of Gold Shark EA are favorable. Kirill points out that the program fails to account for market volatility, leading to errors during unexpected market upheavals.  

Another user highlights that this bot, thanks to its simplicity, was the easiest for them to comprehend. With this software, one can secure commendable profits, especially when trading across multiple currencies in times of heightened market volatility.  

The diverse array of comments regarding this trading advisor underscores the genuine interest that traders have in the program. The decision of whether to employ the bot for trading ultimately rests with the user.  

Expert Opinion    

Traders are increasingly using specialized trading robots for continuous currency trading through advisor configuration. Various bot options exist, with Gold Shark EA by “Finans Plus” considered successful, having five program versions, the latest being the most effective. However, advisors can still make errors, though with fewer losses compared to manual trading. 

The bot offers settings for stop-loss and take-profit parameters, operating within these limits. It initiates trades when currency pair prices are favorable and closes them upon reaching a minimal profit level, one of its limitations. While it may not yield substantial profits on its own, when used alongside manual trading, it can be a valuable supplementary source of income. 

Cooperation Terms      

Shark Forex doesn’t guarantee a 100% profit and acknowledges the inherent risks of trading on exchanges. Recommended collaboration partners have varying reputations but have been in the market for over a decade. The program is tailored for MT4 platforms and works with several other brokerages. 

The bot is active on social media platforms like Telegram and Facebook, offering assistance to users. While there are regular updates on these pages, the Facebook following is relatively small. 

To reduce potential losses, it’s recommended to start with a substantial investment. The advisor analyzes the market and diversifies open positions based on the data obtained. 

As revealed in the assessment of EA Gold Shark’s bot characteristics, it is a good fit for MT4 usage. Some traders also report its compatibility with the MT5 platform. A range of technical indicators and custom scripts are harnessed to generate trading signals. Users have the flexibility to either program the strategy recommended by the robot or leverage the advisor generator for creating a new one. 

Conclusion on Collaboration  

An overview of Gold Shark EA reveals a spectrum of opinions among traders, with both enthusiasts and critics. There is a substantial number of traders who laud the bot and offer guidance on maximizing profits. Nonetheless, there are others who haven’t achieved the results they desired. While it’s not accurate to assert that the program is ineffective, it’s also unwise to place complete reliance on it when engaging in Forex trading.  

Gold Shark EA may not yield substantial profits, but it can serve as a valuable ally for those who are embarking on their trading journey. However, many beginners might grapple with the challenge of initially investing a significant sum to prompt the bot to generate even modest profits, thereby minimizing potential losses during market downturns.  

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Another SCAM. At first glance, everything is profitable, but then the money pumping just begins. Nothing has been returned yet.

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Egor Krivosheev

There are no documents, no license, fake contacts. It's an ordinary scam, I don't recommend it.

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The same scam as other such sites. Same conditions everywhere. It is clear that they are just clones to scam people. When will they be covered?

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I feel like they literally reached into my pocket and pulled everything out. They drained all my money and left me with nothing. These are ordinary scammers, not a broker.

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I don’t recommend it, I was deceived here, and they took almost all the money I had saved for the house. Fraudsters!

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