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Forex advisorEA Better is a software for automated trading on the Forex market. This robot is designed to work with various time frames, but is especially effective on H1 charts. It uses medium-term trend strategies and is suitable for working with most brokers. There are many reviews indicating the potential risks and ineffectiveness of this advisor.

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Trading Conditions

Date grounds

2012 year

Trading Terminal

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Minimum deposit amount

From $50


Not installed

Financial instruments

Cryptocurrency, currency pairs, indices, commodities, precious metals, shares of international financial companies, energy, futures


Up to 15.62%

Maximum drawdown

Up to 31.11%

Trading Features

Search for entry points based on neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Automatic starting lot


Feedback on using EA Better

The forex advisor has a terrible reputation. Practicing traders actively criticize the developersEA Better user reviews cover absolutely all aspects of the algorithm’s operation: from strategy to license cost. Investors see no point in using this software.

Harper and Nikitin Tolya express disappointment with the use of the advisor. They point to significant losses and inefficiencies in the robot’s algorithms. This highlights the risk of losing funds and raises doubts about the reliability of the algorithm’s trading strategy.

Harper mentions attempts to contact the developers to resolve the issues, but to no avail. This indicates a lack of effective support and feedback from the program’s creators, which is a significant disadvantage for users.

Alexey Shtarkin and Prosto emphasize the difficulty of setting up the advisor, especially for inexperienced users. This makes its use less accessible and increases the likelihood of errors in the trading process.

Anton Pala and LosBabkos express doubts about statements about the use of artificial intelligence and neural networks. They assume that these technologies can be used for marketing purposes without any real technical justification.

Passer-by22 and other users point to the overestimation of the advisor’s capabilities and its active promotion, which creates unrealistic expectations among traders. Pavel notes that despite the potential performance of the program, it requires careful configuration and regular optimization. Beginners have great difficulty with this.

Based on the comments reviewed, we can come to the conclusion that the robot is not functioning correctly. Trade is doomed to fail. The target audience expresses reasonable doubts about the effectivenessEA Better review arguments against using an advisor only strengthened the belief in the inappropriateness of purchasing a software product.

About EA Better Forex Advisor

The robot was created in 2012. Specific information about software developers is not provided. Like all swindlers, they hide behind anonymity, therefore they are afraid of being held accountable.

Main characteristics of the automatic algorithm:

  • type: medium-term trend advisor;
  • annual return: about 15%;
  • maximum drawdown: 31%;
  • trading platform: MetaTrader 4;
  • trading parameters: suitable for highly liquid currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD), transactions are opened for a short time (several hours), does not use the Martingale method;
  • additional characteristics: minimum lot – 0.1, no restrictions on trading time, works in all sessions.

The advisor sets a protective stop order immediately after opening a trade, which helps minimize potential losses. The built-in risk manager monitors compliance with the daily limit or risk per transaction. However, in practice everything is less rosy. There is no loss control system, and money management is painfully reminiscent of the default Martingale.

Better EA requires periodic optimization of settings, approximately every six months, to maintain efficiency. It will be difficult for beginners to set up the program correctly, which increases the risk of losing trades.

Reviews from users and experts often indicate a discrepancy between marketing promises and the real capabilities of the advisor. Many traders report losing money and criticize the effectiveness of using neural networks and artificial intelligence in EA Better.

Expert opinion

Anonymous scammers created EA Better in hopes of making money from newcomers. They promise high trading profitability with minimal risks, hiding the real results of testing the bot. There is no point in looking at returns using quote history. In market conditions, the algorithm in question drains deposits, which many practicing traders actively write about.

How the EA Better advisor trades

The robot is based on a medium-term trend strategy using algorithms developed on neural networks. This means that the advisor is able to analyze market data, learn from past trades, and adapt to changing market conditions.

The search for the moment to open a transaction is carried out using the following algorithm:

  1. The advisor determines the general direction of the market (upward or downward trend) and looks for entry points that correspond to this trend.
  2. EA Better analyzes historical data and current market conditions to determine optimal entry points.
  3. The bot constantly adapts to market conditions, which allows it to react to changes in trends and volatility.

The program uses fixed stop loss and take profit levels set by the trader to minimize losses and lock in profits. In some cases, the advisor may use trailing stops to protect profits by moving the stop loss along with the price movement. The software constantly analyzes market conditions and can close a trade if it detects signs of a trend change or increased volatility.

To achieve better results, regular optimization of the advisor settings is required. The developers do not provide instructions. In fact, you have to improvise, which reduces the already low efficiency of the robotEA Better Investment The purchase of this software is as illogical as possible.

There is no detailed description of the strategy. By what principle the vectors of market sentiment are determined, one can only guess. Such uncertainty undermines the program’s credibility.

Disadvantages of the EA Better trading robot

One of the key disadvantages of EA Better is the anonymity of its developers. The lack of public information about the creators of the product provokes a number of problems, including the lack of reliable technical support and program updates, which leads to outdated algorithms and reduced trading efficiency.

Many users and experts note a high risk of losing funds when usingEA Better personal account It’s better not to open it. The strategy of the automatic algorithm in question is not able to adequately respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

The software requires regular optimization to maintain efficiency. However, the reconfiguration process is too complicated, especially for beginners, which increases the likelihood of errors and unprofitable trades.

The advisor is limited to use on the MetaTrader 4 platform, which limits the options for traders who prefer other trading platforms or more modern versions of the terminal. In addition, the developers advertise far from the most reliable brokers.

The bot is especially sensitive to changes in market conditions. During periods of high volatility or unexpected market events, the advisor may perform poorly. The lack of transparency in the operation of neural networks and artificial intelligence, as stated by the developers, raises doubts about the effectiveness and reliability of the advisor.

Compared to other modern trading robots, the algorithm has limited functionality and does not offer advanced risk management tools or adaptive trading strategies.

EA Better, Despite its potential advantages, it has a number of significant disadvantages, including risks of loss of funds, optimization problems, limited compatibility and instability of results. These factors make its use risky, especially for inexperienced traders.


Experienced traders do not recommend that beginners spend money on purchasing the dubious EA Better advisor. If you have already purchased a license, then contact chargeback specialists so that our employees can help you cancel the transaction and compensate for financial losses.

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