BumbleBeeFX is a modern tool for automated trading on the Forex market, working on the MetaTrader 4 terminal with any currency pairs on any timeframe. The minimum deposit for the advisor to work is $1000, and the minimum lot is 0.1. BumbleBeeFX can work on any time frame and is an indicator advisor. BumbleBeeFX features a self-updating algorithm that adapts to changes in trading conditions. The advisor uses automatic dynamic trading logic and has a protective system against sudden price reversals, slippages and spread increases. In addition to currency pairs, you can use it to trade other investment assets. But the reviews from ex-clients are not so positive. There are very few comments satisfied with the outcome of using the service. Of course, this makes you think about the honesty of the robot.

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BumbleBeeFX review or what is known about the project

Now about whatKey aspects of using BumbleBeeFX:

  • automatic algorithm update. The advisor adapts to changes in the market, independently changing its trading strategy in accordance with current conditions;
  • dynamic trading logic. It works automatically, allowing the trader to transfer full control over the trading account to the advisor;
  • protection against market risks. Includes protection mechanisms against sudden price reversals, spread increases and slippage;
  • support for various tools. Allows you to trade both currency pairs and securities.

Subtleties of use:

  • MetaTrader 4 platform. Trading is carried out on this popular platform; support for trading with a minimum lot of 0.1 is required.
  • customization. The advisor allows you to make individual settings depending on the current market situation and the preferences of the trader.
  • is not limited to one strategy, uses various analytical methods, including averaging and doubling the lot. Martingale is not a basis, but can be used to compensate for losses.
  • expert recommendations. It is important to stop trading during major economic news releases and periodically adjust your stop loss and take profit settings.

The anonymous authors of the robot insist that the bot was allegedly launched back in 2014. But whether this is really so is difficult to verify. Since the site is not functioning, you can only take its word for it. The website was developed in the Russian Federation, but at the same time there is no Russian version. BumbleBiFx did not share information regarding registration. All dialogues between buyer and seller were initially carried out via Skype. No receipts for purchase or payment.

When this material was being prepared, the website went down. Replaced by There is also no registration information. It is likely that at the time the review is posted, this site will no longer be available.

Potential divorce scheme

The fraud algorithm looks like this:

  • High price with unverified promises of profitability. The advisor costs $999, which is a significant amount. At the same time, there is no independent confirmation of the declared high profitability, which may indicate an overpayment for unjustified expectations;
  • the need for a significant initial investment. To operate the advisor, a minimum deposit of $1,000 is required, which, combined with the cost of the advisor itself, increases the initial investment to $2,000. This creates a high financial barrier to entry and increases the risk of loss;
  • lack of transparency in the operation of the algorithm. Insufficient description of the mechanisms of operation of the advisor and its algorithm may indicate an attempt to hide the shortcomings or inefficiency of the system;
  • mixed user reviews. The presence of both positive and negative reviews that mention loss of capital may indicate risks associated with using the product;
  • recommendations for changing settings depending on the market situation. Requiring the user to make changes to the settings to optimize the operation of the adviser in different market conditions may indicate system instability and increase the risk of errors on the part of the user;
  • inadequate reaction to market news. A recommendation to stop trading during important economic news may indicate the advisor’s inability to adequately respond to market volatility, which increases the risk of loss during periods of high uncertainty.

These elements can be used by unscrupulous developers to create a scheme in which users invest heavily in a product that has no proven effectiveness. It is important for users to conduct thorough analysis and seek independent reviews and testing results before purchasing such trading advisors.

Reviews of BumbleBeeFX

There were no problems finding comments.The website gave BumbleBiFH 2.7 stars out of 5, users are extremely dissatisfied. BumbleBeeFX, according to comments online, has serious maintenance issues with the service. As a result, users cannot get recommendations on the most trivial issues.

Another user opened an account with a broker and started trading with the help of a robot. At the start, $500 was added to the balance; after 45 days, the capital increased to 67 thousand. After attempts to withdraw funds, the company simply canceled all accrued funds and also accused me of using scalping. The profile was then deactivated.

In most cases, users believed the company and lost money. The company just throws money out of the blue with the help of a robot. If you believe the responses, the program often breaks into Martingale, averaging is consistently applied.

There are those who insist that the advisor does not waste money. Trading is weak, high indicators are based solely on history. The results are off the charts just based on history.

Practicing traders can easily write what trading result was obtained. If you fall for the robot’s promises, we know how get your money back no overpayments. There is a chargeback. This is exactly what will allow us to restore justice without any problems.

Signs of fraud or verdict

We bring to your attention a list of red signals that were detected during the robot analysis process:

  • excessively high price. $999 is a serious amount for an anonymous product;
  • promises of high returns. Any claims of guaranteed high returns without mention of potential risks should be viewed with caution;
  • lack of transparency in the operation of the algorithm. There is not enough information about exactly how the BumbleBeeFX algorithm works and what data it uses to make trading decisions. The lack of details may make it difficult to understand the working mechanisms of the advisor;
  • presence of both positive and negative user reviews. It is likely that the authors specifically bought a dozen positive responses to form this idea;
  • the need to make additional settings. The advisor requires the user to make individual settings to optimize the work, which can be difficult for beginners and lead to mistakes in trading;
  • recommendations to stop trading during important news. This may indicate that the advisor is unable to respond adequately to market shocks or volatility, which increases the risk of loss;
  • the need for a significant initial deposit. To be successful, the advisor requires a minimum deposit of $1,000, in addition to the cost of the advisor itself, which increases the initial investment and risks.

This all indicates that BumbleBeeFX is a scam. It is important to carefully evaluate the product before choosing a robot so as not to get scammed.

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My brothers, I’m unlucky, I always end up scammed like this. What doesn’t save me is the fact that they are tailor-made. Don't do like me or you won't make any money. Don't mess with Smart rVid.

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I was an idiot and thought that this was a normal broker with whom I could make good money if I didn’t take too much risk, plus they promised me consultations so that I would feel confident. Therefore, I opened an account with $1000 at once to get wider leverage and better conditions. It turned out that there is nothing good there; the spreads are very wide, and at the moment of transactions there are hidden commissions that turn the profit into dust. In the end, I got tired and I submitted a withdrawal; it turned out that they were not going to give me the money until I paid the insurance of $500. Of course, I refused and they immediately gave me a ban.

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This is a very bad broker and you can’t trust him, he lures you in, I know from experience. He started calling me about a week ago and actively forced me to open an account with him, and this continued for 2 days until I agreed. They immediately demanded insurance fees from me, I refused to pay them and received an account ban, that is, the scammers simply stole my money for themselves and did not give anything back. I already contacted the prosecutor’s office and they said that these swindlers are sitting somewhere in another country.

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The last time I trust a broker from the Internet is simply no good anymore. If others were simply cutting off my profit, this particular idiot didn’t even want to return the deposit. Not only did he constantly put a spoke in the wheels with his jumps in spreads, but then he also canceled withdrawal requests one after another without explaining the reasons. I tried to contact them in different ways, but apparently they no longer need what they have, they have already gotten through the roof.

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I was seduced by registration in three countries and a solid website, everything at first glance looks very convincing. Therefore, I topped up the deposit. I was hoping to make good money, but it turned out that I donated my earned money to the afirists. When he received the first thousand from me, he immediately wanted more and began persuading me to give him more, without giving any objective reasons. They just demanded and that’s all, I naturally refused and put everything on the line, but I failed to take anything away.

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I never managed to register even though I was really excited about it. I was very interested in what this swindler was offering there. As I understand it, the promo code is given only to those who are definitely ready for a replenishment. I just spilled it and lost my memory.

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