Breakthrough Strategy

Forex advisor Breakthrough Strategy is a software designed to automate trading in the foreign exchange market. This bot was designed to work with a variety of settings (sets) and, after a period of use, showed good results at the close of trading on Friday. Thus, this direction has become the main one for working with this tool. The software is adapted to spread jumps and uses them to its advantage, which was made possible thanks to a two-year adjustment based on statistics and analysis of a real account. However, practice shows that developers have biasedly raised expectations for their product.

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Trading Conditions

Minimum deposit amount

From $1,000


From $1,000


From 1:100

Financial instruments

Cryptocurrency, currency pairs, indices, commodities, precious metals, international stocks, energy, futures

Affiliate program


Margin Call/Stop Loss


Order execution

Market Execution

Min order

Default from 0.01 lot

Automatic starting lot


Maximum drawdown

From 21% per annum

What you need to know about the Breakthrough Strategy advisor

The software developers chose to remain anonymous, initially undermining trust in Breakthrough Strategy official website there is no project, so users are forced to look for information about the robot in open sources and on forums.

Key parameters and software concept:

  • adaptation to spread jumps: the advisor successfully adapts to changes in the financial market, using new formations to its advantage. This is achieved through continuous adjustment based on real account analysis over a period of two years;
  • work at the closing of trading on Friday: the main direction of the advisor is closing trading at the end of the trading week, which showed good results, but only on the history of quotes. The scammers did not test the software on a real account;
  • set of sets: there are 25 current templates for various currency pairs, as well as a profile for quick setup;
  • automatic determination of time offset: the advisor independently sets the time offset parameter relative to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) according to the local time of the computer, ensuring synchronization with the time of the MT4 server;
  • setting the trading lot size: it is set at 0.01 for every 100 balance units, with the possibility of adjustment after testing on real accounts;
  • work on any timeframe: the advisor effectively trades on charts with different time intervals, using the necessary data from several timeframes for analysis.

The description is very superficial. Fraudsters themselves cannot really explain what exactly is special about their program. All promises and descriptions of benefits are a marketing ploy designed for beginners. In this way, scammers are trying to convince the gullible public that trading with drain software will bring results.

Breakthrough Strategy uses an integrated approach, combining analysis of several time frames and adaptation to current market conditions. The main strategy of the advisor is to effectively close trading on Friday, which allows you to take advantage of the specific behavior of the market during this period. In addition, the adviser analyzes information about spreads and slippages, recording data on completed and potential transactions.

In fact, the scammers themselves confirmed that there is no strategy, the robot trades chaotically. The specifics of searching for signals are not described; there is no information about the algorithm for exiting a deal. Taken together, these factors confirm that we have another useless drainer in our hands.

Risks of using the Breakthrough Strategy advisor

Using a trading advisor Breakthrough Strategy entails certain risks that every trader who decides to use this instrument in their trading should be familiar with. The key threat is the potential loss of capital, especially if the advisor is committed to aggressive trading or uses strategies such as martingale, which can lead to significant losses in conditions of high market volatility. Also, do not forget about technical risks, including problems with connecting and executing orders, as well as possible errors in the software, which can negatively affect the trading result.

Market risks also play a significant role as the advisor is unable to respond adequately to unexpected events or changes in the market environment. Automated systems follow predefined algorithms and may not take into account all factors affecting the market, which reduces their flexibility compared to a human trader. In addition, psychological risks, such as excessive confidence and dependence on an adviser, can lead to neglect of risk management and market analysis, loss of analysis skills and making independent trading decisions.

To minimize these risks, traders are advised to thoroughly test the advisor on a demo account, regularly review and adjust its settings, use risk management strategies, and follow market news and analysis. While it is impossible to completely avoid risk when trading Forex, conscious and responsible use of trading advisors can help reduce potential losses and improve overall trading results.

Excessive secrecy of developers only increases doubts about the advisor Breakthrough Strategy investments There is no point in purchasing programs. The scammers priced their software at $480 and refuse to provide a free demo version of the program. These are enslaving conditions that you should never agree to.

Reviews of the Breakthrough Strategy advisor

All user comments on independent forums and monitoring are devoted to problems with the use of Breakthrough Strategy reviews describe the real difficulties traders face. There is not a single complementary comment on Runet confirming the possibility of making money with a robot.

Most reviews indicate the advisor’s low effectiveness in trading. Users report losing money and lack of expected profits, which casts doubt on the developers’ promises of high profitability of the tool.

Several reviewers criticize the advisor’s high price, especially considering its low efficiency. Users compare it to cheaper alternatives and see no justification for the cost, especially when trading results do not meet expectations.

Traders outright call the EA a scam, citing a lack of transparency on the part of the developers, a lack of information about the product, and a lack of licenses or regulatory oversight. This raises concerns about the adviser’s legitimacy and the security of the investment.

Users express dissatisfaction with the technical aspects of the advisor, such as its setup and operation. It is noted that Breakthrough Strategy Doesn’t live up to expectations in terms of flexibility and usability.

Although not directly mentioned in all reviews, it can be indirectly assumed that user dissatisfaction is also related to the lack of effective support and feedback from developers, especially in the context of discussing problems with the effectiveness and cost of the adviser.

For the most part, investors were dissatisfied with both the financial results of the application and the overall experience of interacting with the product. This highlights the importance of carefully reviewing reviews and conducting independent analysis before deciding to purchase and use such tools.

There’s no point in spending money on Breakthrough Strategy overview trading results on a real account showed a drawdown that was too high. Investors are losing their deposits, and developers are refusing to fix gaps in the software. Such cooperation is doomed to failure.


Forex advisor Breakthrough Strategy scammers developed it to use it to promote their kitchen drains. They receive a percentage for attracting the target audience to dubious projects. They also make money directly from the sale of drain software. If you are left without savings due to the fault of the office, write to us. Experienced experts of our company will help return the money.

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