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    Independent review of the broker Darwinex - reviews of the illegal activities of the forex kitchen

    Company Darwinex is a British forex dealer that began operations in 2012. The company specializes in servicing professional traders and provides copying services for their transactions. The founders of the project talk about safe trading and European financial regulation, stealing clients’ money with impunity. This is a completely fake project that does not deserve the attention or trust of traders.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction






    [email protected] 

    Level 39, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB, UK

    • Support for popular platforms
    • Hidden fees
    • High spreads
    • No withdrawal of money
    Trading Platform

    Author’s platform Darvinex Trading Platform, MT4, MT5

    Types of accounts

    Classic Account, Professional Account




    Credit cards Visa/Mastercard/Maestro

    Bitcoin e-wallets

    International payment systems PayPal, Neteller, Skrill


    Min Deposit




    Min order

    Up 0.01


    From 0.0 points (floating and fixed)

    Financial Instruments

    Currency pairs, cryptocurrency, indices, commodities, precious metals, shares of large international companies, energy



    Darwinex reliability check

    The broker is allegedly registered in the UK and is regulated by the FCA through its UK arm Tradeslide Trading Tech Limited. The company received an FCA license on July 15, 2013, meaning it operated without permits for its first two years of operation.

    Darwinex There is one license issued by the FCA. However, despite the company’s claims that the certificate gives the right to serve clients in more than 80 countries, in fact this document is only valid in the United Kingdom.

    The authenticity of the FCA license is questionable. The scammers chose to refuse to publish a scanned copy of the document. There is also no mention of any association with the brokerage firm in question in the UK auditor’s registers. Scammers simply hide behind the name of a well-known regulator.

    The authority claims to cover customers up to £500,000, which is well above the industry average. Compensation is paid in the event of fraud on the part of the broker or its cessation of existence. Nobody will pay traders anything. An anonymous scammer blatantly lies to current and potential clients.

    From a legal point of view, it is risky for Russians to trade with Darwinex, since the company does not have a Russian license. This means that if problems arise, neither the Central Bank, nor the police, nor the court of the Russian Federation will be able to influence the company. Problems will have to be resolved in the country where the broker is registered.

    Sharaga encourages his clients to copy the trading of other traders and trade strategies and financial assets based on their net worth. The company manages assets worth almost 36 million euros. The numbers are taken from the air. This is an ordinary forex kitchen without authorized capital.

    What does Darwinex offer?

    Scam offers a wide range of trading instruments, including currency pairs, indices, commodities, US stocks and cryptocurrencies. These instruments are derivatives, which allow traders to speculate on price changes without having to own the underlying asset.

    The company provides access to the popular trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, and also offers its own copy trading software. This gives traders the flexibility to choose the platform that best suits their trading strategies and preferences.

    One of the key features is the ability to copy trades of other traders. This allows clients to select the strategies of successful managers and automatically transfer their transactions to their accounts. Sharaga also offers investment strategies that traders can purchase and add to their portfolios. These systems are evaluated and ranked on various parameters to help investors make informed decisions.

    Darwinex promises to create flexible trading conditions. Spreads are floating and may change depending on market conditions. Commissions are charged on a per-trade basis and the amount of the fee depends on the type of asset and the size of the trade. The company also offers leverage, which varies depending on the client’s status (regular or professional trader).

    The broker offers two main types of accounts:

    • Retail is available to all customers with a minimum deposit of $500. This account is suitable for beginners and experienced traders, offering standard trading conditions;
    • The Professional account is designed for more experienced traders who meet certain criteria such as trading volume and investment experience. It offers more favorable trading conditions, including lower spreads and higher leverage.

    Training is actively advertised to beginners Darwinex official website the project contains educational resources: webinars and analytical reviews that help traders improve their skills and understanding of the market. The company offers customer support through a variety of channels, including phone, email, and a website contact form.

    The project actively invests in the development of new technologies and innovations in the field of trade. The company uses modern algorithms and analytical tools to evaluate and rank trading strategies, making the investment process more transparent and efficient for clients.

    The trading conditions are described very superficially. The scammers didn’t say anything about liquidity providers because they don’t exist. Scammers manage quotes on their own. Transactions are not entered into the interbank market. Therefore, clients have to trade against the company.

    Signs of fraud in Darwinex

    A lot of suspicious aspects were discovered in the organization’s work:

    • mMany users point out difficulties when trying to withdraw large sums of money. The $10,000 limit and high fees create suspicion and dissatisfaction among customers;
    • lack of clarity regarding spreads and commissions, which can be high and change without good reason, become a catalyst for account drawdown;
    • numerous complaints about the quality of customer support, especially regarding Russian-speaking users, may indicate a lack of focus on customer needs;
    • For Russian traders, trading with a forex kitchen can be risky, since the company does not have a license from the Central Bank of Russia, which limits the possibilities of legal protection in case of disputes;
    • some reviews point to potentially unrealistic trading performance statistics, suggesting manipulation of results;
    • low activity and suspicions of increasing subscribers on social networks indicate attempts to artificially create a positive image of the company;
    • problems with registration and identity verification, as well as issues related to taxation, indicate insufficient security and transparency measures;
    • the clauses of the client agreement are ambiguous, which creates a risk for clients, for example, the company reserves the right to block users’ trading accounts without giving reasons;
    • Low customer service ratings and negative reviews indicate systemic problems in the company.

    Considering the listed complaints, it becomes clear that the broker will not let you make money. Investors lose investments precisely because of fraud Darwinex investments into the platform are associated with too high non-trading risks.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The company was created by scammers who covered their brainchild with an FCA license, which was issued to a completely different broker. Investors should never be trusted with moneyDarwinex personal account will lead to financial losses. Scammers draw quotes and block payments. They ban accounts of dissatisfied customers without explanation.

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    Feedback on the work of the Darwinex project

    Traders negatively evaluate the effectiveness of trading on the platform Darwinex reviews show that investors are losing money due to the company’s fault. Complimentary comments also pop up from time to time – this is an attempt by scammers to justify their incompetence by spreading cheap junk.

    Vladimir points out significant hidden fees when trying to withdraw funds. This is cause for concern, since the discrepancy between the information on the website and real trading conditions indicates the opacity of financial conditions.

    Kirill complains about slow technical support, which is a sign of insufficient customer focus and service problems. Alexey experienced delays in activating his account after making a deposit, which raises doubts about the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s internal processes.

    Belv points out unreasonable delays in the withdrawal of funds associated with verification of the legality of investments, which may be a sign of unreliability in financial transactions.

    Vanya Smirnov expresses dissatisfaction with the high commissions and technical problems of the platform, which indicates the low quality of services. The company does not allow you to close orders manually at your discretion, which indicates manipulation of trading operations.

    Oleg and other users have reported cases where the company canceled their profits and created barriers to withdrawing funds, which is a serious sign of fraud.

    Vasily RV expresses general dissatisfaction with the quality of the broker’s services, warning others about the high risks of cooperation.


    The foundation of the company is lies and fraud. Project Darwinex was originally intended to deceive naive investors. If you suffered at the hands of the organizers of this forex kitchen, money can be returned, To do this you need to do a chargeback. Our specialists provide free consultations to traders and give step-by-step instructions on how to act in the current circumstances.


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