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Crypto game Zavod — a clicker in which only the creators earn

Zavod is a game in Telegram from the custodial wallet MDAO Wallet. The plant is an ordinary tapalka. Login to the mini-application is carried out through a bot in the TG. The game doesn’t launch as quickly as other similar apps and has a fairly minimalist design.

Declared statusClicker for mining
Availability of an affiliate programThere is a referral program. 20% of the earnings of invited friends is credited to the player
ReplenishmentVia MDAO Telegram Wallet
Crypto withdrawalNo

The main token of the MDAO service is not listed on Binance. Its price is $0.116572 and has never risen above $0.1204. The coin’s chart is replete with sharp ups and downs, which may indicate a deliberate inflation and subsequent dump. Probably, the Plant also serves the same purposes — fraudulent earnings by creating hype and collecting commissions.

💭Reviews from clients

Zavod is a Telegram application that is praised by many, but all the articles about the project are exactly the same as the official description of the game on the website of its creators DaoMars. There are practically no reviews either on Telegram or on pages on other social networks, which is strange for an allegedly very popular and profitable mining. At the same time, one of the creators, Vladislav Utushkin, is referred to in social networks and on YouTube as nothing less than an information gypsy. In the chat, users ask a lot of questions about the crashes. It seems that the wallet is not working as stable as we would like.

Zavod лохотрон

Many players ask questions similar to the user Slava. There is no information about the prospects of the project. There is ZP, but it is unknown when it will be possible to earn real crypto.

Judging by the comments in the chat, airdrops happen, but few receive bonuses. Perhaps those who post MDAO advertisements or perform other tasks.

Мнение польжователей о крипто игре Zavod

And these comments fully reflect the opinion of the majority of players: no one understands what kind of profit can be obtained and how the injection of money into ZP will end. Most likely, the project will eventually be abandoned under a plausible pretext. In any case, the Zavod development team will not lose money.

👇Terms of cooperation

Factory is a game in the Telegram bot; to access the application you only need a smartphone and instant messenger. There is a FAQ for the game, but there is not much information there. The ZP game bonus must subsequently be exchanged for the MDAO cryptocurrency, but the exchange procedure is not described either on the site or in the bot.

PlatformZavod based on MDAO Telegram Wallet
date of releaseMay 2024
Minimum deposit amount0
Earning FeaturesUpgrading mining speed by purchasing Tools and Workbenches (6 levels of each)

At the first stage, the player has the title of Journeyman and receives ZP for each unit of goods produced. To earn more and faster, you need to upgrade your Zavod and buy new equipment:

  • ✅6 levels of Tools;
  • ✅the same number of levels of Workbenches.

Coins are generated automatically, but without improvements the clicker is very slow. You can pick up the ZP only after 2 hours, and you need to be in the application constantly, otherwise production stops.

To purchase new levels you need to accumulate ZP or top up your wallet. At this stage, it becomes clear that the project is nothing more than another scam to lure money from novice traders. Having bought into the promise of free mining, victims of the crypto game Factory begin to top up their accounts and buy upgrades that promise to increase production speed.

The game has a referral program that gives rewards for inviting friends to the game. You can create Trade Unions, whose members receive an increasing coefficient for the miner.

📜Conclusions about cooperation

The Zavod tap is based on clicks, and its principle is very simple — you need to accumulate ZP and level up. There is a “Missions” tab, but it is not accessible. There is no information anywhere about what will happen in the Missions. The service is generally very mysterious.

You can log in from TelegramWithout purchasing Tools and a Workbench, mining is slow
No deposit requiredYou need to log into the game every 2 hours
No mining ceilingThere is no withdrawal of coins and the prospects are unclear

Of particular concern is that the MDAO Wallet crypto service is entirely based in Telegram. The website contains a list of owners, but there is no address of the legal entity or contact information. At the same time, the rules for using the wallet state that the user is solely responsible for the safety of his personal data for using MDAO Telegram Wallet. In case of theft or hacking, the creators of the service will not be responsible for the account balance. It would seem, why not create two-factor identification or several levels of protection, but, apparently, the wallet and its wallet are not created for this.

Are you just learning how to work on the Internet and are afraid of falling for the tricks of such scam projects? Help is needed? Contact us and we will teach you how to invest and make money by trading cryptocurrencies and other assets. We will help you gain real skills in working with crypto, understand the specifics of the activities of crypto exchanges and tell you how not to lose money, not to invest it in fraudulent telegram bots, crypto-clickers Factory and other scams.


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