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Review of ZarGates Retrodrop – reviews of the project, conditions for earning and withdrawing money

ZarGates is a new decentralized gaming ecosystem, representing a radically new WEB 3.0 format. The pilot game ZarGates Retrodrop is already attracting the attention of many users with its mechanics and the opportunity to earn money.

The first question that newbies face is how to make money with ZarGates. The main idea is that the value of tokens does not depend on market fluctuations, but on the amount of time players spend to achieve maximum results. The ZarGates Retrodrop game allows users to mine, stake, sell and transfer tokens based on encrypted personal time. However, many users are already beginning to notice suspicious aspects in the functioning of this game.

Every day, 1000 TGE tokens are distributed among effective players, based on the calculation of 1 RP (Reward Points) for every hour, but not more than for 2 hours per day. However, tokens begin to be earned only after accumulating at least 1,000,000 gold coins in the game account. Such a high threshold for starting to earn money already raises doubts.

Beginners are wondering how to play ZarGates Retrodrop. To do this, you need to register and connect to the game via ZarGates bot in Telegram. After registration, the player is given a basic territory that must be protected from attacks by monsters. The goal of the game is to prevent the monsters from reaching the end of the winding path, protecting your base with the help of defensive towers, cannons and other combat objects. However, despite its apparent simplicity, reviews of ZarGates often indicate technical problems and malfunctions in the bot.

ZarGates gamefi is active on social networks, including Telegram, Discord, Twitter and YouTube, and has many reviews. In Telegram chats, users share secrets and help each other in mastering the game. However, many users complain about the lack of response from support and administrators to emerging questions and problems, suggesting that the game is a scam.

At this time, the withdrawal process from ZarGates Retrodrop remains uncertain. The development team does not provide clear instructions and information about the blockchain on which the ecosystem will be based. The lack of clear information about the withdrawal of funds causes doubts and wariness among users. Numerous complaints about the inability to withdraw earned tokens and long processing times indicate problems with the liquidity and transparency of the project.

The creators of ZarGates plan to introduce their own TGE token and create an economic system where game time and achievements will be embodied in cryptocurrency. The platform promises more than 30 crypto games, as well as the launch of a digital exchange for exchanging and selling items and tokens. However, given the current functionality and withdrawal issues, confidence in these promises remains low.

💭Reviews from clients

Reviews about ZarGates Retrodrop mostly point to technical problems. Complaints concern the inability to save results, which leads to loss of progress when closing the game. Also, players in the reviews note a lack of information on how to earn game resources, and are faced with technical problems and bugs that interfere with the gameplay.

Жалобы на ZarGates Retrodrop

Other users in the comments complain that they cannot start the game at all.

Обман на крипте ZarGates Retrodrop

✍️ Terms of cooperation

The ZarGates Retrodrop website talks about transparent and high-quality services, but the reality turns out to be different. The company is not regulated, which already raises doubts about its reliability. Cryptocurrencies and bank cards are available to top up your account. There is no minimum deposit, but the minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

Registration on the platform is free, players are promised a variety of bonuses and incentives for activity. In-game currency includes coins and tokens that can be used to enhance your gaming experience or exchange them for real money. However, many players claim that real exchange for money is difficult and is accompanied by various technical problems, which looks like a scam.

⚡Conclusions about cooperation

ZarGates Retrodrop TowerDefence shows all the signs of an unscrupulous project. Hidden fees, withdrawal issues, and lack of regulation make this game unreliable. It is recommended to avoid cooperation with ZarGates Retrodrop and look for more reliable alternatives. Players must be careful, as promises of quick profits and easy money may turn out to be false.

💡 Expert opinion

Many experts in the field of cryptocurrency games and investments agree that projects without clear regulation and transparent working conditions often turn out to be fraudulent. ZarGates Retrodrop shows exactly these signs, offering players the illusion of making money, but in reality forcing them to face numerous obstacles when trying to withdraw money. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact seek help and advice to our specialists. We are always ready to help you understand difficult situations and offer the best solutions for your investments and earnings.


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