Who is the Gemini Grand cryptocurrency exchange?


“Gemini Grand”— first legalNew York cryptocurrency exchange. It was created by the Winklevoss brothers. At one time, they were the ones who could give the world Facebook. Zuckerberg was ahead: he appropriated and implemented their idea.

Gemini Grand is registered in the USA. It is regulated there. Attention: this is the first office to receive a BitLicense for airwaves issued by the New York government.

At one time, Gemini Grand worked with the Chicago Derivatives Exchange until it stopped listing Bitcoin futures. He also closely interacts with JPMorgan and other financial giants who will not get involved with swindlers.

Gemini Grand’s history has several dark spots due to regulatory claims. All of them have already been settled. The site continues to stay afloat. In the US, this means that she has put a lot of effort into making things right.

Gemini Grand is traded with its ownstablecoin, cryptocurrencies, several cryptocurrency derivatives. There are staking services for storing crypto and receiving passive income. A complete list of services is freely available on the official website.

All trading conditions are open. There is a complete list of financial instruments and their specifications. Commissions are quite low. Especially for market makers who, under certain circumstances, can reduce costs to a minimum.

Among the ways to top up and withdraw money from Gemini Grand is cryptocurrency. The trading platform accepts dollars through special services. Crypto can be withdrawn. This makes the platform a very convenient place not only for trading, but also for purchasing the necessary coins.

Reviews of Gemini Grand

The Gemini Grand cryptocurrency exchange has been operating since 2015. There are more than enough reviews about it. For example, on a person says: he bought cryptocurrency and was satisfied with everything. Will continue cooperation.

Another reviewer has been trading with Gemini Grand for the 4th year in a row. No complaints. There’s nothing to complain about. Commissions are low, execution is lightning fast.

Reviews of Gemini Grand

A person who has been working with Gemini Grand for a year wrote a review on The terminal immediately caught his attention. It is different from those of other cryptocurrency exchanges. Everything is much better and simpler here.

The author of the review trades from a smartphone. The functionality there is the same as in the web version. This is a big plus.

Another reason to choose Gemini Grand is its convenient wallet. You can store any tokens there, not just those that are on the exchange. The author of the review is waiting for the release of a cryptocurrency card with 3% cashback.

Gemini Grand

Another Gemini Grand customer isn’t even thinking about leaving. He tried other crypto exchanges: he didn’t like it. Everything is fine here:

  • The terminal is convenient, there are many functions;
  • high speed;
  • fast deposits and withdrawals.

A big plus of Gemini Grand is its impressive trading volume. This provides good liquidity. Plus passive income. You can withdraw your deposit with interest at any time.

Quickly figure out how to work and earn money with Gemini Grand. Rating Forex for free and will clearly clarify all the nuances. Increase your capital on a good cryptocurrency exchange.

Terms of cooperation

Gemini Grand —The crypto exchange is quite strict towards clients. To register, you need to verify your identity. It’s a matter of strict regulation. The site cannot accept people with questionable capital.

To get to the Gemini Grand, you will have to try. The efforts will pay off thanks to the high reliability of the cryptocurrency exchange. It’s not just strict financial regulators who are keeping an eye on her. She:

  • uses advanced tools to protect trader data and capital;
  • fights market manipulation using technology used at NASDAQ.

You can trade in the browser and mobile version. Both options offer a very similar feature set. This makes it possible to control trading anywhere.

How to make money with Gemini Grand

Cryptocurrency exchange offers many ways to earn income. You can trade cryptocurrencies. The Gemini Grand website has a complete list of assets with real-time prices.

The cryptocurrency exchange pool has fewer tokens than most of its top colleagues. Rating Forex comment: this is because it only accepts liquid financial instruments. To work with them, it obtains the appropriate licenses and permits.

DDerivatives are available. Moreover, they are covered by a very wide leverage – up to 1:100. When this review was prepared, there were only 3 derivatives – crypto pairs with GUSD (stablecoin Gemini with an exchange rate to the dollar of 1 to 1).

There are staking services. Gemini Grand gives you the opportunity to invest 3 different cryptocurrencies at interest. Profit can reach 6.65%. It’s profitable. Such passive investments are well suited for those who want to keep their savings in crypto, but are not eager to actively trade.

Terms of work with Gemini Grand

The spread depends on the market. Gemini Grand does not include its income in this, as it makes money on fixed commissions. They are quite modest.

Rating Forex comment: spreads can be rated in the list of instruments. There prices are in real time.

For example, the spread for takers is from 0.4% to 0.03%. The exact figure depends on the volume of trade per month. Makers have even better numbers – from 0.20% to 0%. That is, if the turnover is more than $500 million per month, you can trade crypto for free. The main thing is to set prices below market prices.

Leverage on derivatives can reach 1:100. Rating Forex reminds you: such wide leverage requires maximum caution. Only get involved with derivatives if you have experience trading.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of money from Gemini Grand


  • bank transfers,
  • PayPal,
  • cryptocurrencies.

You can top up through the built-in wallet. There is support for Samsung crypto wallet. It can be synchronized with the Gemini Grand crypto exchange.

Replenishment by all methods except PayPal is free. You can also withdraw without paying anything. But there are paid options. Commission – $25 or 0.25% of the amount.


Make investments withGemini Grandas safe as possible. The place of registration of the site is the USA. This is the first legal New York cryptocurrency exchange. She has close contacts with London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It brought together all the leading financial centers of the world. Therefore, it can offer liquidity that is really impressive.

Gemini Grand is managed by Gemini Trust Company, LLC. Year of registration: 2013. This brand works closely with New York authorities.

The license under which Gemini Grand operates is called BitLicense. It is issued in New York. The hero of our review became the first owner of such a document as a crypto exchange for trading with ether.

Gemini Trust Company, LLC sometimes gets into trouble. This is usually due tounderestimated risks of the investments it offers. There were even several lawsuits. All errors were gradually corrected. The fines imposed have been paid. Work continues.

Rating Forex checked: what forfined Gemini Trust Company, LLC does not concern ordinary traders. Few of them invest in investment products of cryptocurrency exchanges. Most prefer speculative trading in Bitcoin and altcoins. Gemini Grand is suitable for this like no other.

Gemini Grand availableall necessary licenses. This is one of the few legal cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States.


Gemini is a well-known, time-tested cryptocurrency exchange. She has an impressive trading volume for leading tokens. This provides deep liquidity. The market is also protected from manipulation thanks to the use of special technologies used on classic exchanges.

Your own Gemini Grand coin is a promising asset for investment. This is a cryptocurrency dollar. It can be used to go on the defensive during market downturns.

Rating Forex recommends Gemini Grand. There are no thousands of dubious coins here: only truly liquid assets. The entry threshold is also low enough for everyone to enter and earn money.


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