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Bitcoin is starting to approach its peak price 📈. Many investors are interested in when the alt season will be in order to start investing in alternative cryptocurrencies and get a good profit. Rating Forex will explain in detail what the “alt season” is ❓, when it starts ❓, what you need to invest in to qualify for profit ❓.

📒 Not I know when is alt season in 2024 🤔? Don’t know what it is? It will help to dot the i’s online communication with a consultant. Find out for free exactly when the season starts altcoins and how it will help you become richer 🤝.

Important information aboutLtcoins ✅

Before answering the question “What is “alt season?”, you need to understand the term “altcoins” or “alternative cryptocurrencies.” These are all coins except Bitcoin:

  • 💰 PoW coins. They are obtained by mining.
  • 💰 PoS coins. Production staking.
  • 💰 Stablecoins. Coins backed by stable assets. For example, currencies.
  • 💰 DeFi coins. Tokens for services offering financial services. For example, lending or transactions without intermediaries.
  • 💰 Payment tokens. Coins used to make financial transactions easier than traditional ones financial systems.
  • 💰 Protected coins. Tokens secured by ownership of real assets.
  • 💰 Target (useful) coins. Altcoins for access to a product or service within the blockchain.
  • 💰 Memcoins. Coins inspired by viral memes and online culture. They are often useless, but are good for getting involved in the cryptocurrency community.
  • 💰 Control tokens. Similar to shares. They provide an opportunity to participate in project management.

Advantages altcoins:

  • 🟢 Wide diversification. All altcoins depend on Bitcoin. But their connection with each other is very weak. This makes it possible to distribute risks in a stable and growing market.
  • 🟢 Innovation. Alternative cryptocurrencies could be part of revolutionary cryptographic products.
  • 🟢 Bull run. A market situation when demand for one or more altcoins leads to a surge 🌊 in prices for all other tokens. This is an indicator of the beginning of a global bullish trend 🐂 in the cryptosphere. It goes hand in hand with the so-called alt-season.
  • 🟢 Arbitration. Traders with experience can make money on altcoin-arbitrage due to price differences on different sites.

It is important to remember three disadvantages of alternative cryptocurrencies:

  • 🔴 High risks. Any altcoin (except the top 10 stablecoins) is a risky financial instrument. Its liquidity is lower than BTC and its volatility is higher.
  • 🔴Lack of regulation. Many coins fall into a regulatory gray area. This means there may be legal risks.
  • 🔴 Tolerance to manipulation. Due to their relatively small volumes and sensitivity to news, altcoins are quite easy to manipulate.

Comprehensive verification of tokens, risk management and constant monitoring of the situation will help you get around most of the disadvantages.

What is “alt season” 🤔

Altseason is a period in the cryptocurrency market when altcoins (that is, all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin) show rapid and strong growth. Sometimes, in terms of growth rate and profitability, alternative coins even outperform the main cryptocurrency.

Season altcoins Investors are really looking forward to it 👛. They have the opportunity to significantly increase the amount of capital in a relatively short period of time.

Как определить альтсезон

When might altseason start? What are the key factors talking about this 🗃️

Typically, alt season starts when Bitcoin reaches new highs and stabilizes (either at that level or slightly below). Conditions are emerging for the flow of investments from BTC to alternative coins. Because of this, the latter quickly become more expensive. The fact is that their capitalization is lower and volatility is higher.

📒 One of the reasons for the start of the altseason is the stabilization of Bitcoin. Investors believe that BTC is waiting to consolidate at a new level. So they try to find additional, riskier investments with increased returns.

There are top 3 factors, which can lead to bull-ran:

  • 🏹 Bitcoin stabilization. As soon as the main cryptocurrency becomes less volatile, investors immediately try to find new investment objects. This often triggers the growth of the entire market.
  • 🏹 Innovative projects. If a new technology or platform built on altcoins appears, there may be a surge in demand, first for one coin, and then for most of the others.
  • 🏹 Media influence. Positive news and opinions of famous personalities like Elon Musk may cause interest in alternative tokens to skyrocket.

As data from altseasons in the past shows, these are quite unique events that do not last long and are associated with high volatility of coins. This is a fairly common occurrence for collecting statistics.

📒 There are patterns that show that an altseason in 2024 is quite possible. Experts talk about the cyclical movement of altcoin quotes.

When will the altseason start in 2024 ❓

BWhether there will be an altseason in 2024 largely depends on how exactly Bitcoin performs. Many analysts think so. Including Mags from CrediBULL Crypto.

📒 When BTC reaches new highs and is no longer so volatile, the rest of the tokens will begin to rise. Expert advice is to carefully follow the news and analyze the market yourself.

In April 2024, one of the Binance users suggested that the next altseason would start in mid-May and last until the end of June. When making such a forecast, he relied on 3 graphs:

  • 1️⃣ Bitcoin dominance.
  • 2️⃣ USDT and USDC dominance.
  • 3️⃣ Total2. Reflects the capitalization of altcoins.

In his opinion, Bitcoin is already running out of steam. It is trading above fair value. The recommendation in this state of affairs is to wait for the dominance reversal ↩️, when the support level of November 2022 is broken.

Well-known trader Rekt Capital also shared his opinion about when the altseason will be in 2024. He believes that the crypto market will bottom out in June. Mostly altcoins will be there. After this, the next round of the bull run starts.

Trader Rekt Capital makes such conclusions based on its own model of market behavior. He believes that interest in alternative tokens is cyclical. If so, investors will soon see a chance to enter less liquid assets to capitalize on their growth.

Какой альткоин лучше купить

The opinion of the Rekt Capital trader is this: the current market clearly corresponds to his plan. He:

  • 📈 fell to its low in February;
  • 📈 corrected after halving.

The next drawdown will be in the first month of summer.

The reason for the popularity of altcoins is their ability to greatly increase in price ↩️ in a short period of time. This is clearly visible in the alt-season. For example, in 2018, many coins outpaced BTC in growth rate.

You should always remember: the cryptocurrency market is young and unpredictable. He is heavily dependent on news.

Not all recent events have had a good impact on Bitcoin and altcoins. For example, ETF sales in Hong Kong did not meet issuers’ expectations. On the first day, the turnover was only $11 million instead of the expected $100 million. In order not to lose on sharply growing financial assets, it is important to closely follow the news.


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