What Scam Did the Opera System Invent? – Reviews from People Attempting to Withdraw Their Money


Opera System offered signals and a robot for automated income through speculative trading and binary options, claiming to be developed by a mathematician and a trader. They enticed people with promises of earning up to ₽33,000 per day for an initial investment of $250, sometimes boasting about earnings of $1,000 per day or $300,000 annually.

However, the legality of Opera System’s operations was highly questionable. There was no legitimate paperwork or legal entity to back up their claims of distributing free trading robots. Those behind Opera System encouraged registration on various dubious forex scam websites and binary options platforms, most of which lacked proper registration and operated from offshore locations.

The core of the Opera System program was supposed to be automated trading with undisclosed financial instruments, merely boasting about high profits. In reality, it consistently resulted in losses. The real scam was in the deposits, where money was siphoned off even before trading began.

Reviews about Opera System

Opera System is widely recognized as a fraudulent scheme. A user on the website shared her experience: initially skeptical, she encountered an ad in a women’s magazine and decided to take a risk by providing her contact details.

This led to a barrage of calls and emails urging her to deposit money, with Opera System representatives falsely claiming to be a serious, CitiBank-licensed broker and promising investment training via Skype. Despite trying to ignore the persistent calls, the person was eventually persuaded to try a managed account service.

She first deposited $250, followed by an additional $750 for the managed service, part of which was taken qas a loan based on Opera System’s advice. In the end, her account was blocked, and it turned out that the funds were irretrievable.

Opera System

There are numerous similar stories on, where Opera System is accused of fraudulent activities. People warn that there are no intentions of paying out any profits by the company.

Scam Opera System

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How scammers at Opera System deceive people for money

The scam of Opera System, a classic money-draining scheme, was straightforward. They attracted victims through social media and internet ads, promising effortless, stable profits. Victims were directed to their website,, followed by various clones. There, they were spun tales of a self-operating robot.

According to the myth, the Opera System was supposed to make investments automatically, with clients merely watching their profits grow, promising immense returns. They claimed users could make $1,000 daily from an initial $250 investment, an unrealistic figure since no genuine project can yield a 400% profit in 24 hours.

Once contact was established with Opera System, they launched an aggressive campaign, urging users to follow a link to a broker’s site and open an account for the robot. These brokers, presented as reliable by Opera System, were actually fraudulent, often with fake affiliations to reputable financial institutions.

Such scammers, pushing referral links to fraudulent schemes, are abundant online. They continuously hunt for new victims, devising schemes to extract money. Their ultimate goal is to lure people into scams, making them deposit funds. After registering and depositing, users received a robot that was supposed to trade profitably. In reality, it just drained funds. Stopping the robot was futile as it was all a facade to cover up the theft.

To wrap up

The Opera System is just one of many scams that lure people towards unlicensed forex brokers. Getting involved with such a sham operation often results in financial loss. Earning profits here is highly unlikely and usually ends with money being stolen.


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