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Wave Wallet project — fraudulent mining and theft of user money

Wave Wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet running on the SUI blockchain. The project is positioned as a unique opportunity to mine the $OCEAN token for new clients. However, in reality this turned out to be another scam to deceive gullible users.

Trading platformWave Wallet
Account currencyOCEAN
Deposit/withdrawalCrypto, VISA, Mastercard
Minimum deposit amountNo

Developers in their review Wave WalletThey promise that it will be possible to mine OCEAN at maximum speed only for one month, after which halving will follow. But many users complain that even in this first month, mining rewards were negligible or non-existent.

In 2024, it was planned to list the $OCEAN token, as well as the emergence of the opportunity to sell mined tokens. Of course, this did not happen, and a wave of negative reviews hit the project.

It is not surprising, because the Wave Wallet developers in Telegram did not provide any evidence of real mining or the existence of the $OCEAN token. Instead, they simply collected money from gullible users under the guise of selling mining capacity.

💭Reviews from clients

Alexey, one of the affected users of the Wave Wallet game, says that he believed the promises of the developers about high rewards for mining. He installed the wallet and started mining, but never saw any rewards. When he tried to contact support, they simply stopped answering him.

Wave wallet - отзывы пользователей

Elena also complains about Wave Wallet Telegram. She spent a lot of money on purchasing mining capacity, but instead of the promised $OCEAN tokens, she received only excuses and insults from the developers.

Как Wave wallet кидает людей

Another user of the application, Igor, complains that the Waves Wallet constantly froze and crashed, and the project support did not respond to his complaints. As a result, he simply lost access to his funds.

Wave wallet - разоблачение

🆗Terms of cooperation

On the official website of the Wave Wallet project, the game in Telegram promised that all transactions with OCEAN will be recorded in the SUI blockchain, which is an integral advantage. However, no confirmation of this was ever provided.

The developers of the Wave Wallet Telegram channel assured that the project is worth joining, since the early access program is a tempting offer with the additional advantage of receiving tokens at double the speed. But in reality there was no double mining.

StatusCrypto wallet
Date of foundation2023
affiliate programNo
Regulation and jurisdictionNo

In terms of cooperation with Wave Wallet Telegram, plans were also mentioned for introducing unique functionality, such as launchpads and a trading Telegram bot, as well as funds protection. Of course, none of this was ever implemented, and users were left with nothing.

➡️Expert opinion

The Wave project is a typical fraudulent scheme disguised as cryptocurrency mining. The developers used the popular SUI blockchain theme and promises of high mining rewards to attract gullible users.

However, in reality, no actual mining took place, and the $OCEAN token most likely does not exist at all. The developers of Wave Wallet Telegram simply turned out to be ordinary scammers.

Lack of transparency, ignoring user complaints and constant technical problems with the Wave wallet — all this only confirms the fraudulent nature of the project. I strongly recommend avoiding any investments in Wave and similar dubious projects so as not to lose your money.

‼️Conclusions about cooperation

Analyzing user reviews and mining conditions with Wave Wallet, it becomes obvious that the project was conceived solely to deceive and lure money from gullible crypto enthusiasts.

The Wave Valet developers promised mountains of gold, but in fact did not provide any evidence of real mining or the existence of the $OCEAN token. Instead, they simply collected money from users under the guise of selling mining power.

Powered by the SUI blockchain, which promises fast and cheap transactionsLack of transparency and evidence of real mining of the $OCEAN token
Non-custodial wallet, users control their crypto assets themselvesNumerous user complaints about non-payment of promised rewards
Possibility of mining $OCEAN token for early usersIgnoring user requests and complaints from project support
Intuitive wallet interface (according to developers)Constant technical problems and wallet freezes
Suspicions of the fraudulent nature of the project and deception of users
Failure to fulfill promises from the roadmap (token listing, introduction of new functions)
Lack of real evidence of connection with the SUI blockchain
Users losing access to their funds due to problems with their wallet

Wave Wallet reviewsindicate that it constantly froze, and project support ignored user complaints. As a result, many simply lost access to their funds.

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