Which cryptocurrencies will give the most X’s in 2024?


Every year, promising cryptocurrencies appear. But most of them turn out to be scams. After a couple of months they are worth nothing.

Against the backdrop of another growth in the digital asset market, Rating Forex figured out which cryptocurrency to buy in 2024 so that it would be profitable and bring maximum profit. Let’s consider meme tokens focused on artificial intelligence. Let’s evaluate the prospects of the titans of the industry. Let’s draw a conclusion when to finally invest in Bitcoin, especially against the backdrop of its slowdown after the halving.

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Meme cryptocurrencies that will take off in 2024

Creating a digital currency based on memes is not new. In 2024, the market offers several promising options at once. Each of them has a pretty powerful idea and concept. They are highly likely to bring profit 💰.

Top promising meme cryptocurrencies according to Rating Forex:

  • 💡 Dogecoin.
  • 💡 Dogecoin20.
  • 💡 Sonic Coin.
  • 💡 Wall Street Memes.
  • 💡 Sponge V2.
  • 💡 Smog.
  • 💡 Meme Kombat.

Let’s take a closer look at all thesepromising tokens.


Dogecoin ordogikoin started as joke. But they took her seriously. The price of the token is growing non-stop due to Elon Musk. He invests in it big time 💪. He also actively participates in the community, constantly promotes it on his social network and states that he will accept payment for his cars and related products there.

In additionDogecoin:

  • 📌 included in the top capitalization;
  • 📌 attracts at a very affordable price;
  • 📌 develops steadily due to a close-knit community;
  • 📌 is accepted as a means of payment.

The easiest way to buy dogecoin is on a cryptocurrency exchange. There is quite an active turnover there.


Dogecoin20 is a new product on the cryptocurrency market. In 2024, it was included in the promising coins because it not only refers to DOGE, but also boasts its own unique features. In particular:

  • mechanismstaking,
  • reward system.

Dogecoin20 price is around $0.000164. Its creators managed to raise $2 million 🤑.

The project runs on the Proof-of-Stake protocol. This is different from DOGE.

Dogecoin20 is a green cryptocurrency. First of all, staking is used to generate passive income. The developers promised to allocate part of the total volume of coins to pay rewards to stakers for 2 years.

ℹ️ Dogecoin20 is a cheap coin. It will go public soon. Listing on Uniswap has already been announced. Now is a good time to buy this token 🤞.

Sonic Coin

The Sonic Coin token is dedicated to the famous cartoon blue hedgehog. It attracts investors with speed. It is for this reason that the coin got into the most promising cryptocurrencies of 2024.

Investors like the ability to make transactions in crypto really quickly. The memorability of the token only increases interest ⬆️.

ℹ️ Currently they are asking about $0.000014 for Sonic Coin. At the next stages of coin development, a serious jump in price is expected 📈. In addition, of the $149 billion planned issue, 40% are going to be allocated for staking. So the coin is suitable for passive investments.

Wall Street Memes

When predicting which meme crypto will take off, we need to discuss the project from Wall Street Memes. His cryptocurrency is at the 2nd stage of the presale. She has already raised almost $1 million.

The coin is predicted to succeed due to growing demand from the community and support from Musk. The hype around it can have a positive impact on quotes, promising multiple profits from an early purchase.

Half of the 2 billion tokens issued will be distributed at the presale. 20% are planned to be used to support cryptocurrency exchange liquidity. Another 30% will be allocated for payments to users 💰.

ℹ️ Now Wall Street Memes are asking only $0.0253. At the next stages of pre-sale the price will increase. The issuing company adds confidence in the coin. She has been working for several years now. Its products are popular.

Sponge V2

Sponge B2 is one of the fewof memes coins that have applications. She is related to the iconic cartoon character. This increases the level of audience interest 🆙.

Token owners can earn:

  • 🟢 onstaking,
  • 🟢 investments.

The developers plan to break into centralized crypto exchanges and achieve audience growth of up to 100,000 people.

The lion’s share of the issued Sponge V2 tokens will be on sale. The rest are used to provide liquidity and pay staking rewards.

ℹ️ V2 can be purchased with V1. This is a big plus 🏆. The coin is used in games, which is a huge advantage for gamers and developers.


Smaug makes some very ambitious claims. The developers plan:

  • ✏️ burn all other meme tokens;
  • ✏️ initiate the largest Solana airdrop in history.

The token was developed on the Solana blockchain. There are plans to launch a version on Ethereum.

The Smog coin has attracted $37 million in investments. The community is growing rapidly 👌. He has ambitious plans.

ℹ️ The token has demonstrated strong growth on the DEX exchange. It is guaranteed to be included in promising cryptocurrencies.

Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat is a relatively new coin launched by the project of the same name. It constantly attracts new investors. You can earn it without going to the stock exchange.

To increase passive income💸, you need to participate in the presale. As part of the pre-sale, the developers are going to sell half of the planned issue.

The Meme Kombat ecosystem offers 3 options for interacting with tokens:

  • 🟥 staking,
  • 🟥virtual battles,
  • 🟥 rates.

Therefore, you can earn money by holding a coin and use it for entertainment. They plan to give 40% of the issue for prizes.

ℹ️ The virtual arena has a secure blockchain and artificial intelligence. The platform is transparent and reliable. This attracts new users and investors. In addition, the developers plan to constantly expand the functionality.

Projects with AI. Which cryptocurrency should you invest in in 2024?

Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly ⬆️. It offers new applications and is closely related to the crypto market. Interesting projects that use AI in their work are constantly emerging.

Scotty AI

The mascot of the Scotty AI project is the Scottish terrier Scotty. Behind it is artificial intelligence aimed at protecting the crypto industry 🔒.

Scotty AI goals:

  • 📎 security of cryptocurrency transactions;
  • 📎 risk management in the blockchain ecosystem;
  • 📎 identifying fraudulent activities.

The robot analyzes complex algorithms, code, and blockchain operations. It is complemented by the fast crypto exchange ScottySwap and the investment advice service ScottyChat, which is also powered by AI.


The goal of the eTukTuk creators is to expand the network of charging stations throughout Sri Lanka. They want to make the infrastructure for electric vehicles better, more efficient. The project uses artificial intelligence. They are actively working on its development.

Token owners can earn money by playing, staking, and trading eTukTuk. The developers want to invest the money they receive in the research of two areas at once – AI and electric transport.

ℹ️ The eTukTuk coin was created on the BNB network. It can be purchased using BNB, ETH, or using currency from a bank card. The price for a fresh token is quite high – $0.026. If it does as well as it does, the stock price will continue to rise.


Target “UPredict” – integrate AI into the field of crypto trading. Users are promised powerful support in trading Bitcoin and altcoins through signals and forecasts created by artificial intelligence.

The YPredict platform will be available to everyone. But only coin holders will receive exclusive opportunities.

Past pre-sales showed high interest. Now you can buy a token at a reduced price. It will only become more expensive in the future.

ℹ️ «UPredict»- that rare case when a trader can choose to trade a coin or use it for more efficient trading of other tokens.

BTC20 – green bitcoin with good prospects

The developers of BTC20 say that their coin is a great chance to make money. Especially for those who missed out on the opportunity to invest in the original Bitcoin in 2011. The previous presale was successful. At a price of $1 per piece, the creators of the coin raised $60,000.

The main feature of the BTC20 token is the Ethereum-based staking mechanism. It is reliable and environmentally friendly. The main thing is that the more coins the user freezes, the more income he will receive.

ℹ️ Now BTC20 appear at a rate of about 10 minutes. The planned emission of 21 million tokens will end in 120 years. That is, the coin will be profitable over a long distance.

According to the developers, 6 million tokens are up for pre-sale. They are sold on the official BTC20 website. Price is a dollar per piece. ETH, USDT and bank cards are accepted for payments.

How are the trusted “old guys” doing?

When interested in the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market, it is very important to remember about the coins 👛 on which the entire industry rests. Let’s briefly go through the most popular tokens.


In terms of profitability in 2022, Ethereum could surpass Bitcoin. He also has every chance in 2024. Developers are constantly improving protocols to make the token greener, faster, cheaper, more secure.

ℹ️ Ethereum is of interest to IT companies, startups, and investment funds. Therefore, it always makes sense to invest in it.


A secure algorithm, high transaction speed, flexible code for modifications and powerful scalability are all advantages of Cardano. The token is suitable for creating stable ecosystems. It is accepted on a par with currency in various countries, including Japan. The PoS protocol makes mining easier and cheaper.

ℹ️ In 2024, Cardano is suitable for long-term investment 💰. The reason is its modest volatility compared to other cryptocurrencies.


Ripple is an open payment network for financial institutions with its own token that makes transactions cheaper. This project has been a success. Recently won a dispute with the SEC, which increased his position.

ℹ️ For several months in a row, XRP (Ripple) has been considered one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. Interest in her continues to grow. This may be a harbinger of an imminent price increase 🏹.


Bitcoin is the oldest, most expensive and popular cryptocurrency that has not received much use other than payments. Now it is worth buying only for long-term investment.

ℹ️ Short-term trading of BTC is not much different from working with other financial assets. In this regard, the coin is even worse due to its stability. But you can safely invest in it over the long term.

Which crypto will take off in 2024? conclusions

The cryptocurrency market is too young and poorly regulated to be predictable. Therefore, his estimates are only approximate. When choosing assets for financial investment, it is important to remember about risk diversification and constant control.


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