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🔎 Review of the crypto game Ton Digger: reviews from gamers, how to mine a coin

TonDigger is a casual strategy coin mining game. The game can be accessed through the telegram bot of the same name. By participating in mining, you can get DGR tokens. In addition, participation in AMA sessions is offered to receive additional rewards. Ton Digger promises that all tokens will be usable as NFT assets in a personal wallet. We have to study all the details of the project in order to understand how profitable it is to farm coins with TonDigger or whether it is worth avoiding the game.

💡 About the project

TonDigger appeared in the spring of 2024. On the Telegram platform, the gaming community has a main channel with an audience of 32K people and a discussion chat. The posts mainly concern game updates, news on the cryptogaming field, competitions and player ratings.

Activity on the channel is low, about 8K views on publications. The chat is not open 24 hours a day, from 10 am to 12 midnight. This is due to the fact that administrators cannot always be in touch. But who are the moderators of the groups and in general the game developers are anonymous.

🎮 Features of the Ton Digger bot game: how to earn crypto?

The gameplay of the game is very similar to typical tapal games. To start the game you need to log in and connect to the bot. Then go through authorization and link your wallet. The clicker structure requires you to perform a number of actions before starting mining:

  • 💾Virtual video card.

Before starting the game, you need to go to the GPU section and buy an NFT card. You can choose from several types, so for the most expensive you will have to pay up to 100 TON, for the most budget 0.2 TON. The profitability of mining and its speed depend on the virtual video card. Since the latest update, such a card can only be bought on Getgems, where it can be sold.

  • ⌨️Farming every 3 hours.

The bot does not provide automation, so the player must enter the game independently and restart the process manually.

  • 💰Earn.

The section presents the opportunity to complete simple tasks for which you can receive 150 tokens. The mission may include: subscribing to channels, inviting friends, in-game rounds.

📒Listing company Ton Digger: token price

The developers promised to launch the listing in May, but this did not happen due to the system being hacked. As of July 2024, there is information that the launch took place on the Geckoterminal platform, where detailed information about the tokenomics of the coin has already been provided. The following parameters are known:

  1. 🪙The price of the token is constantly in motion, so today the cost is $0.012 per 1 TON.
  2. 🪙Token capitalization cost 528K dollars.
  3. 🪙The issue of coins amounted to more than 25,000 units.
  4. 🪙The average daily trading volume is up to 400 TON, which implies 22 thousand dollars and liquidity of 113K dollars.

📍There is no need to wait for the rate to stabilize; the coin is only moving towards decentralization and requires painstaking attention to detail. Although mining does not require large investments, the payback is already disappointing. For example, an investment of 10 dollars needs to be repaid in about 14-16 weeks, subject to stable mining. But the developer does not guarantee that mining will not be reduced by a decrease in speed.

💳Ton Digger: how to withdraw money?

At the time the listing company was launched, the withdrawal button was active for only a few minutes. After which the transaction became unavailable. At the moment, withdrawal of money to official payment systems is not available, although the company is fully accepting investments and donations. In addition, the mining speed has dropped and in order to work out your deposit, you need to spend more time. The whole situation around the TonDigger token looks like a scam. After all, first the administration launches the listing, and then creates artificial errors, indicating that the problem is only in the large influx of players.

🗑 Reviews of Ton Digger: scam token, user opinions on the Internet

Real reviews of the TonDigger project indicate numerous errors and confrontation of the promises and actions of the developers. We also found namely:

  • 🔴Advertising for DGR mining from bloggers.

Influencers have launched a process of artificial hype around the coin; they show their gaming accounts on which funds can supposedly be withdrawn. In addition, you can find numerous screenshots with positive comments, where players are able to transfer coins to wallets outside the game. Everything looks quite suspicious. After all, the situation on thematic platforms is different.

  • 🔴Deleting negative reviews and complaints about the game in telegram chats.

You can see how moderators, immediately after reading a review about an error or bug in the game, clean up the comment and block the user so that in the future he does not spoil the reputation of TonDigger.

  • 🔴Reduced profitability and mining speedha.

To prevent users from quickly receiving a token and working off their investment investments, the company decided to slow down the mining speed, as well as extend the break between farming for another 2 hours.

  • 🔴The documentation does not have security conditions or permits to work with financial transactions.

After launching the listing, the company tries its best to hide the lack of important documentation. Often, you can see how TonDigger arranges technical breaks, blocks the accounts of suspicious players and collects personal data in order to be ready for exposure.

  • 🔴Withdrawals are not possible.

Players invested their money at the start, but 99% of them never received anything other than promises.

⚠️ Conclusion: is Ton Digger worth mining?

Tondigger is not designed to make money from investments and coin mining. The company was created solely for the purpose of monetizing its own product without a beneficial side for gamers. Therefore, our team does not recommend using the application.

📌 You can contact us via the contacts on our website if you need an individual consultation with our expert. We will definitely help you resolve all issues related to gaming projects based on cryptocurrency.


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