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🔎Review of Timecoin bot in telegram: reviews of mining coins, prospects for clicker development

TimeCoin is a cryptocurrency game on Telegram where you can mine coins. The clicker was created on the basis of Solana; the tasks of gamers include coin mining. The mission of the project is to gather as much of an audience as possible and gain demand in order to increase the market value of the coin.

📌 But today we will tell you in more detail what the TimeCoin application actually turns out to be.

🌐 Social networks of the TimeCoin project

TimeCoin does not have high popularity on social networks. Although the community, in addition to the project bot, includes several chats and telegram channels. Today, publications in the official community rarely appear. Most of them relate to game updates, ratings, new competitions and missions.

TimeCoin’s Twitter is slightly more popular than Telegram. Readers take part in discussions under posts about new game formats, sharing their achievements and failures. You can notice that the audience of the game is quite young people and often teenagers.

📄 Timecoin latest crypto game news: how to earn a token?

The game is available on the telegram platform, you need to launch the bot and press start. After which the program interface will open and the user will see a window asking permission to track the location. If you refuse, the game will not start. All standard slippers have a similar update. It often leads to overheating of devices.

Crypto-assets are mined in several ways, what needs to be done:

  • Click, the faster, the higher the profit. Usually the game offers to purchase boosts that contain accelerators. They all have different levels of pumping, so it is necessary to regularly replenish supplies.
  • Subscribe to all social networks of the project. The game community consists of several telegram chats, a news channel, and Twitter. All sites have identical information content.
  • Become a Telegram Premium subscriber, this way mining is multiplied by 2 times.
  • Reinvest earned tokens to increase your rank.
  • Participate in the referral program. For invited friends via the invitation link, the application awards bonuses. In some cases, each referral partner is awarded a percentage of the income of his friend in the game.

In addition, the network has two additional strategies to increase mining speed:

  1. 🖋Follow interval collection of coins with a break between mining of 2 hours.
  2. 🖋Do not save coins until your wallet is full, but use them to purchase boosts and other boosters.

Live activity from players is valued more expensive. When the account operates entirely on automated functions, the bot may lag and block the coin distribution system. All achievements are noted and maintained in the player’s personal account. In addition, you can track the mining results of other gamers in the rating table. It is located in the main menu of the bot, as well as on the main TimeCoin telegram channel.

🎮 Game Timecoin in telegram: how to withdraw money from cryptocurrency?

The option to withdraw funds from the in-game TimeCoin system is not available. The project also has not posted a roadmap, so a clear plan regarding payments to players is not known. It is unknown when the coin will appear on official exchanges and how long the game will work. Statistics on coin turnover and the degree of liquidity have not yet been made public.

💡Telegram timecoin: listing

In the latest Timecoin telegram news, it was published that mining is over and all that remains is to wait for listing. Now users are completely at a loss, because there is no reliable information about the launch date of the listing, the package of documentation for access to decentralized systems has not been collected, and the company continues to make promises of a speedy resumption of work.

📩 Timecoin scam token: player reviews on thematic forums

TimeCoin, according to users on the network, is a completely unfinished system. The version of the game on the telegram platform has many bugs, which makes the overall mining process difficult. Therefore, all prospects for the development of the project are cut short. In particular, clients lost motivation when the TimeCoin company announced that mining was over. In addition to this, we can take into account all the factors that negatively affect the reputation of the clicker:

  1. ⛔️Lack of real earnings.
  2. ⛔️Inability to withdraw cryptocurrency to the official wallet.
  3. ⛔️The token is not liquid due to lack of listing.
  4. ⛔️The cost of the coin on crypto exchanges is not stated.
  5. ⛔️Mining is unavailable from May 19th.
  6. ⛔️The game has a boring and unfinished interface.
  7. ⛔️The program reads and collects players’ personal data.
  8. ⛔️TimeCoin slipper is addictive.
  9. ⛔️The legal address of the company is not valid.
  10. ⛔️The clicker does not bring financial benefits.
  11. ⛔️Bonuses, boosters, points in the game are frequent
  12. but are reduced due to errors within the system.

Experienced crypto game gamers recommend not wasting time on the TimeCoin project. Because the goal of the project is to create artificial excitement around the coin and monetize thanks to donations.

⚠️Let’s summarize

After checking the project, it became extremely clear that it would not be possible to make money and receive a real financial reward for mining a coin in TimeCoin. In the genre of entertaining stories, the clicker is not recommended for people who are prone to gaming addiction; in particular, it is not allowed for use by children due to the negative impact on the nervous system.

📌 If you have played the clicker game, please leave your feedback about TimeCoin in the comments. If you need online consultation, you can confidently contact our experts.


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