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The cryptocurrency world is constantly evolving, offering more and more new ways to earn money and have fun. Recently, the game TapSwap, a tapping bot on the Solana blockchain, positioned as an improved version of the previously popular Notrex project, has gained great popularity. But is this crypto game really that good? Let’s figure it out.

TapSwap Solana is a real-life version of the Notrex game where users can earn tokens for regular taps on the screen. According to the statements of the project’s authors, their brainchild is superior to the original idea and promises a more promising platform for making money. However, you can already notice a number of alarming signals that call into question the reliability and honesty of TapSwap bot.

StatusCrypto game
Date of foundation2024
affiliate programNo

After the Notrex drop ended, many players began looking for an alternative, and soon the TapSwap airdrop allegedly attracted more than 4 million people in just two weeks. Such overwhelming success immediately raises suspicions that TapSwap is a scam, especially given the lack of information about the developers and their previous projects.

The game mechanics of TapSwap scam are simple: users launch the application, tap on the screen and receive tokens for each tap. Daily bonuses are also promised. But the main feature is the referral program, which allows you to make money by attracting new users. The more referrals you have, the more you can earn. Because of this, people are already actively buying up bots for Telegram in order to scale the number of their referrals and Tapswap coins.

True, this referral program itself already raises serious doubts. Often, it is precisely these pyramid schemes that are used to attract new investors and inflate the project, and then scam and misappropriation of funds by the initiators. Therefore, you should be extremely careful with TapSwap and its price at this stage.

Solana TapSwap may sound like a reliable platform due to the use of a well-known blockchain, but even this does not guarantee the safety of your investment. Users should be especially careful as news about TapSwap often contains conflicting information that may be misleading. For example, regarding when TapSwap is listing, dates are constantly being pushed back.

The question of how to sell TapSwap is becoming more pressing as users look for ways to get rid of their tokens and get back their investment. Unfortunately, many people find that withdrawing money from TapSwap is much more difficult than they expected.

TapSwap Telegram and TapSwap bot are actively used to attract new users, but many of them quickly realize that the reality does not live up to the promises. TapSwap airdrop may sound like an attractive offer, but beware: it could be another way to lure you into a trap.

🔍 Reviews from clients

Daniel says that he participated in the Tapswap drop and managed to quickly accumulate several thousand coins. But when he tried to withdraw them, he was faced with huge commissions and requirements to undergo multi-level verification.

Another user, Sergey, complains about the lack of information about the application development team. Because of this, a scam seems more than likely to him.

TapSwap криптомошенник

And Maxim talks about how he literally earned a round sum in TapSwap in just a few days, but then his entire profit suddenly dropped to zero due to some “technical work.” He was never able to get through to support.

TapSwap разводит на крипту

Some users report that the withdrawal process is so confusing and full of technical errors that it seems impossible.

💼 Terms of cooperation

At first glance, TapSwap looks quite attractive. Simple and clear game mechanics, the possibility of passive income thanks to the referral program and daily bonuses. The project is aimed at a mass audience and promises to be more promising than its predecessor.

However, upon closer inspection, big questions arise. First of all, Tapswap is a completely new and untested service, about the developers of which there is no publicly available information. All promises and news on the site may turn out to be ordinary marketing to attract funds.

ServiceTap Swap
Deposit/withdrawalVISA, Mastercard
Minimum deposit amountNo
Financial instrumentsCurrency pairs, cryptocurrencies

In addition, the pyramid scheme of the referral program is striking. Players’ earnings directly depend on how many new people they can attract. This has already brought TapSwap a wave of popularity and attracted many investors. But, as practice shows, most of these projects end up being scams, and their creators simply steal all the funds collected from gullible participants.

Many users encounter unexpected difficulties. Hidden fees, technical glitches, and lack of support all make it seem like TapSwap is more interested in attracting new users than serving existing ones.

📝 Conclusions about cooperation

Of course, the Tapswap mechanics themselves are quite interesting and really resemble a game. But it is obvious that the project greatly exaggerates its ambitions, the number of users and chances of success. In the past, there have already been dozens of services that promised easy money, but in reality turned out to be a money scam.

Judging by numerous reviews from real users, people are already having problems withdrawing funds from TapSwap. Hidden fees, lack of support and abrupt account cancellations look extremely alarming. Perhaps the project team is simply pursuing its own selfish goals, and further deception of users is only a matter of time.

Despite the promises of easy money and entertainment, TapSwap raises many questions and doubts. Users complain about scams and the inability to get real money.

Encountering problems with TapSwap?Get help from an expertpossible on our website. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists for support, who will provide you with advice and help you understand the current situation.

▶️Expert opinion

Tapswap is another reincarnation of an ordinary financial pyramid for pumping money out of gullible crypto enthusiasts. There is nothing innovative in the project: just a basic game with taps and a standard referral program for recruiting new participants.

New experience in cryptocurrency games
The game has a simple and intuitive interface, accessible to a wide audience
Users can earn additional bonuses for referring new players
Many users report difficulties with withdrawal of earned funds
There may be unexpected fees that are not mentioned in advance
Users encounter technical errors that interfere with the normal operation of the service
Numerous complaints and negative comments from players

At the same time, any information about the development team, the real goals of the project and its prospects is missing. This is already a big red flag. Also worrying is the excessive marketing that promises mountains of gold for those who join Tapswap. Scams often start this way.

The project, although it has the potential of a blockchain game, leaves many questions regarding its reliability and value to the community. Users should exercise caution and thoroughly research any projects before investing in them.


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