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🔍 Saltwater Games telegram bot: reviews of coin farming, project analysis, how to get a drop?

Saltwater Games is a platform of interactive games of different directions. The goal of the project is to combine the best technologies for digital creativity and create unique gaming products that will reach a large segment of players from all over the world.

Saltwater Games presents itself as a vanguard that can help reimagine the entire gaming market through the convergence of immersive technologies. This means that the company wants to become unique in the gaming field, from action-adventure games to complex puzzles and puzzles.

📌 Today we will have the opportunity to evaluate all the advantages and shortcomings in the Saltwater system.

🎮 Claimed advantages of the gaming platform

Saltwater Games calls its advantages:

  • 💻access to technical innovations first hand
  • 💻development of your own games under team management
  • 💻providing sensory experiences
  • 💻possibility of IP intersections for team work
  • 💻live examples in public

The list is quite representative from the point of view of an inexperienced user of such services. But in reality the points are quite elusive in practice. In order for every user to experience the convergence at the heart of the company, several years of roadmap design are required. Therefore, the idea can be considered good, but the implementation is too washed-out.

📕 Saltwater Games instructions for receiving airdrops: how to earn money?

The office does not require complex movements, to start cooperation, just take a few steps:

  • 👉 Go to the official Saltwater Games website
  • 👉 Create an account
  • 👉 Connect an online wallet to your account
  • 👉 Complete quests

Tasks allow you to earn on-net currency tXR, which makes it possible to distribute $XR Airdrop after TGE. To earn money, it is also important to participate in the referral program. This way, friends can bring you both 150 tokens.

✔️ If the number of referrals exceeds 4X, then the company can award NFT rewards, which will later have to be converted.

🪙 Saltwater Games: how to withdraw a blockchain-based token?

The gaming platform currently does not have the ability for players to withdraw tokens. The price on the market has not been established, decentralization on exchanges has not been formalized. Therefore, everything that is earned within the game will remain there until the launch of listed companies. Topping up your account is only possible through exchangers within the platform, and reverse payment is not available.

💳 Learn more about the token and financial transactions

The $XR token is a proprietary development of the XR One application. The currency will be used for in-game transactions, including:

  1. ☝️service
  2. ☝️purchase of tools
  3. ☝️boxes with loot
  4. ☝️premium features

In addition, there are mentions that the $XR token will become an extension for the use of artificial intelligence inside Play2Impact crypto games. As the project develops, the XR blockchain network will attract a referral format of cooperation. In addition to revolutionizing interactive games themselves, the company wants to gain access to the biggest events so that its players can get discounted tickets. In addition to this, participants who contribute to the beta will be rewarded with XR One. The XR Foundation plans to make XR a gas token. But at the moment everything is at a very early stage of development, in particular on security issues the administration speaks with uncertainty. Although it already claims the possibility of a token for exchanging Ethereum and Bitcoin.

🌐 Saltwater Games social networks: activities in TG and Twitter

Saltwater Announcements is a community of telegram groups where developers talk about the benefits of investing in a token. The community has about 27K subscribers with moderate activity. Telegram also has a chat for discussion and a bot where you can start gameplay or discuss your failures/achievements.

On site X, Saltwater is more popular, with an audience of 240 thousand readers. The group is dominated by information about game updates, new features, terms of the affiliate program and publishes plans for the roadmap that will be implemented in the coming years.

📢 Gamers’ opinions about Saltwater Games crypto: reviews on crypto game forums

Experienced gamers in crypto games did not leave the developers without their opinion. In reviews on platforms with feature articles, you can often find negative statements about the company. Saltwater, in the eyes of players, is a “narcissistic” company that decided to make too many promises.

But, unfortunately, users point out many downsides to such a unique product as the $XR token, namely:

  • ❌️false company registration address
  • ❌️setting the price before launching the listing and airdrop
  • ❌️purchase of a token is possible, but withdrawal is not

Saltwater Games does not convert game

drop through decentralized payment systems, so players are indignant. They write that the company wants to establish a leadership position in the crypto-game market through sponsorship of gamers. Which it attracts with favorable conditions and high demand for current. But investments will not bring the promised results even if they enter the market and the company simply goes bankrupt, leaving all clients without coins.

💬 Crypto platform verification result

The $XR token has every prospect of getting the desired hype, because the administration’s PR company is working quite well. The gaming platform has advanced technology and extraordinary simulation graphics. But that’s where all the features end. Looking deeper into the creation of the project, we can note that:

  • ✖️real way to make money on the token is not available
  • ✖️legal documentation not confirmed
  • ✖️players complain about bugs and lack of output

In view of this, we cannot recommend the Saltwater Games project as a way to earn crypto, but as a method of entertainment, you may be interested. The main thing is to be attentive to the risks. Write your reviews if you have had experience working on the platform.

🫂 For those who need additional help, we leave contacts for consultations. Our experts will definitely answer all your questions.


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