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Forex trading robots are special programs and algorithms that make it possible to partially or fully automate trading. They open and close transactions, analyze quotes, and rely on indicators.

There are a lot of paid and free Forex robots. Warning: most of it is outright garbage. They either lose every cent due to ill-conceived algorithms, or are too outdated and do not correspond to market behavior.

Therefore, the most profitable trading robot last year may turn out to be another loser this year. It needs to be regularly updated, changed or adapted to changing market trends.

Paid robots differ from free ones in the presence of support. It is there in most cases. Rating Forex reminds you: such robots are updated regularly. But this does not guarantee that they will work properly.

There are a top 10 best trading robots according to users and specialized sites. Most of it has stood the test of time. But there are also newcomers.

Most trading robots are used in the MT4 terminal. It is time-tested. His tools are well studied.

It is impossible to say for sure which Forex advisor is the most profitable. All those included in our top 10 are profitable enough to bring real profit.

No. 1. Forex Best Bot

Forex Best Bot is an easy-to-use robot with a simple algorithm. It is based on several moving averages of different time periods. This gives good results when working with almost any asset. But the algorithm needs to be optimized correctly.

The best option for trading, according to the developers of Forex Best Bot, is the dollar-euro pair on the hourly chart. Initially, this robot was distributed for several hundred dollars. A lot of time has passed since its release. Now it is free, included in the MT4 library.

No. 2. TopGun

TopGun is an old robot. The first versions appeared in 2010. But there is still demand.

Like any good trading robot, TopGun’s scope of application is very narrow. It needs to be run in MT4. It only works with the EUR – CHF pair. The only timeframe suitable for it is M15.

Another feature of the TopGan robot is its deposit requirements. You need at least $100 in a cent account. This is because the robot is based on Martingale. This can lead to a rapid drain if there is insufficient capital.

The TopGun robot opens positions when the price crosses the Bollinger Bands, when one of the boundaries of the price channel is broken through. If the robot does not guess with the trend, it opens 3 more orders in the same direction to average losses. At the same time, stop losses are set so that the maximum losses do not exceed 240 points.

No. 3. BF Smart Scalper EA

BF Smart Scalper EA is an automatic scalping advisor. He is good at identifying price impulses. This makes it possible to cut out noise and squeeze the maximum out of short-term positions.

The robot works with all pairs. But it’s better to use volatile dollar combinations:

  • from euro,
  • pound,
  • Swiss franc.

There are also no restrictions on timeframes. Judging by the reviews, the robot performed best on the M1 and M15.

The algorithm is simple and reliable. Installation requires rebooting the terminal. Otherwise, BF Smart Scalper EA will not appear in the list of advisors.

No. 4. Cash Profit

Cash Profit is another robot with an interesting trading strategy. It is based on a comparative analysis of two previous quotes. This allows you to monitor market volatility.

The Cash Profit robot consistently opens trades. Because it cannot monitor multiple transactions at the same time. This makes it slightly slower than other, more aggressive algorithms. But there is no risk of margin calls due to the large number of simultaneously open orders.

Cash Profit can be used on different pairs and timeframes. Recommended settings for it: EUR – USD and M15.

The robot scalps, trades on trends, pullbacks and corrections. You will have to choose the settings yourself and change them every time you change strategies. It takes attention and practice. Although Cash Profit can choose its own trading strategy. Often he simply does not recognize a flat or trend.

No. 5. Cobra

Forex robots such as Cobra should be well known to traders. They:

  • Very simple.
  • Give clear signals based on the moving average. Many popular strategies rely on it.

Cobra opens an order against the trend. Waiting for him to turn around. This means that the trader needs to adjust the expected strength of the trend and guess the reversal point. If you do this too late, the robot may eat your entire deposit.

“Cobra” appeared in 2010. Since then, the developers have updated the version more than a dozen times. It is important to choose the latest one, which is more or less precisely tuned to the modern market.

No. 6. Pallada

Pallada (“Pallada”) is a semi-automatic robot. It is compatible with dollar pairs:

  • from euro,
  • yen,
  • Swiss franc.
  • Also with pairs of yen and franc, euro.

The Pallada robot has 11 indicators that give signals to open positions. But they need to be configured according to instructions

divided template. The only automation is smart trailing, which moves the trailing stop to the break-even point.

The instructions will help you figure out how to use an advisor like Pallada. You need to read it very carefully. A mistake can cost a lot of money.

No. 7. Gepard

Gepard is often included in the list of the best free trading robots. It’s universal. Suitable for trading different currency pairs. The most popular combinations:

  • EUR – USD.
  • GBP – USD.

Gepard trades in flats and opens positions on trends. He might even scalp.

Cheetah makes decisions based on signals from the Parabolic SAR and Stochastic indicators. It has many settings. It is possible to enable an increase in the volume of transactions using Martingale. This is a rather dangerous option. It should be used only with verified settings and a sufficient amount of money on deposit.

No. 8. Forex Fury

Forex Fury is considered one of the most popular advisors on Forex. He is over 10 years old. But he still holds a high position.

Forex Fury robot is fully automatic. He uses scalping based on complex strategies. Works with 7 pairs at once and can keep positions open for a long time.

According to the developers, the risks are minimal. The drawdown does not exceed 20%.

Forex Fury has many filters for signals. This affects the frequency of trading, but gives a more accurate result. The robot can be run in both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

No. 9. Drovasek EA

Drovasek EA (“Drovasek EA”) is a simple indicator-less mesh robot. It is based on competent adjustment of the grid step and ranges for opening new positions. It has a wide range of options. This makes it possible to adapt the robot to the desired level of risks and the specifics of a particular market instrument.

Drovasek EA is not available in the official MT4 library. Therefore, it must be installed manually through the data directory. This requires a subsequent reboot.

No. 10. SkyPlay

The SkyPlay advisor works with two major pairs with the American dollar, euro, and pound. Used:

  • In the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading terminal.
  • On two timeframes: 15-minute, hourly.

It is very important to know: the SkyPlay robot performed poorly on the pairs “American dollar – yen”, “American dollar – Australian dollar”.

SkyPlay is classified as a profitable Forex advisor:

  • for a convenient interface,
  • flexible settings.
  • But there are serious limitations.

The fact is that the SkyPlay robot can be used exclusively for 7 hours a day during the operation of European exchanges. You cannot open more than one position per day.

Educational program Rating Forex: SkyPlay is very good, but you still can’t say that it is the best Forex trading robot. He lacks versatility and trading frequency. However, he definitely copes with his tasks. Most of the deals he opens are closed in profit.

Which trading robot to choose

Trading robots are well suited for traders who have at least minimal experience. They need to be tested, adjusted and stopped in time.

For beginners, it is better to practice on a demo account. This will help you understand the nuances of the algorithm, select the optimal settings and save your deposit.

It is important to be careful with “grids”, Martingale. These seemingly very attractive trading strategies can wipe out your entire deposit. They need to be used very carefully, with sufficient capital.


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