Reviews of scammers who pretend to be SpaceX


Elon Musk’s SpaceX, founded in 2002, is a leading American space company aiming to facilitate Mars colonization. As the largest private space company, it’s known for unique innovations like reusable rocket stages.

The brand’s fame and Musk’s name attract scammers, who launch fake token giveaways and bogus investment projects falsely associated with SpaceX. The number of such fraudsters is increasing due to the growing interest in investing in this successful space corporation.

Reviews of scammers who pretend to be SpaceX has reported on scams exploiting Elon Musk’s space brand. One victim, enticed by an ad for a trading robot allegedly from Musk, decided to purchase it. Instead of the promised algorithm, they received a common Martingale advisor, leading to significant losses. It turned out there was no connection to SpaceX.

Rating Forex warns that these fake advisors are distributed for two main purposes. First, to steal contact information for resale to scammers who then target individuals for financial exploitation. Second, fraudsters use this opportunity to lure people into scams, claiming their robot only works with a specific SpaceX-related scheme. Their benefit lies in affiliate payments earned through referral links.


A person, seeking profit from space investments, fell for a scam on, promised stable profits and quick payouts but ended up with nothing. When it was time to withdraw, not a cent arrived and support went silent. Rating Forex warns against using SpaceX’s name in financial scams promising space development investments and passive income, which are often Ponzi schemes or outright theft. Another victim invested through, lured by pre-public stock access, but it was a fraudulent scheme with no stock or refunds, and unresponsive support. reveals similar SpaceX scams, with one person losing almost 10,000 rubles but only withdrawing 430, followed by account and support shutdowns. Despite promises, no funds are received, and legal action is impossible as the fraudsters don’t officially exist.

SpaceX Deceive People

If you’ve been victimized by scams masquerading as Elon Musk’s SpaceX, draining your capital, just a single complaint to Rating Forex can get your funds fully reimbursed. Our chargeback assistance is free for everyone who reaches out.

How Fraudsters Impersonating SpaceX Deceive People 

Scammers impersonating SpaceX use various schemes to defraud people. They sell unpaid ‘Starlinks’ cheaply under subscription, which are later disconnected for non-payment. Another common scam involves selling regular Wi-Fi routers as devices capable of connecting to the ‘Starlink’ network, which they’re not working too… The majority of these SpaceX scams work online, where financial pyramids and high-yield investment programs falsely claim to cooperate with or invest in SpaceX. These scams either steal investors’ money or redistribute funds until liabilities exceed new investments, often insisting on participation in referral programs with promises of a share from recruits’ deposits. Rating Forex advises caution, stating any project offering passive investments in SpaceX is a definite scam, and warns against high-return promises and fake SpaceX-related crypto giveaways, which are classic ‘magic wallet’ scams where sent funds are never returned. In 2022-2023, these scams amassed $2 million in losses in the U.S.


If you’re thinking about investing in SpaceX, consider the stocks of funds and companies that have invested in this brand. Notable examples include Google and Apple; investing in their stocks can be a wise choice. However, a better focus might be on ETFs that specialize strictly in investments. These are traded in many countries, offering a wide range of options. Over the past 20 years, the SpaceX brand has often been exploited by scammers, so both investors and general users must exercise extreme caution when choosing where to invest their money.


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