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Review of PONKE TON Drop — old scam with new coins

PONKE TON is a meme token, almost a complete analogue of PEPE, but located on the TON network. According to the organizers of the quest service, you can receive bonuses and a token for completing tasks and inviting new crypto traders using a referral link. It is worth noting that the Ponke coin has been falling in price lately, and the PONKE TON presale was most likely created with the goal of accelerating the token and increasing its trading due to investors greedy for “free” drops.

StatusTelegram quest
Drop start dateThe first PONKE TON token presale in April 2024
PeculiaritiesGame form, meme token
Official website of the company
Contact details

Despite the fact that a deposit is supposedly not required, to receive burning tokens you need to become an active trader, and to do this, fund your account by buying Ponke. In the comments, users write that there are bonus distributions, but not for everyone, and it is not clear how to get on the list of special active traders. Apparently, the scam is to increase the number of followers who will advertise the platform and bring in more commissions.

🔎 Reviews from clients

It is very difficult to find negative reviews about PONKE TON under posts. Obviously, they are deleted to avoid questions from naive crypto traders. As for Telegram channels, English-speaking and Russian-speaking users have the same question — where is the promised distribution.

Жалобы на Ponke Ton

This user invested in the scheme twice, but did not receive the airdrop. Others note that there is no feedback in the chat. If questions arise, no one is in a hurry to answer them. Apparently, because users asking questions prevent them from luring new victims into the fraudulent scheme.

Ponke Ton кидала

Judging by the review, the coins did not arrive for 2 days, but there was no reaction from the organizers, and this is not the first time.

Ponke Ton не заплатит

Another comment from user Arshia in Telegram chat about the same problem — there are no tokens being credited. True, there are a little more than 7 thousand channel members. What is this, a sign of the elitism of quests or another proof that PONKE TON quests on Telegram are just another scam project? There are about 64 thousand users in the official channel, but judging by the comments, there are much fewer active ones, and most often they complain about non-crediting of tokens.

↘️ Terms of cooperation

The project provides an opportunity to earn coins by completing simple tasks on Telegram and Twitter (X). The cryptocurrency used is PONKE from TON, which can also be obtained for referrals. The service emphasizes that mining crypto with taps is very simple, and the potential of the coin is very large. Most likely, quests are simply a way to attract people into a fraudulent scheme. Sooner or later, pre-sales are held, where crypto enthusiasts happily shell out money for cryptocurrency that they would not buy on a regular exchange due to its low rating.

PlatformPONKE TON bot
Deposit/withdrawalTON Wallet
Minimum deposit amountNot registered, in different cases from 100 and even from 800 PONKE
Mobile appMini app was announced, but only for the most active members of the Telegram channel
affiliate programThere is a referral program
Earning FeaturesCompleting tasks in exchange for tokens, which theoretically can be withdrawn to a crypto wallet

The creators claim that for each invited referral, the user will earn 150 PONKE tokens. Ponke Ton price is at $0.427093 and has a capitalization of $183.55M. Trading volume is approximately $39.52M per day.

There should be a listing on DEX, but in fact there isn’t. It is unclear whether the quest roadmap will actually be implemented and whether there will be competitions and preferences for traders.

If you are in doubt about which crypto to invest in and how best to make money on the Internet, on our website you canask a question to a specialist. We will tell you how to check liquidity and where to look for listings, how to avoid useless investments and dubious quests like PONKE TON token drops.

❓Conclusions about cooperation

There is information that Ponke TON is currently traded on only one exchange, DeDust. DeDust charges a 0.4% commission per transaction, but no transactions are carried out in the SCAM/TON pool on the DeDust exchange. You can exchange coins only on, but it is unclear whether they are awarded at all in Telegram quests.

Opportunity to receive free tokens
Game form
Opportunity to start without investment
author unknown
Channels do not contain a sane FAQ
The quest is similar in principle to slot machines, the organizers are always in the black, tokens are not credited to users

The main principle of Telegram quests PONKE TON bot and similar ones is to lure novice traders who are promised mountains of gold in exchange for meager investments. The actual size of deposits is constantly changing depending on the quests and is designed for the fact that the investor who invested the money is already afraid to sell coins and jump off the “needle”. The organizers too often publish posts stating that it is not worth selling the coin in panic, which once again confirms the presence of a scam scheme.

❌Expert opinion

There is no point in messing with Ponke. The prospects for earning money are very vague, as are the terms of cooperation. There is no clear scheme for withdrawing funds and the roadmap has not been implemented exactly as previously stated. In addition, the PONKE TON chart has strange rises and dips, which may indicate an artificial pump to attract traders with a subsequent dump to take profits.


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