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Notcoin is a dubious game and a trap for gullible users

Notcoin is a unique meme coin based on TON technology, which began its journey as a free mini-game on Telegram in mid-November 2023. Initially conceived as a simple clicker without much ambition or detail, Notcoin on Telegram very soon attracted the attention of users thanks to its unusual concept.

Let’s take a closer look at what Notcoin is in Telegram. Before its official launch on January 1, 2024, the game attracted approximately 500 thousand users during beta testing. After its release, it showed instant growth to 6.3 million players in just 10 days. During this period, users accumulated more than 60 billion Notcoins, highlighting the sudden and impressive success of the project.

Date of foundation2023
affiliate programAvailable
Regulation and jurisdictionNot regulated
Company FeaturesAnonymous development team
Contact details
Date of foundation2024

The uniqueness of the bot also lies in the fact that it became popular solely due to word of mouth on Telegram, without any investment in advertising. This phenomenon confirms the power of community and the influence of the messenger as a platform for the rapid dissemination of news and trends.

Despite its impressive achievements, Notcoin still remains a conceptual project. At the moment, it is not a full-fledged cryptocurrency, since it is not released on the TON blockchain. It is more of an internet marketing phenomenon, riding on the wave of interest in cryptocurrencies and new technologies. The mention of mining in the game is technically incorrect, since the coin does not support real mining and has no real value.

Automated messages on Telegram warning users of the currency’s uncertain future underscore that it is unclear whether the coin will ever be put into circulation or gain any significance in the market.

📂Notcoin in Telegram: customer reviews

Крипто игра Notcoin мошенники

The author of the review emphasizes that even taking into account the possibility of listing Notcoin on exchanges, the game does not generate real income. He shares his experience, starting with the initial impression that you can earn money without any investments, but over time it becomes obvious that this is impossible without real financial investments. The creators promise to bring updates, but do not stick to their words, which is disappointing.

Крипто игра Notcoin мнение пользователей

User Engelsalex shared his personal experience of playing the game. He points out that when carrying out promotions where they promise prizes for subscribing to channels, Notcoin often also offers to subscribe to chats, where fraudulent activities then occur. In his experience, he also describes investing in trading through this platform. The user invested 260 USDT, hoping for profitable transactions, but in the end he was faced with the fact that the trader under the nickname Dmltrlj Samojlov disappeared and deleted all correspondence. Engelsalex encourages everyone to remain vigilant and warns other players against the potential risks associated with participating in such schemes.

Крипто игра Notcoin реальные отзывы

User tkod shared his review of the Notcoin cryptocurrency. In the title of his review, he notes: “Excitement, combined with interest, is a terrible force!” In his commentary, he emphasizes the advantage of being able to start playing without an initial investment and in the comfort of your home. But there are also disadvantages, according to the user:

  • ✏️ Lack of clear information about the next steps in the development of the coin.
  • ✏️ A significant financial investment is required to list on an exchange, and the likelihood of a successful listing is currently low.

The user also reminds us of the importance of understanding the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

🔎Notcoin — what is it and what are the terms of cooperation?

The app actively promotes social interaction among participants. The Telegram platform has become an ideal place to form a community of players thanks to the ability to create squads and invite friends for joint events. This aspect of the game greatly enhances its appeal and popularity.

One of the key factors in the appeal of Notcoin is the ability to earn coins of this virtual currency, which can later be exchanged for real money. Players can increase their earnings by using various in-game bonuses, such as increased coins per tap or other incentive mechanics.

Leaderboards and quest completion further contribute to the coin’s popularity as they motivate players to actively participate and offer additional rewards for in-game achievements.

Trading platformOKX
AccountsNot available
Account currencyNotcoin (has no real value)
SpreadNot available
Financial instrumentsNotcoin
Mobile tradingAvailable via Notcoin Telegram bot
affiliate programAvailable
Order executionInstant
Trading FeaturesBuying and selling coins, creating “squads” to increase profits
Competitions and bonusesAvailable

To start playing Notcoin, players need to complete two basic steps: first access the game through the Telegram app by contacting the Notcoin Telegram bot, and then simply click on the coin button to start earning in-game tokens. Each such action earns one coin, and the main goal of players is to farm Notcoin as much as possible using available bonuses and other game mechanics.

Sometimes players complain that the Notcoin bot does not work. This technical issue can easily be resolved by rebooting the bot or waiting for 1-2 hours.

⚠️Expert opinion: Is Notcoin a scam or not?

I strongly recommend caution when considering investing in Notcoin through the game. This cryptocurrency raises serious doubts and has all the signs of fraud. The likelihood of losing funds for investors is very high.

It is important to approach projects like this with common sense. Projects that promise easy money without effort are often traps for inexperienced investors. You should not invest large sums of money in such dubious offers.

The rules are easy to understand.It is unknown who and how the game is regulated
No registration or verification requiredFraudulent scheme aimed at deceiving users
Promise of profit from the gameUnconfirmed reviews about the impossibility of withdrawing earned Notcoins
Bonuses available for attracting new playersPyramid scheme

📔Conclusions about cooperation

Notcoin is a tap-to-earn decentralized application on the Telegram platform where users can simply tap on the screen to earn or mine the in-game token $NOT, created on the TON blockchain. NOT has demonstrated impressive price performance in early 2024. However, before investing in Notcoin on Telegram, it is important to understand its basics:

  • 💰 The token is NOT mined on the TON blockchain.
  • 💰 The beta phase ended in December 2023, and the mining phase began on January 1, 2024.
  • 💰 Within 3 months of the game’s launch, 35 million players joined.
  • 💰 The NOT token became available for trading on crypto exchanges such as Binance on May 16, 2024.

Risks and Disclaimers:

  • ❌ At the moment, the Notcoin game is of no real benefit, since it does not have real tokens and monetary value of earnings. All funds earned can only be spent on boosters.
  • ❌ Critics point to the project team’s limited experience, unclear long-term goals and the lack of a real token. Also suspicious are the inflated statistical indicators of players and the referral system, similar to financial fraud.

If you have additional questions and need get an answer from an experienced consultant, you should contact the experts on our website.


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