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Crypto game MomoAI (MomoAI) — a scam or a real way to make money?

MomoAI is an innovative game from Solana, developed on the Metaoasis platform. It is distinguished by its ability to create high-quality graphics and cinematic effects in real time directly on the blockchain. The use of advanced technologies makes the project attractive to users.

MomoAI’s gameplay involves growing kiwis and upgrading trees, allowing players to earn coins. Meta Oasis gives the project uniqueness and entertainment.

StatusCrypto game
Date of foundation2021
affiliate programNo
Regulation and jurisdictionNo
Company FeaturesDecentralized platform, own token, earnings on rate growth
Official website of the company
Contact detailsMomo AI telegram:

From the official review of the service, the following became known:

  • ✔️Game currency — M.
  • ✔️The official token is MTOS.
  • ✔️The listing date for MomoAI has not yet been announced, but the coins are already on the blockchain.
  • ✔️The total number of issued tokens is 200 billion.

The amount raised from the pre-sale was not disclosed.

🗯️ User reviews

MomoAI лохотрон

The author of the review reports that he regularly encounters scammers, which hinders his attempts to make money and makes him feel deceived. He repeatedly finds himself in situations where he is deceived, which leads to loss of trust and financial losses. Before investing money in MomoAI Telegram, it is recommended that you carefully study all possible risks associated with this investment. It is important to conduct detailed research, read reviews from other users and consult with financial experts.

MomoAI криптокидала

Evgeniy reports that for two months now he has not been able to withdraw his money from the MomoAI platform. He has repeatedly tried to contact support, but his messages remain unanswered, which causes him serious concern. The user also writes that he has already lost a significant amount of money due to this project, which adds to his dissatisfaction and anxiety. This MomoAI review contains specific information, making it quite meaningful and worth considering.

Жалобы на MomoAI

A user with the nickname “Immortal” expresses his disappointment due to the fact that he is faced with scammers at every step. These unpleasant situations not only destroy his trust, but also lead to significant financial losses. He has already lost a lot of money trying to make money and invest in the MomoAI project. The user experiences great frustration and dissatisfaction due to the constant financial setbacks that he has to face.

📜 Terms of cooperation

Currently, there are no specific recommendations on how to make money with MomoAI with the greatest efficiency. The MomoAI game is different from regular clickers, so you will have to explore on your own and find easier ways to make money.

To improve your scores in Momo AI, try these tips:

  • ➡️Actively post your referral code in the comments to MomoAI news on Telegram. This will attract new referrals.
  • ➡️Also start playing from the “Draw” section, where you need to receive bonuses daily and open the Lusky Ghest chest. This will give you an advantage and allow you to earn more during one gaming session.

In the “Me” section, users can find information about their associated wallets. Currently, it is possible to connect only one type of wallet — SOL. This means that players can integrate their SOL wallet with the system to manage funds. However, information on the amount of commissions for withdrawals via Wallet SOL is not yet provided. This may cause inconvenience for participants who want to understand the full value of their transactions.

Trading platformDecentralized
Account currencyMomoAI coin
Minimum deposit amountNo
LeverageNot available
Financial instrumentsMomo AI Coin
Mobile tradingNo
affiliate programNo
Order executionInstant
Trading FeaturesEarnings from the growth of the coin rate
Competitions and bonusesMomoAI airdrop, referral program

In addition, functionality for connecting Wallet TON is being actively developed. According to preliminary information, wallet integration will allow users not only to deposit funds into their account in the system, but also to withdraw them back. This will be a significant improvement for members and will provide flexibility in managing their finances. However, the cost of transactions associated with the use of the TON wallet within the MomoAI platform has not yet been determined. Users should expect further updates on this issue in order to plan their financial transactions taking into account all possible costs.

🔥 Expert opinion

I categorically do not recommend investing money in the MomoAI project. It shows many signs of a scam, causing serious concern among potential investors:

  • lack of necessary regulation;
  • the presence of numerous negative reviews from users;
  • technical problems faced by project participants.

Taken together, these factors create serious doubts about the reliability and integrity of MomoAI.

Decentralized platformNo regulation or license
Own MomoAI tokenMixed reviews
Opportunity to make money on exchange rate growthRisk of divorce
Referral program

There are many other crypto games on the market that have proven to be more reliable and safer to invest in. In these projects, users have more opportunities to earn money without facing the risk of losing funds due to fraud or technical problems. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to such projects to ensure a more stable and secure investment.

🔎 Conclusions about cooperation

After studying the MomoAI guide, forecasts, prospects, token prices and reviews from real people, we came to the following conclusions:

  • ✏️ The project is public: there is information about the team, a road map and partners, which inspires trust.
  • ✏️ It is not yet clear how tokens can be withdrawn and how much they will cost upon listing. At the moment, the price of tokens is zero, which raises concerns about a possible scam.
  • ✏️ There are no positive or negative reviews on the Internet, only neutral ones, which does not allow us to objectively evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the game.

The MomoAI bot application was created to attract interest to the platform. Participants can mine tokens by performing simple actions. The MomoAI bot project has real technologies behind it that are valuable, and it can be promising. However, at this stage it is too early to talk about this. Therefore, we cannot recommend the game, as there is a risk that MomoAI may turn out to be a fraudulent project.

To avoid falling for such schemes, you can get an answer from an experienced consultant. Our experts will tell you what proven and stable crypto games exist that can provide greater financial security.


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