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🔍 Analysis of the Mobiverse bot: reviews from miners, exposure of the project

Mobiverse is a tapal that works through a telegram bot. The beginning of the foundation of the project dates back to May 2024. The developers did a very good job of self-presentation and PR of the game, due to which they managed to reach up to half a million active gamers. In the future, the company promises real earnings, but in the meantime you can enjoy a variety of games and receive game drops.

📌 Today we will analyze how optimal the playing field is for earning cryptocurrency, or is it just another scam toy for attracting traffic.

🎮 Mobiverse Telegram fever: what does it give to players?

You can join the game through the official website It is impossible to find data or detailed information about the game in the interface of the site itself; it is just a landing page for conversion analysis.

⁉️ Mobiverse is essentially a playground that consists of different types of slippers. Where the main income comes from completing simple tasks, for example:

  • ✅️ subscribe to projects on social networks
  • ✅️ invite a friend
  • ✅️ press n number of times on the slipper

The telegram contains more than 10 chats in different languages ​​to discuss the game. Gamers share their achievements and failures. The menu of the bot itself contains only 3 sections; to start, you need to write (/start) in the text field, or if the participant came using a referral code, then enter it first in the panel.

The official Mobiverse news community has close to 99K participants, which is increasing every day. The secret of such popularity lies solely in the referral program, for which players are promised gold. Only game, not real. The company itself is monetized through attracted sponsors, as well as through transactions for the most premium tools in the game.

🫂 The project attracts attention due to the ease of completing tasks and receiving quick endorphins. Thus forming a kind of psychological dependence. After all, the game is quite good at distracting people from everyday problems and other life responsibilities, and all they need to do is “tap.”

👓 Game strategy: how to withdraw coins from Mobiverse?

Mobiverse mines according to the standard principle of all Web3 tokens, where the participant chooses either strategy or luck. The tapalka menu consists of three main sections:

  1. 🤳 Quest tasks, where the user starts logging in as a newbie and must first complete tasks outside the game. Inviting friends is important, from which you can earn 20,000 gold coins. In other levels, mining and purchasing additional equipment will already be available.
  2. 💪 Leaderboard where participants can compare their achievements and make sure not to lose their positions. After all, every minute there are more and more players and competition is growing.
  3. 🤝 Friends, in this menu there are lists of people who have already been invited, as well as invitation codes for access of new guests.

All accumulated loot is saved within the game. Unlike other arcades, there are restrictions on the number of units earned, this is 100 billion. MVER. Technical documentation on the Mobiverse website indicates the absence of a decentralized payment withdrawal system. The game has a purchase feature available, but the listing has not officially launched yet. Therefore, at the moment, all production is phantom.

💬 Tips from experienced gamers in crypto games: prospects for the development of Mobiverse

Mobiverse developers advise spending as much time as possible in the application to find new gold. After all, the character does not require a break and can complete an unlimited number of levels. Also an important aspect for increasing token earnings is:

  • 🏃‍♀️‍➡️collection of boosters
  • 🗺 map exploration
  • 🔄 game updates
  • 💱 inviting more friends

In the future, we plan to launch more methods for monetizing the game. But for now, Mobiverse looks like a test version of a dream that they wanted to realize. The problems lie both in the program interface and in technical aspects.

‼️ The key disadvantages are the lack of data encryption protection. The bot gains access to the user’s entire device, which may violate data confidentiality.

📢 Mobiverse Metaverse: user reviews online

The Mobiverse ecosystem on the web has reviews of varying nature. In telegram chats, users often share errors and lags of the program. On the forums they claim that the development of the game has no prospects, because the structure of the token does not allow it to be launched on exchanges and exchangers. To do this, you need to collect licenses and legal permissions. But according to gamers, the developers have no goals of making life more difficult for themselves, and they already receive their profit from purchasing tools within the game.

Reviews on the forums also indicate high risks of participating in the Mobiverse playing field. The most important dubious aspects

who are:

  • ⛔️ Anonymity of the developers, it is still unknown who the owner of the Web3 system is.
  • ⛔️ No airdrop for payments.
  • ⛔️ The structure is similar to a financial pyramid.
  • ⛔️ Buying a coin is possible, but further withdrawal or exchange is not.

The use of the game, according to the commentator, is possible only for the purpose of entertainment. But if inside the game you are attracted to purchase, subscription and other real payments, then experienced users advise not to invest.

🗃 To recap: what about the Mobiverse game on Telegram?

The Mobiverse game can be called another psychological trap, where everyone is chasing virtual money, bonuses and prizes. The reality is that no one will receive live crypto in the future. The company has done a good job of receiving money for purchases into its wallet, and in return providing players with imaginary gold coins.

Having studied the sequence, strategy and principles of the game, we cannot recommend using the Mobiverse system. If you don’t fully understand the essence of a blockchain game, then you can get a free consultation from our experts. To do this, you need to leave your question in the reviews under our review. And if you are aware of the intricacies of the application, you can help other users understand the comments.


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