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Crypto game MemeFi Coin – is it true that you can really make money?

There are many clicker games on Telegram. In March 2024, their number increased – the MemeFi Coin game appeared. This is a new cryptocurrency project released in the Telegram bot application in the form of an interactive mini-game. We can say that MemeFi Coin is a crypto-clicker that combines the game with elements of cryptomining.

Official information about founders and investors is limited online. We only know that this is the team that worked on the Rick and Morty project, members of Galxe. The service’s website provides information about the service’s partners.

Launch dateGame launched in 2023, token launched in 2024
Russian chat
FormatMemeFi Coin mini-application in Telegram
Official website of the companyWeb site: 

Users familiar with the Notcoin project will easily understand MemeFi Coin – how it works, how to play. Start the process, click and receive tokens.

In MemeFi Coin, cryptocurrency is the digital fuel of the game. The asset is used for in-app purchases, payment of rewards, and participation in voting. The developers plan to use other assets in the near future.

One, but not the only way to play MemeFi Coin is a bot in Telegram. Often players prefer to register using email on the website. The user needs to create a wallet and try to join one of the clans.

The plot of the game is based on the ongoing conflict between clans. Players attack bosses, reducing their health and receiving tokens. You can become a member of a clan or create your own.

Recently, the developers pleased with the news about the size of the drop for project participants. It is planned that it will amount to 90% of the number of accumulated tokens. They will be distributed among the most active players. This will attract more participants and create a prize fund intended for community members.

At the beginning of the game, the user encounters the first boss and kills him. The status of bosses is reflected on a scale located at the bottom of the screen.

It’s not difficult to figure out how to make money with MemeFi Coin. In the indicator, players see indicators of their condition. In the Boosters section you can increase it and get bonuses. The user can use coins to buy boosters. There is no information about using real money to pay.

A referral program has been developed for players. You are encouraged to invite friends, acquaintances, and relatives to the MemeFi club. In this case, the reward will be 2.5 thousand tokens.

After registering, creating an account and linking a wallet to it, project participants receive instructions on MemeFi Coin on how to withdraw money. Now no one can predict what the price of the MemeFi Coin token will be in a month. The project is in the final stage of testing, so it is difficult to imagine what the participants’ earnings will be in the near future.

Experts believe that it is too early to make a forecast about MemeFi Coin. Although the developers paint bright prospects for their brainchild, no one can confirm or refute them yet. Time will tell how justified they are.

At the end of May, the developers announced the practical completion of the listing of the token on exchanges. It is planned to introduce MemeFi Coin airdrop. Players often wonder when MemeFi Coin will be listed. The exact date has not yet been announced. According to unconfirmed reports, the crypto game will enter the spot market in the fourth quarter of this year.

Potential project participants are interested in whether MemeFi Coin is a scam or not, is this a real way to make money? The project is in the final stages of development and testing. The developers are still finding it difficult to name the date of listing on the exchanges. Players are advised to be interested in project news and check updates in MemeFi Coin bot to always be aware of the plans of the project authors.

If you doubt MemeFi Coin, whether this clicker is worth playing, listen to the opinions of experts – do your own research, do not blindly trust the promises of the developers. Coolness and attention are important when dealing with cryptocurrency.

👉Customer Reviews

Despite the fact that the MemeFi Coin game appeared quite recently, reviews and comments about it can be found on websites and social networks. They will help you decide whether it is worth playing.

MemeFi скам-проект

User Fedor does not believe that even an original project does not guarantee his honesty and he should not be thoughtlessly trusted with his funds. It is now impossible to withdraw money from Memefi – it is simply stuck.

MemeFi лохотрон

Alexander Weiner also draws attention to the problem of withdrawing money. His money was blocked without warning. The support service does not respond to his requests.

MemeFi жалобы людей

User Bokhan considers this project a scam that works like a financial pyramid. After replenishing his account, he was no longer able to log into his account.

⭐Terms of cooperation

MemeFi Coin is positioned as an innovative crypto game that allows users to earn tokens, including through participation in referral programs.

DevelopersMemeFi LLC
Account currencyBTC, ETH and USDT, ruble
RefillCryptocurrency, bank cards (through partners)
Minimum deposit amountAny, no restrictions
Own tokenMEMEFI
Financial instrumentsMore than 50 instruments, derivatives
PlatformTelegram bot
Liquidity ProviderNo data
Mobile tradingFor Android and iOS
Affiliate programYes
Order executionWithin a few minutes

It is alleged that the project was created by a team of developers with extensive experience, collaborating with other crypto projects, for example, Notcoin. At the same time, their anonymity can be considered as one of the signs of a possible scam.

The company promises users high rewards for activity, inviting friends, and support for DAO management. MemeFi convinces that there is no need for special knowledge and initial investment. This all sounds like a way to attract investors with no experience.

The platform does not provide data on financial regulation and legal status. The absence of a regulator and a license is a sign of fraud. It is unlikely that a company that prefers to act within the legal framework would remain anonymous.

💡Expert opinion

When deciding to cooperate with companies that declare high incomes, do not require even minimal financial investments, and maintain anonymity in most important issues, attention and awareness are required.

Easy registrationInsufficient information about the company and the profitability of transactions
Lack of verificationProblems with refunds
False reviews
Hidden fees
Statistics manipulation

For example, it is worth paying attention to the fact that MemeFi encourages the purchase of tokens during the pre-sale and use of them in the game. Thanks to this approach, scammers make money. They also promise players profit, but in the future. The lack of contact information and jurisdiction, as a rule, indicates that the company is fictitious.If you have no experience and are just learning the secrets of crypto games, you will need the help of our specialists. Contacts and consultation they will help you avoid disappointment, loss of time and money.

🔍Conclusions about cooperation

MemeFi is a prime example of fraudulent activities in the field of crypto games. The lack of contact information, license, simple and transparent terms of cooperation, and anonymity of the developers indicate an intention to deceive users. Promises of high earnings without special knowledge, experience and initial investment are nothing more than tricks aimed at attracting naive users.

User reviews confirm this assessment: low income, uncertainty in the use of tokens and dubious anonymity of developers.


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