How to make money from a smartphone in 2024 – ways


Earning extra money from your phone 📱 is a tangible help. There are many options. For example, passive income, profit from running your own business. Including from the sale of handmade goods 🤲.

Most often, applications for making money on iPhone and Android do not cover the costs of accommodation and food. But this is good extra money, thanks to which the standard of living will increase.

🙏 WorkDo you have any apps for making money from your smartphone 📣? The process will be greatly simplified by clear and complete consultation on your questions. Find out for free what brings real capital 👌.

How to choose mobile applications for earning money

The choice of applications that help you get money depends on how efficiently you will work and how much you will receive. It is important to take into account the schedule, determine the number of hours that can be spent on earning money on Android devices or iPhones.

It’s better to choose something that you are willing to do for a long time and, if necessary, scale it up. A source of side income can become your main one.

Applications to earn money. Security issue

When downloading programs to make money from your phone 💰, it is important to be very careful. There is a risk of personal data leakage. In the wrong hands, confidential information can cause serious losses. Including financial ones.

To minimize risks, check the origin of the software provider. Read the reviews. Use only trusted sites to download. Better are the official Android and iOS app stores. All this will reduce the likelihood of downloading malicious code.

🙏 It is important to review the Terms and Agreements carefully before sharing or accessing personal information. Do not subscribe to mailings from dubious sources.

Applications for making money on Android and iPhone

Rating Forex has selected popular, fairly reliable phone applications that are quite capable of becoming a source of additional profit.

Survey Junkie

The application will help you receive earnings for Android and iOS. Download for free 🆓. Payments go to PayPal in the form of gift cards.

The point of Survey Junkie is to take surveys. Each can pay up to $3.Data is collected by various marketing companies to improve products and services.

🙏 Points are awarded for each survey. When you reach 500 coins, you can withdraw them to PayPal or exchange them for cards for Amazon and other online stores.

Приложение для заработка с телефона


JumpTask is an application for making money on Android. It is downloaded for free. You can receive up to $20 per day. The money is paid in JumpTask cryptocurrency.

Everyone who installs the application becomes a freelancer. The goal is to perform various micro-tasks for large corporations. It could be:

  • 💰 viewing advertisements;
  • 💰 completing surveys;
  • 💰 translation of texts;
  • 💰 testing sites, games.

The application has not yet been adapted for iPhones.


To the top applications for earning moneyiOS, Android includes Swagbucks. Installation is free for everyone ☑️. Daily earnings – up to $5. Withdrawal only to PayPal.

To earn money you need to complete tasks. They earn points that can be exchanged for money.

🙏 Swagbucks is a good way to make good use of your free time. There is enough money to, for example, pay for subscriptions.There are a lot of tasks. They are different.


The Honeygein application is compatible with smartphones and PCs. It’s free to download. Can bring in up to $30 per month. Withdrawal of money to PayPal or in the form of cryptocurrency.

The special thing about Honeygain is that the user doesn’t even have to do anything 🧘. It only needs to be run in the background. The fee is charged for connecting to the Network.

🙏 To increase your income level, you can take part in the lottery. It is carried out every day. There are also competitions on social networks. Income can be increased by connecting several more devices with different IPs.

Branded Surveys

Branded Services is another application with surveys on Android and iOS devices. Here they pay up to $3 per piece. Withdrawal to PayPal is only available in the US. The rest are offered to convert their income into gift cards.

🙏 The unique thing about Branded Surveys is that you have to fill out your profile. Based on this, surveys will be offered. Under no circumstances should you lie. Algorithms can easily identify the deceiver.


Ibotta opens a list of cash back apps. You can download it for free. The amount of compensation can reach up to $20 per month. Withdraw to PayPal or Venmo.

Reimbursement for purchases only in certain stores. Therefore, before downloadingIbotta it’s important to make sure you use them.



Another cashback app is Rakuten. With its help, you return about 3% of each purchase. Funds are withdrawn to PayPal.

🙏 Rakuten only works on purchases from partner stores. Remuneration is paid once every 3 months. Therefore, you will have to wait for the return ⏳.

Make Money Earn Easy Cash

Another application for simple tasks is Make Money Earn Easy Cash. It makes it possible:

  • 🟢 participate in surveys,
  • 🟢 express opinions
  • 🟢 test products.

There are many ways to monetize your free time.

🙏 The application is easy to use. It’s very convenient. Its advantage is the payment in real money. It’s better than gift cards. Because capital can be spent on whatever you want.


“Bybe” will be a godsend for those who like to buy alcohol online. It gives:

  • 📍 cashback;
  • 📍 simplified delivery;
  • 📍 discounts on a fairly wide range of alcohol.

The application interface is simple and convenient. It is suitable for any mobile devices.

🙏 There are exclusive offers from BYBE partner brands. Cashback is processed very quickly ⛷️. Usually the procedure takes no more than 48 hours. For returns you can use PayPal, Venmo, Visa.


InboxDollars has been operating since 2000. Gives you the opportunity to earn money from various online activities. The project has proven honesty and reliability.

Users take surveys, play games, watch ads on the Internet, and make online purchases. A user-friendly interface helps you quickly get used to it and start making profits.

“Field Agent”

The Field Agent mobile application pays for performing various tasks from $2 to $12. For example, you need to photograph objects in your city, answer questions from brands. There are other assignments related to outdoor activity.

🙏 “Field Agent” is guaranteed to pay 💲. The tasks are usually interesting. This is a good option to spice up a boring day and make a few bucks.


Anyone who understands the art of photography will love the FOAP application. The goal is to take interesting photos of locations. They are paid for by brands who will use them in advertising.

The disadvantages of making money are competitors and low income. But if you put effort into creating high-quality photos, you can get more than others ❕❕.

Приложение для заработка от Яндекс


The Yandex service specializes in developing a search engine by attracting a large number of people to perform simple tasks. They may be remote. That is, you don’t have to go anywhere. But there are also field ones. In both cases, to earn money you only need a smartphone with good Internet.

The tasks are mostly simple. For example, compare product pictures with the description. In the field you need:

  • 🖊️ film road junctions at different times of the day, real estate from several sides;
  • 🖊️ check the opening hours of shops and cafes.

Sometimes they ask you to go to an establishment and then leave a review about it.

🙏 To make money on Yandex.Toloka, you need to download the application and fill out the registration form. You can choose tasks yourself. They don’t force anything. They pay modestly. But everything is fair 👌.


With everything is simple. You need to install the application and take surveys that match your profile. They pay from ₽50 per time. You can withdraw money when you have accumulated ₽ 1000.

🙏 Minus of “” -modest number of surveys. But they will definitely pay for them.


VkTarget is a great option for anyone who spends a lot of time on social networks. To earn money, you need to download the application and perform various actions:

  • 🧲 subscribe to the group;
  • 🧲 Write a comment;
  • 🧲 watch the video;
  • 🧲 put “like”;
  • 🧲 write a post;
  • 🧲 Add as Friend.

For tasks they pay 30–50 kopecks. But they are simple and there are many of them 💪. In addition, no one can stop you from creating several accounts at once in order to increase your profit multiple times.

Money can be withdrawn when more than ₽ 25 has been accumulated. The income is low. On average – up to ₽ 50 per day.


If you really have a lot of free time and your fingers are fast 🤚, “ruCapcha” will help you make money. The goal is to enter a captcha. Before starting, it is important to familiarize yourself with the video instructions that the service offers.

There are a lot of orders. But they pay little. But you can withdraw from ₽ 15. There is an affiliate program. Referrals earn money.


On fYou can earn up to $1000 per month on the Fiverr relans exchange. Payments go to the Fiverr income card. It is possible to post a portfolio for free. In this case, 20% of the income will have to be given to the site. For many freelancers, it is the main source of income.


Another platform for freelancers is Upwork. Here you can earn an average of $30 per hour. There are many options for withdrawing money 💸, including PayPal.

🙏 Exchange commission – 10%. Plus, there is an opportunity to get promoted and get the biggest orders. But you will have to fight for them. Including financially.


One of the largest platforms for freelancers is Steady. Every month there are up to 1.5 million advertisements offering work. Income averages $30 per hour. Withdrawal only to PayPal.

The platform offers many options for finding a job and increasing your income. For example, there is a service for micro investments. It can generate profit through capital investment.

How to use earning apps effectively

If you have already found suitable, understandable applications with which you can receive money, it is important to optimize the work. Be prepared to change the schedule if new profit prospects arise.

Use several applications at once to make money. Especially if the goal is to complete tasks. This way you can avoid downtime.

Don’t forget about referral links. They can bring additional income. Try to earn money in your free time in transport and even in line.

Don’t get stuck on one source of income. Broaden your horizons to gain more opportunities.

Carefully study the rules of each service you are going to use so as not to accidentally break ✔️. If suddenly the selected application turns out to be not so good, change it to another. There are many options on the Internet.


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