Bitcoin is falling, but the bullish trend is strengthening – why is it profitable to invest in BTC now?


At the beginning of May 2024, the world’s main cryptocurrency dropped to $56,500 per share. Now investors are trying to figure out whether it’s worth investing in Bitcoin or whether it’s better to take profits 🤔. In the short term, fresh quotes helped answer the question. In less than a week, BTC not only won back its positions, but also went up by $9,000 dollars compared to the last fall 📈.

So far, they are asking about $62,000 for the main cryptocurrency. But it is not clear whether it is worth investing in bitcoins over the long term. Especially considering that the April halving hit miners’ incomes hard. They began to earn 2 times less. There is a risk of threat to the entire network.

💰 Don’t understand whether it’s profitable to buy Bitcoin now? You have a free opportunity seek help and advice to top crypto experts. Figure out 🧐 when is the best time to invest in BTC to get a good profit.

Rating Forex has collected the opinions of various experts. Everyone has their own understanding ofis it worth investing in bitcoin. Most of them are very positive. But there are those who express a cautious and even pessimistic position.

Is it possible to invest in Bitcoin, according to StormGain

Analyst group StormGain warns: there are experts predicting BTC will fall to $40,000 per share. At the same time, other pros in the cryptosphere say: the price record has been updated. Therefore, the bullish trend is over.

The StormGain team’s opinion is very different. She turned to metrics. They make it clear whether it is profitable to buy Bitcoin now. The answer is definitely. Demand pressure is going up 🆙.

💰 This halving cycle is unique in that BTC has reached an all-time high in value. Mainly due to the launch of spot ETFs, which were allowed in the US.

The end of March and the beginning of May 2024 was marked by a three-week outflow of investments from Bitcoin. Many view this as the end of the momentum and a signal for a trend reversal.

While the ETF has been a strong driver of BTC growth in 2024, it is not alone. The key role in supporting and increasing prices is still:

  • 💡 hodlers mood,
  • 💡 long-term forecasts of traders.

According to StormGain, the metric of the influx of bitcoin to the exchange is very indicative. It grows as more people convert the top cryptocurrency into more stable assets. At the end of April, the metric dropped below 10,000 BTC per day. This is a 10-year low.

The number of transactions to storage addresses has increased. These are wallets that received more than two incoming transactions and no outgoing ones.

💰 People tend to accumulate. They began to exchange Bitcoin for stable assets much less often, and more often put it away for storage in separate wallets.

SThe statistics are slightly spoiled by the percentage of fixed coins. It fell from November’s 70.8% to 65.8%. The main reason is not an attempt by investors to dump BTC. We are talking about the upheaval at Grayscale, which transformed from a trust into a spot ETF. The project portfolio decreased by 2 times, because some investors decided:

  • 📌 fix the soot;
  • 📌 go to funds with more favorable conditions.

StormGain analysts say: Bitcoin definitely has growth potential. Especially after halving, the cycles of which usually end with a rise in the price of the cryptocurrency. But growth lasts quite a long time – 10 to 16 months.

During the first 60 days, quotes fluctuate significantly within past support and resistance levels. Consolidation is underway. Less than 20 days have passed since the halving. Therefore, analysts believe: all growth is ahead 💪.

Как изменится цена биткоина

Invest in Bitcoin after the halving. What does history say?

Since the launch of BTC, the reward for mining a block has fallen 4 times:

  • 1️⃣ In 2012. Afterwards, the main cryptocurrency grew by 900%.
  • 2️⃣ In 2016. Before the fall of 2016, BTC gained 46%. After – 37%.
  • 3️⃣ In 2020. Even the Covid pandemic did not become an obstacle to the growth of the world’s main crypt. She gained 82%.

Therefore, expectations for halving No. 4 were quite high. This significantly affected investor expectations. They actively heated the market by buying BTC before growth, which raised its price. Afterwards, a rollback began, which affected quotes at the end of April and beginning of May 2024.

Is it worth investing in Bitcoin in 2024? Bernstein’s year-end forecast

Analytical agency Bernstein claims: a drawdown of BTC to $57,000 apiece is not at all a sign of a recession. We are talking about a correction against the background of halving.

Bernstein believes that the main cryptocurrency has a growth potential of 137%. That is, up to $150,000 per coin by 2025. Top 3 reasons:

  • 📈 Spot ETFs continue to gain momentum. As of mid-May 2024, the influx of investment in them exceeded half the expected volume per year. It was the most successful start in ETF history. The outflow of funds from the funds lasted only 8 days. Then even Grayscale began to talk about the first inflows of capital.
  • 📈 The Financial Accounting Standards Board has updated its rules for cryptocurrencies. This has caused a new wave of interest in the corporate sector. Now they are actively investing directly in BTC, which compensates for the outflow from funds.
  • 📈 The April halving has not yet affected the activities of miners due to the continued difficulty of mining and low prices for equipment combined with an increase in the value of the coin.

Positive forecasts for the main cryptocurrency for 2025 are published by other professional market participants:

  • ✅ Binance gives one of the most conservative estimates of the crypto market. Predicts BTC to rise to $76,412.
  • ✅ Long Forecast expects the main cryptocurrency to jump in the minimum value to $171,319. The maximum forecast is up to $272,257.
  • ✅ Changelly believes: the lower threshold of the Bitcoin price will be $144,721. The upper threshold will be $173,404.
  • Coin Price Forecast predicts a rise in BTC price to $201,699 by the middle of next year, followed by a decline to $186,054.
  • BitcoinWisdom is betting that the average price of Bitcoin will reach $233,419.

Forecasts for 2026 and subsequent years are even more optimistic. Some sites predict that by 2029, BTC will jump to $621,188 per piece.

Is it profitable to buy Bitcoin against the backdrop of rising halving prices?

More and more oftenNews comes out that miners’ profits are at record lows. This was influenced not only by the halving, but also by the new standard of Runes tokens. The result was an increase, followed by a fall in transaction fees.

To maintain income in such a situation, miners will have to invest in equipment modernization and technology optimization. Companies such as CleanSpark Inc, Riot Platforms Inc and Core Scientific are already doing this. Small miners are under attack.

If a large number of participants who support Bitcoin transactions leave the sector, the risk of resource consolidation will increase. This could make the entire crypto network vulnerable. It may be susceptible to dangers such as the “51% attack.” Because of this, there is a possibility of falsification of these blocks.

It is extremely important that:

  • ❗ BTC continued to rise in price.
  • ❗ Miners’ expenses on equipment constantly paid off. If this does not happen, they can leave and convert Bitcoin into other tokens. This will negatively affect the price.

So far, not only private investors are interested in cryptocurrency, but also large businesses – from crypto exchanges, mining companies, to corporations investing in spot ETFs. Therefore, most cryptanalysts recommend investing in Bitcoin right now.

Rating Forex recommendation is to closely monitor prices and news 👀. Then, in the event of a crypto market collapse, there is a real chance to leave it in time with minimal losses.


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