How to use Revolut?


The Revolut project started in 2015. It was a startup then. Until 2018, it only attracted investments. Over time, it entered the market with UK registration and a Lithuanian license.

Regulation in the EU is one of the strictest in the world. Revolut specializes in next-generation banking services. Therefore, his work is monitored very strictly.

Over time, Revolut has made it possible to invest on exchanges where the most liquid assets are traded. You can invest using a mobile application, that is, a digital bank card.

“Revolut” quickly became popular and attracted an audience. Now there are more than 35 million clients. They are all over the globe. Their numbers continue to rise.

The company provides the opportunity to invest in securities. Including stocks and ETFs. The list of assets includes precious metals. This attracts long-term investors. Recently, investments in cryptocurrencies have been supported.

Official siteRevolut provides comprehensive information about trading conditions. For its part, it promises zero fees. But he warns: there are exchange commissions and other write-offs. All of them are listed on the site. No surprises.

There are several tariff plans. Including free. The choice determines exactly how many free deals will be available per month. It is important for high turnover traders to choose wisely.

To replenish your account and withdraw money from Revolut, there isseveral payment systems. Including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay. Essentially, this is a multi-currency card that unites all accounts on a mobile phone, if necessary.

User reviews about Revolut

There is a review on the website, the author of which is very pleased with the registration on Revolut. He uses banking and invests through the app. And successfully. According to him, everything is very convenient.

The author of another review of Revolut on said: the card has greatly helped improve life in Europe. He uses all the bank’s options and wants to start investing because everything is clear and accessible. The caliper also works great.

A review on says: In the US you can only trade cryptocurrencies and metals. The author knew that he would move to live in the UK, where there is an opportunity to trade shares. So he connected Revolute.

The person is completely satisfied with the commissions and the speed of execution. Only the terminal is too simple. No complex analysis tools.

Another reviewer has been testing Revolut for 4 months in a row. He’s a newbie. Therefore, I invested in fractional shares so as not to go into the red.

While a person is trying to understand trading. Revolut does not provide consultations. You have to find everything yourself.

But the author of the review is 100% confident in the Revolut platform. She was recommended by a friend: a professional investor who can be trusted.

There is a review whose author has seen completely different brokers in 5 years of trading. They all charged very high commissions on US stocks. Minimum $7.

Revolut has simpler commissions. The reviewer is willing to pay £12.99 per month for the opportunity to trade metals with minimal fees. He regrets that the range of assets is small and you cannot invest in bonds and ETFs.

Since this review was published, Revolut has significantly expanded its range of assets. Including added ETFs.

Rating Forex for free will help connect Revolut (“Revolut”), understand how to invest in securities, funds, metals and cryptocurrency. Get a new way to earn money. Increase your capital.

Working with Revolut. Review of terms and conditions

To get into your Revolut “Personal Account”, you just need to take 2 steps:

  1. Install the mobile application.
  2. Fill in the form.

This will make it possible to use a multi-currency card according to the basic tariff. That is, you can pay without additional fees in 150 countries around the world. Supports 36 currencies for conversion.

After linking your phone, you can start investing in exchange-traded financial assets. In the pool:

  • Stock. More than 2000 titles.
  • ETF.
  • Precious metals. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium and others.
  • Cryptocurrencies. There is no complete list of crypto-assets yet, because it is constantly being updated.

It is important to understand: there will be no speculative trading with Revolut. The project will not provide leverage. Every single transaction is the purchase or sale of a financial asset.

You don’t have to buy the whole stock. They can be fractional. Therefore, you can invest even in the most expensive securities with just €1 in your account.

Judging by the reviews, there may be difficulties with some of the assets. For example, securities are only available in the UK. But the official website of Revolut does not say anything about such restrictions. On the contrary, securities investments are offered to all users.

The Revolut app offers short investment training and tests. There is all the information you need to start trading securities.

Terms of investment with Revolut

Since Revolut only offers spot trading, there is no leverage, margin or other specifications for futures trading. Commissions for stock trades range from 0.12% to 0.25%. The exact figure depends on the selected tariff plan. He also dictates the number of free trades per month.

Rates for transactions with metals are 1.99% and 1.49%, but not less than € 1. Commission for crypto trading is 0.99%.

If the client holds securities and assets, he will be charged a custodial fee of 0.12% once a year. Even when withdrawing from Revolut, US traders will have to pay the SEC and FINRA. The commission amount is up to $8 per $1 million of turnover. That is, everything is very accessible. Moreover, the fees apply only to securities.

The big plus is that replenishing a Revolut card and making payments using it are carried out without additional fees. In combination with investment conditions, this is a good option.

Tariff plans

Revolut offers 5 tariff plans:

  • Standard – free.
  • Plus – €2.99 per month.
  • Premium – €7.99 per month.
  • Metal – €13.99 per month.
  • Ultra – €45 per month.

From an investment point of view, tariffs differ in the size of fees for transactions with securities and metals. The number of free stock trades per month depends on the type of account you choose – 1, 3, 5, 10 and 10, respectively.

Such conditions are hardly suitable for aggressive trading. On the other hand, in spot markets, investors rarely open dozens of trades per day. This is especially true for private individuals. This number of free trades may be enough.


The Revolut project is managed by three companies:

  • Revolut Ltd.
  • Revolut Securities Europe, UAB.
  • Revolut Bank UAB.

The first was registered in the UK in 2013. The second will be in 2021 in Latvia. The third is also in Latvia, but in 2017.

Revolut’s headquarters are located in London. The service is provided through a Lithuanian bank.

The project is 100% legal. It is registered in a strict jurisdiction. This means that people do not have to worry about the safety of their funds. The law will protect their interests. Rating Forex assures: Revolut will definitely not risk receiving a fine of several million euros in order to steal a few hundred or thousand dollars.

All toRevolut clients are serviced under a license from a Lithuanian bank. This means that their transactions end up on real exchanges.

The company cooperates with brokers. Using them, it executes client orders. At the same time, clients do not have to open a brokerage account. All you need to do is register with Revolut.

It is very comfortable. Especially for clients from those countries about whose capital European brokers may have questions. You won’t have to prove to anyone the legal origin of the funds.

Some criticize Revolut for not participating in the compensation scheme. It is important to understand: this is not a violation. Rating Forex reminds you: the company is not a bank, but an electronic payment system.


Revolut is a legal project with strict regulation. It provides card payments, international transfers, insurance and investment services. The rates include not only discounts on commissions for buying and selling securities. They provide a number of additional functions. Including cashback for property rentals and purchases, insurance up to €1 million and a range of bonuses.

How to make money with Revolut? You can invest money in securities of top companies, invest in precious metals, cryptocurrency, ETFs. This is a good option for medium- and long-term traders and investors.


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