Is it worth investing in Amazon in 2024?


Amazon — an American company that managed to grow from an online bookstore to a megagiant: one of the most valuable corporations in the world with a capitalization of $1.99 trillion. Yes, the numbers are quite solid 💪. But is there a prospect for growth ⬆️?

To figure it outwithShould you buy Amazon shares?, whether they will give real profit, Rating Forex has collected a number of important news related to the company, analysts’ forecasts. This helped me understand whether to invest or not.

✅ That’s it interesting,how to invest in Amazon? The easiest way to figure it out is sign up for a consultation now. We will clearly and free 🆓 explain how it’s easier to make money, buy and sell 💰.

Investments in «Amazon». What is the company’s business success?

At the beginning of May 2024, Amazon presented a report on quarterly results. On most points, the results of operations turned out to be much higher than analysts’ forecasts. All thanks to the demand for artificial intelligence (AI), which contributed to the development of cloud technologies. Now the American brand can offer its customers many more options 🤝.

Amazon said: in the second quarter of 2024, it plans to receive less profit than analysts expect. This led to the fact that its quotes first moved up by 2% ⬆️, and then lost 3.3% ⬇️.

FinAmazon director justified the shortfall in profit. According to him, the company will increase capital expenditures. They will exceed the $14 billion spent in the first quarter of 2024.

✅ The bulk of the additional costs will go to supporting the AWS infrastructure. Especially the part related to AI (artificial intelligence). The brand is going to invest in the development of support in advance in order to later satisfy the demand of consumers: first of all, those who prefer long-term contracts.

In the second quarter of 2024, Amazon plans to earn from $144 billion to $149 billion. At the same time, analysts predicted revenue at $150.07 billion.

Experts from the digital giant say that it has been reducing costs on cloud technologies for as long as 1.5 years. But enterprise customers are increasingly interested in moving their work processes to the cloud. This is beneficial for Amazon itself and a host of software development companies.

AWS brought Amazon $25 billion. Analysts’ forecast is more modest – $24.53. An increase of 17%. This pales in comparison to Google (Alphabet) and Microsoft with 28% and 31% respectively. But still a good indicator.

Bezos’ brainchild:

  • ➡️ made the Amazon Q chatbot publicly available;
  • ➡️ launched the Rufus service, which helps you search for new items.

The brand expects the AWS cloud to generate $100 billion in sales by the end of 2024.

✅ Amazon earned $11.8 billion from advertising. This is 24% more than in 2023. One of the drivers of success was the addition unmissable advertising on Prime Video. Marketers loved it. They began to use the service more often.

Positiveforecast onAmazon shares. Expansion to the Asian region

Amazon plans to invest about $9 billion in cloud technologies in Singapore. This must happen within the next 4 years. Such an ambitious plan is part of the corporation’s strategy to strengthen its position in Southeast Asia. The demand for cloud technologies is constantly increasing there 📈.

Cloud technologies in Singapore are far from the last investments of Bezos’s brainchild. Amazon considers Asia one of its key markets. Therefore, he actively invests there. The brand plans to use twice as much money as was invested. In the future, new data centers for data storage, analytics, and machine learning.

✅ Implementation of plans Amazon is promoted by Singaporean politics. The local government is striving to make the state a key center of innovation and technology. It very actively supports everyone who contributes to this 🙏.

Продукты компании Amazon

Mobile networks in the cloud

The Telefonica Germany brand was the first telecommunications company on the planet to dare to transfer part of its data to AWS. Within 2 years, there are plans to transfer more than 40% of clients there.

Telefonica Germany currently serves 45 million users in Germany. This will be a major test for Amazon. If the brand succeeds, it will become the first cloud company 🥇 that was able to make a breakthrough in the direction of telecommunications.

✅ The agreement with Telefonica Germany is a truly significant achievement for Amazon. The brainchild of Bezos and Microsoft have long wanted to break into a new market for them. By 2030, it could bring in $100 billion a year.

SIs it worth investing in Amazon?? Analysts’ opinion

The current price of Amazon shares is $190. Analysts believe that by the end of 2024 they will rise in price to $229 💰. In 2029, they will be sold for $417.

Experts unanimously recommend buying Amazon shares for investment at any distance. Quotes are steadily going up.

There is complete confidence: by mid-2024, securities will reach $215 per share. You can buy them right now 💸, in the 2nd half of 2024 you can get $25 profit from each.

How to invest in Amazon

Amazon is a publicly traded company. The only viable way for ordinary people to invest in the Bezos brand is to buy its shares. Rating Forex provided answers to the hot top questions ❓ of potential investors.

TOWhat dividends does Amazon pay?

The company does not pay a share of the income. All proceeds are used for its development. This is a common occurrence for brands of this level.

TOWhat date will the Amazon stock split take place?

The last time the securities were split was on June 6, 2022. Then a ratio of 20 to 1 was used. That is, one share was divided into 20 parts. There is no news yet about when the next split will take place.

To How to make money on Amazon shares

Investors can buy securities, the funds that comprise them, and other derivatives that are based on them. The choice is quite wide. There is a real chance to find instruments for any portfolio or capital.


DWhere can I buy Amazon shares?

The main platform where AMZN is traded is NASDAQ. In addition, Amazon securities are listed on the following exchanges:

  • ⭐ BIVA (Mexico).
  • ⭐ Mexico.
  • ⭐ Milan.
  • ⭐ Frankfurt.
  • ⭐ TradeGate.
  • ⭐ Xetra.
  • ⭐ Santiago.
  • ⭐ Buenos Aires.
  • ⭐ B3.
  • ⭐ KASE (Kazakhstan).
  • ⭐ Colombia.
  • ⭐ Lima.

You can look for derivatives from Bezos brand securities. For example, the Russian MICEX offers an instrument whose quotes are linked to the American technology sector.

TOHow to buy Amazon shares

To buy Amazon shares,You should open an account with a broker who has access to them. After this, a deposit is made. All. You can start trading.

TO So now Russians are buying Amazon shares

Previously, residents of the Russian Federation had the opportunity trade securities of American exchanges through St. Petersburg. Currently there is no such option ⛔. Sanctions were imposed on the St. Petersburg Exchange. It does not have access to the US securities market.

But Russians remained interested in foreign securities. They have several options to make money from them.

TO How to buy Amazon shares. Stool #1

To invest in US stocks, you can open an account with a foreign broker who has access to the local market. For example, in the Russian Federation it is still allowed to use the services of Interactive Brokers.

✅ Attention: there are restrictions. You cannot transfer rubles. Therefore, there will be no account in rubles. You will have to top up in euros, dollars and other supported currencies.

Investments in foreign financial markets with the help of foreign brokers were popular before St. Petersburg came under sanctions. There are 2 reasons:

  • 🔓 wide range,
  • 🔓 high security.

Foreign brokers are heavily insured in case of bankruptcy. Therefore, it is more than safe to use their services. Now they are greatly tightening the requirements for clients from the Russian Federation. This makes them less attractive in the eyes of Russians.

Investors with a modest capital of $5,000–10,000 usually choose brokers from the CIS. The same KASE gives access to AMZN.

Wealthier investors choose intermediaries from the UAE, Hong Kong and Europe if they have a residence permit. The richest trade in American markets through Singapore. To open an account there, you need at least $15 million.

When choosing a foreign broker, it is very important to remember 💡: you cannot invest more than € 100,000 in European assets. If you trade on American markets, you will not be able to use leverage.

✅ Sanction risks must be taken into account. In one of the latest US packages, a broker from the UAE was banned. He helped Russians bypass restrictions.

Инструкция по инвестициям в акции Amazon

TO How to trade Amazon shares? Stool #2

To trade Amazon securities, mYou can open an account with a Russian intermediary with access to the American market. There is only one like this in the Russian Federation – “Finam”. He created an infrastructure that made it possible to represent the interests of Russians in the US market even under sanctions.

Against the backdrop of growing sanctions risks, more and more clients of foreign brokers are choosing Finam. This makes it possible to continue working with shares of Amazon and other American companies.

✅ To use the full range of Finam services, you will have to become a qualified investor. Then not only shares, but also options will be available. The total number of instruments exceeds 20,000.

More one alternative

Let us remind you: the MICEX began to offer quasi-instruments linked to American markets. But these are not stocks, but, for example, index futures. Working with such assets requires qualifications and experience. Rating Forex does not recommend that beginners contact them.


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