Review of the HOT crypto game — how to play and whether you can really make money

HOT is a new crypto game that is part of the NEAR ecosystem that allows users to earn tokens through mining and completing tasks. The project promises easy earnings without investment, using a Telegram bot that automatically manages game processes. At first glance, the project seems promising, but as it is used, many shortcomings appear.

Gaming platformTelegram
Account currencyHOT
Game FeaturesIntegration with the NEAR ecosystem, collecting tokens via Telegram bot

The registration process looks simple: the player must go through the Telegram bot and receive initial HOT tokens in the form of a welcome bonus. These tokens are used to improve gaming features such as mining speed and token storage. However, the project immediately shows its problems: the bot often crashes, and users cannot access their tokens or encounter errors when trying to withdraw them.

Users complain about the low mining speed, which requires constant attention and intervention. For example, to start mining tokens, you need to collect them every two hours, otherwise the process stops. This makes the game inconvenient and requires constant participation from players, which does not live up to the promise of easy money.

Technical support is virtually non-existent: users cannot get answers to their questions or solve their problems. This increases distrust in the project, since the lack of support makes players doubt the reliability of the game.

The HOT project does not fulfill its promises of easy and affordable income. In an environment where there are many other opportunities on the market to make money from cryptocurrencies, HOT bot seems to be the least attractive option.

⚡ Reviews from clients

Users in reviews complain about various problems when using the HOT Telegram service. Many people face difficulties when buying NEAR coins on the exchange. Even after successful registration and passing data verification, when you try to make a purchase, the system reports that payment methods are unavailable. This causes confusion among users and questions about possible solutions.

Крипто игра HOT - обман

Reviews about HOT indicate that players are unhappy with the high commission of 30% that is charged when collecting tokens. Even if the account has NEAR, a significant portion of the tokens are withheld, which causes confusion and a desire for an explanation on this issue.

Крипто игра HOT - разоблачение

💰 Terms of cooperation

To start the game, you need to register through a Telegram bot and receive initial bonuses in the form of tokens. Next, the mining process begins automatically, but requires constant intervention: in order not to stop mining, users must withdraw tokens every two hours. This makes the game uncomfortable.

Players can improve their storage and mining speed by paying for upgrades with tokens. For example, the vault has six levels, each of which requires a certain number of tokens to upgrade, and the mining speed depends on the level of the fireplace and the wood used, which also require upgrade. These upgrades provide some flexibility in the mining process, but the constant interference to obtain tokens is distracting.

Date of foundationJanuary 2024
Referral program20% for each claim of a referral, 5% for a claim of a second-level referral
Regulation and jurisdictionNo
Official project
Contact detailsTelegram bot:

To withdraw funds, NEAR currency is required, as transactions are subject to fees. Despite the promised simplicity, users often encounter problems with withdrawals and the inability to receive what they earned. The process requires regular additional steps, which complicates the use of HOT airdrop tokens and makes their exchange for other currencies less attractive.

The project also offers a referral program that allows users to receive additional tokens for referring new players. However, this program does not compensate for the shortcomings and difficulties that users face, and many complain about the lack of real benefits from inviting friends.

▶️ Conclusions about cooperation

HOT bot offers an attractive concept of easy cryptocurrency-based earnings, but faces serious problems that make it unreliable and inconvenient for users. Technical glitches of the bot, which most users suffer from, make the game process unstable and difficult. The low mining speed and the constant need for intervention to obtain tokens turn the game into a routine task that requires a significant amount of time.

No investment to startLots of technical problems
Convenient registration via TelegramLow mining speed
Nice interfaceFrequent crashes in the bot

The withdrawal process is also complex and requires payment of NEAR fees, which makes using HOT coin tokens less attractive. Lack of effective support exacerbates problems and causes dissatisfaction among users. The project cannot be considered reliable and suitable for making serious money.

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