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Fuel Mining is a crypto game that is not worth your attention

Fuel Mining bot is a crypto game available via Telegram that promises users the opportunity to “mine oil” and receive Fuel tokens. In theory, this looks like an attractive opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies, but in practice, many players do not understand how to withdraw Fuel Mining and whether it can be done. Let’s take a closer look.

StatusCrypto game
Date of foundation2024
affiliate programYes
Company FeaturesWork via Telegram bot, partnership with PixelBrad
Official website of the

Those who have already heard about the bot have probably wondered how to play Fuel Mining. Starting the game is simple: you need to activate the bot in Telegram and click the “Start mining FUEL!” button. After this, players can collect extracted resources (oil) every few hours. The gameplay is simple, does not require constant interaction with the screen, just leave the bot running in the background.

Fuel mining looks like this:

  • ⛏️Every 2-4 hours, users can press a button to send oil to the warehouse.
  • ⛏️Exchange rates in the game: 2 barrels of oil = 1 $fuel, 1 canister of fuel = 1 $fuel.

There are 80 million tokens in circulation, with a transaction tax of 2%. Half is burned and the other goes to the staking fund. However, it is not possible to exchange funds at the time of writing. The developers promise integration with TON after the listing of Fuel Mining occurs.

There is a referral system that allows players to increase the speed of virtual oil production by attracting new participants. The ranking system and bonuses for completing tasks also affect the game dynamics. For example, subscribing to the main channel on Telegram increases the mining speed by 5%.

Fuel bot developers entered into a partnership with PixelBrad and provided 1,500 unique NFTs. These NFTs are awarded for actively participating in the game and completing in-game tasks. Tokens may randomly drop when you log into the game and collect extracted oil. To receive an NFT, it is important to know how to link your Fuel Mining wallet: go to the bot settings and select the “Link Wallet” function. According to the developers, this will allow you to receive and store NFTs in your non-custodial wallet.

At the time of writing this review, Fuel Mining TG claims to be in the process of listing their token. However, the project roadmap raises certain questions:

  1. ➡️April — June 2024. Includes the implementation of the basic mechanics of oil mining, the creation of a referral system and rank system, the integration of the TON wallet, the development of the official website and the establishment of partnerships. These steps are standard and necessary for a crypto game, but it is unclear how effectively they will be implemented.
  2. ➡️July — September 2024. Airdrops and fair launch are planned to attract liquidity of the game token. Also promised is the listing of the token on exchanges, the burning of inactive tokens, the launch of a second NFT collection and NFT staking. However, specific dates and exchanges are not specified.
  3. ➡️October — December 2024. The developers promise the launch of a new project using the game token as the main currency. This includes bonuses for NFTs and burning of used tokens. While such initiatives may look attractive, their success depends on many factors that are not currently detailed.

This roadmap demonstrates the team’s commitment to developing the project and innovating. However, the lack of real guarantees for the withdrawal of funds and transparency about income raises serious concerns. But this is only part of the reasons why you should think about whether you should trust the Fuel Mining game.

One of the significant disadvantages of Fuel Mining in Telegram is the questionable data security. Using the bot requires access to the IP address and other personal data, which poses risks to user privacy. This is especially critical since information about the project developers is extremely limited.

Additionally, user support is virtually non-existent. Any questions or concerns regarding the functionality of the bot or how to withdraw Fuel Mining remain unanswered. The Fuel Mining application in Telegram does not provide users with confidence in the real value of the tokens received. In addition, Fuel Jetton is not responsible to users, which leaves players to their own devices.

📜Reviews from clients

Reviews about Fuel Mining are mostly negative, reflecting user frustration. One of the clients admitted that he did not understand how he got involved in the project, and regretted that he did not read the reviews in advance, since the game looked like an obvious deception.

Another user described Fuel Mining on Telegram as yet another scam where, no matter how hard you try, you won’t see your money. There is always risk in such channels, and this project was no exception.

Fuel Mining scam

Another review points to a lack of profit and focuses on begging on the part of the developers, which does not inspire confidence in the project.

Fuel Mining review

It is also mentioned that the project asks for money before it even gives out anything, which makes participants feel deceived and dissatisfied.

Fuel Mining cryptogame

These reviews confirm that users have serious doubts about the reliability of the project and feel deceived due to the lack of profit and transparency in the game.

✏️Terms of cooperation

To successfully participate, users must interact with the game regularly. You must follow the news on the official Telegram channel, subscribe to updates, complete all game tasks and promotions, and also participate in airdrops and giveaways. Actively fulfilling these conditions increases the chances of receiving virtual oil, game tokens and NFTs.

Trading platformTelegram bot
Account currencyFUEL
Deposit/withdrawalNot available
Minimum deposit amountNo
Financial instrumentsVirtual oil, $FUEL tokens, NFT
Mobile tradingYes
affiliate programYes
Trading FeaturesOil production via Telegram, completing tasks for bonuses
Competitions and bonusesPeriodic airdrops and NFT giveaways

💡Expert opinion

Fuel Mining is a scam because the project requires users to make investments without a guarantee of return or profit, creating the impression of deception. If you’re wondering what the Fuel Mining project is and whether it’s worth investing your time and money in, be careful. Negative reviews and lack of support from developers make participation in the project extremely risky.

Easy start via TelegramInability to withdraw funds
Referral systemDifficulties with support
Possibility of receiving NFTNegative user reviews
Minimum initial investmentDoubts about the reliability of the project

📝Conclusions about cooperation

The project promises its users the opportunity to extract virtual oil and receive tokens for participating in the game through a bot on Telegram. Reviews of Fuel Mining on Telegram indicate numerous problems. The project has been accused of fraud and begging as it demands money from participants without providing promised rewards.

To deal with such fraudulent projects and get advice on reliable investments, you can submit your application to receive advice from our specialists. We will help you avoid such risks and find safe investment options.


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