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🔍 Reviews of the Flokiton telegram bot: profitable cryptocurrency or scam? Full review

The cryptocurrency game Flokiton on the Telegram platform was launched in 2024. There are opinions online that the site has existed since 2022 in order to inspire confidence, but this is unconfirmed information.

📌 The Flokiton bot was created on the basis of TON and the company’s project provides the opportunity to play arcade games and simulators, with the help of which you can supposedly earn real digital coins.

☝️ Today we will study the resource in detail and give reasoned pros and cons to make it easier for you to make a choice in the crypto-game market.

🎮 Specifics of the Flokiton game in simple words

Flokiton is a typical sneaker where you can receive bonuses for various actions and tasks. Then buy the internal token $floki for coins. Essentially, the character Floki plays the role of saving the world from evil and is a dog in a Viking helmet. Tasks that will help you get an in-game token:

  • 💳 purchase of premium items
  • 🪖improved defensive system
  • 🦾 leveling up heroes
  • 🚢 purchase of ships of the highest rank

The speed and level of earnings depends on how developed the attributes in the game universe are. But the very initial responsibilities of each player are to subscribe to all social networks of the project.

🌐 Social networks Flokiton

The official Flokiton website does not contain information about company representatives. But the resource has an accessible road map for the three phases of the project’s development, some technical documents are present, and a visualization of the token’s future exchange rate is also provided.

Telegram includes a whole community of communities:

  • 📱FlokiTon News Channel

The main telegram channel with just over 3 thousand participants. Subscribers are not very active. The content of the channel is news and informational in nature.

  • 📱Coin Toss Bot

A bot that provides the opportunity to start mining coins and goes through the bulk of the work on earning a token.

  • 📱FlokiTon Russian News

Russian-speaking group for news about game updates. Consists of 3600 members. The information on the channel concerns presales and pools.

  • 📱FlokiTon Russian Group

Russian-language chat that is linked to the main group.

  • 📱FlokiTon Airdrop

A bot that will start working after the airdrop is launched in the project system.

In addition to such a large number of launched Flokiton services, the company also has its own Twitter. Group in X has 23.6 thousand readers. The content mainly consists of game and character instructions. Information regarding the referral program is also distributed.

🪙 How to earn and withdraw Flokiton token?

You can earn FlokiTon token in 3 ways:

  1. ✔️by completing tasks in the application
  2. ✔️buying a token for personal money through a wallet linked to the game
  3. ✔️inviting friends using a referral code

The company recently published a presale and it amounted to more than 1 trillion. True, at the moment it is not yet possible to withdraw FlokiTon, although many users have already been encouraged to buy the coin, anticipating the launch of the blockchain at 100%.

🧐 Flokiton: is airdrop and listing available?

According to the developers, the listing took place on May 16, but today the situation with airdrop is still at the frozen stage. The company has already set the price of the crypt in the ratio 1 $FLOKITON = 10 TON in the minimum range. It is planned to raise the bar to increase monetization and sponsorship of the project. After all, the higher the demand, even hype, the higher the cryptocoin pricing policy. Therefore, purchasing a coin is available and open on the site, but its exchange remains up in the air.

😎 Exposure of a service with fictitious cryptocurrency

The office has previously approved that the FLOKITON token will be equal to approximately $0.000169 and each transaction will be subject to a tax of 0.3%. All commissions will be used for the further development of arcades and the full token ecosystem.

It sounds quite convincing and concrete, because it seems that the company has approved specific numbers. But there are some details that the average user cannot check, check them out:

  • 📕The package of legal documentation for conducting financial transactions of the company is not ready. Legally, an application cannot be promoted with monetization from players.
  • 🏞 The road map and presale are made for the illusion of supposedly real development. In fact, the company is only trying to convince users to invest their money in the startup and trust more.
  • 💰The declared amount of 1 trillion coins is an obvious scam. It is unrealistic to predict in advance the real size of demand, market situation, inflation and other indicators. Therefore, the numbers will not be justified even if the roadmap is implemented.

⛔️ Many factors are directly proportional to the false work of the company in developing the FLOKITON token.

💀 Flokiton token scam: reviews on the gaming field

After the presentation and the presale and token rate, people began to rapidly buy the coin. And now many feel disappointed, because chickens are falling, and the program is not launching its activities on decentralized exchanges. The reviews note that FLOKITON does not return money and does not plan to close until it gets as much money out of people as possible.

For some players, the prospect of playing was interrupted after a few rounds; they began to notice more often that the FlokiTon application bot began to produce frequent errors and reset the balance to zero when exiting the application. Gamers often had to re-register and start from scratch. After this, users’ motivation decreased.

There are those who like the game, but it’s nothing more than an entertaining marketplace with bonuses, awards and ratings. People just kill time playing casual games without expecting anything and without giving anything in return. In this case, their safety is under control, and the risks are reduced to zero.

📢 Conclusion about Flokiton crypto

The real way to earn digital currencies on the Flokiton crypto game has not yet been announced. The company only promises that updates will be released soon. But neither the landing page nor the airdropping was ever fully finalized.

The company works exclusively for the benefit of its monetization, raising user expectations. As a result, no one will receive payments even once, but will remain in the red and financially dependent on the game. People will play and buy new equipment in hopes that Flokito will launch a payout program.

We ask you to leave feedback in the comments under this review if you have additional information about the Flokito token or the resource itself.

👉 If you need help with investing, you can contact our website support. You will be advised by experienced specialists in the field of cryptocurrency so that you do not make mistakes and do not end up on illegal projects.


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