How the launch of an ETF on Litecoin will affect cryptosilver and why you should invest in LTC now


Ever since the BTC ETF was approved 🤝 by the United States government, there has been talk as to who will be next. If initially many bet exclusively on ETH, over time the trend began to change 🌪️.

More and more people believe that Litecoin ETF is next. It is very important to understand why the situation turned out this way and not otherwise ❓, what Litecoin forecast analysts give ❓, what the token developer says ❓. You also need to understand when and for what purpose you should buy cryptosilver ❓.

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ETF LTC – is it even possible or not?

The cheerful forecast for Litecoin after the 2023 halving, which was supposed to reduce inflation, did not come true 🤷‍♂️. Coin:

  • 🎯 showed worse dynamics than the rest of the market;
  • 🎯 lost in price despite the fact that it still occupies a high position in terms of trading volume.

A new driver for cryptocurrency is seen in the launch of a traded exchange-traded fund. It will give investors the opportunity to invest in regulated instruments. This will indirectly affect the cryptocurrency.

First rumors Eleanor Terrett from Fox Business launched this scenario. In her microblog on X (ex-Twitter) 📱 she shared information 📢 about the emerging interest among institutional traders. They want to invest money 💰 in an altcoin based on the same mechanisms as BTC.

The journalist claims: the SEC will consider the similarity of LTC and BTC a huge plus ➕. Once US Securities and Exchange Commission approved bitcoin Litecoin has every prospect of getting your fund 💪.

Terrett says: Coinbase Derivatives has launched a 5-coin LTC futures contract. On April 11, the CFTC exchange reported that this financial asset will give retail clients with modest capital the chance to:

  • 🔵 manage risks more flexibly;
  • 🔵 get the opportunity to earn more through margin trading.

The head of the Litecoin Foundation, Alan Austin, did not stand aside. The managing director said: the emergence of an ETF for Litecoin is a resolved issue 👌.

🛡️ Austin’s words caused LTC to jump in price from $78 to $110 ⬆️. Although he lasted at such a decent level for only a short time, this is very significant 😮. Investors are awaiting the emergence of a new fund. The market is confident: it will be successful ❗.

One of the users Binance knows 3 more reasons for the emergence of LTC ETFs after BTC ETFs:

  • ⚡ Litecoin is one of 4 cryptocurrencies that the US Commodity and Futures Exchange has recognized as a commodity.
  • ⚡ Grayscale holds a significant portion of its assets in LTC.
  • ⚡ Litecoin is actively and widely used for payments. Volumes exceed even BTC.

These are just some of the factors that only confirm: LTC All prospects of becoming part of the next cryptocurrency exchange asset.

Realistic pLitecoin forecast for today

Mainly crypto forecasts LTC only positive 🌞. Experts are convinced that investors will try to support the growth of the token. The coin looks very attractive, clearly undervalued.

🛡️ In 2021, LTC has lost 80% of its peak price when it traded at $400 and above. Considering that the rest of the market is going up, the coin will also sooner or later rush in the same direction 👆.

Litecoin reacts to investors’ actions very actively. There is now high activity among token holders. The number of addresses that make financial transactions with it increased by 22.66% – to 433,000 👀. This is the first time in the last six months.

The reserve risk indicator gives a clear signal: Litecoin is good for accumulation. The metric is oriented:

  •  🍭On the number of hodlers, their confidence in the token.
  • 🍭 On the likelihood of a sale of savings, which could hit the market 🥊. She says long-term investors are confident in the cryptocurrency. They may be waiting for Litecoin to rise to a more fair value.

Technical analysis showed: Litecoin is in the final stage of a “descending triangle”. This bullish formation suggests that the trend is about to change direction. The cryptocurrency will move towards the breakout upward ⬆️.

Цена ETF Litecoin

The rally could reach 27-30% of the value. The coin will skyrocket to $102 or even shoot higher. All that is needed for this is to go beyond the resistance level at $86. If nothing like this happens, in the near future LTC may drop to $79. The pattern will be canceled along with the bullish scenario. Even further decline is possible.

How much will Litecoin cost in 2024? Expert opinion

Analysts and Binance participants expect conservative and positive developments with LTC. They believe: the coin will go up, but only slightly. Their forecast 📊: $85 level by the end of the year.

Changelly is extremely careful in its assessments. They predict a drawdown to $69 in the short term. The end of the year looks much more positive. Cryptocurrency silver could trade at $100 apiece in December. The average annual price is $84.

Gov Capital gives one of the most optimistic forecasts 🌟. According to his analytical model, Litecoin will go up steadily. He will end the year:

  • 🪁 with an increase of 142%;
  • 🪁 at $242.81.

TradingBeasts are pessimists. They believe that during 2024 Litecoin will trade worse than in 2023:

  • 💵 Minimum price – $49.
  • 💵 Average price – $58.
  • 💵 Maximum — $72.

At the same time, in 2025 an increase to $92 per LTC is possible.

PricePrediction analysts are convinced that in 2024 the average price of Litecoin will continue to rise. By the end of the year it will reach $111. At the same time, the minimum rate will be $92. The average will be $95.

DigitalCoinPrice is moderately optimistic. In their opinion, Litecoin will show a twofold increase in price – up to $136. Peak values ​​will be at $143.

🛡️ There is a negative scenario for the development of events. According to him, the worst possible LTC price is $58.

CoinPriceForecast predicts a stable bullish trend without sudden jumps. The coin will trade around $85. By the end of the year it will add another $4-5.

Когда покупать Litecoin

Is it worth buying LTC now?

As can be seen from analysts’ forecasts, even the possible release of ETFs is not a reason for a price rally. Most experts say that the crypt will either grow slowly until the end of 2024, or will lose a lot in value, which is also unpleasant.

Investors have only 2 reasons to buy LTC. The first 1️⃣ is earning money from speculation. While the coin is swinging $10-$15 up and down, this is a good opportunity to profit from the volatility.

The second argument 2️⃣ in favor of buying litecoin is long-term financial investment. Sooner or later an ETF will come out. This will attract new capital to the coin. Growth is predicted against the background of the rest of the market.

🛡️ In the coming months, the altseason may start: when, after Bitcoin has stabilized, all other tokens begin to rise in price due to increased investor interest in risk.

It is important to be careful. Cryptocurrency is a very stable asset. It has high capitalization and good prospects.

The SEC can give the go-ahead for the issuance of ETFs fairly quickly. Therefore, LTC can be bought for a long time. It is advisable to do this when the token is at the bottom. Now there is a risk of a drawdown from $84 to $60. This means that there is a risk of missing out on part of the profit.


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