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Crypto game Dotcoin – review and expert opinion

Users say the most attractive aspect of clicker games, the number of which is rapidly growing, is the opportunity to earn money without investment. One of these projects is a crypto game Dotcoin, created shortly after the end of tapping in Notcoin. In this review we will try to figure out how true the opinion about Dotcoin Telegram as another scam.

To deal with the issue of Dotcoin – what is it, a scam or a promising project, you need to know the pros and cons of the crypto game. Native token Dotcoin, whose future price is unknown, has not yet been created. The developers do not even indicate an approximate time frame for the creation of the crypto, which is a bad sign for experienced crypto players.

Launch date2024
Total emissionsno data
Social mediaTelegram, Twitter
Technical support serviceavailable on Telegram

Crypto game Dotcoin Bot isa project that was launched in mid-March 2024 by a group of anonymous developers in Telegram. Nothing is known about the creators of the project. White Paper and roadmap are also missing. According to many observers, Dotcoin Bot is very similar to the recently popular NotCoin, which also offered the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency.

To start the game, users need to subscribe to the Dotcoin bot in Telegram and click the Launch bot button. After pressing the button, the user gets access to the game menu with sections:

  • ✔️ Earnings;
  • ✔️ Doubling mining;
  • ✔️ Accelerators;
  • ✔️ Friends.

Play Dotcoin clicker is not difficult – to receive tokens you just need to click on a dot on the smartphone screen. Each round requires you to tap the screen for 25 seconds, while the main task is to complete a circle from level x1 to level x4 within the specified time. To earn as many coins as possible, you need to stay at the x4 level for a long time.

In addition to clicking on the screen, players can earn crypt by completing a variety of one-time tasks. To do this, you need to register on various crypto exchanges, etc. There is no information about prize winnings.

The referral program provides bonuses for using a referral link.

The reward for inviting friends is as follows:

  • ➕ regular user – 1500 coins;
  • ➕ user with TG-premium – 30,000 coins.

Participants in Dotcoin withdrawal games can also use the autoclicker to quickly accumulate game currency. It should be noted that using an autoclicker may result in a ban with complete freezing of funds.

⚠️ Feedback from players

The information contained in this review about Dotcoin is confirmed by comments from users already familiar with the game:

Dotcoin кидает на деньги

User Wulf apparently spent a lot of time earning tokens without first inquiring about withdrawal methods.

Dotcoin аферист

User Iskandar tried to increase his savings in all available ways (multiplier, clans, referral program, etc.). The result disappointed him.

Dotcoin скамит людей

Ruda drew attention to the similarity of the Dotcoin clicker with other clickers.

The answer to the question iswho created We couldn’t find Dotcoin, so it’s likely that the project is a clone of Tapalka Notcoin, very high. About the game There are very few reviews of Dotcoin, and practically none on independent resources. There is no chat or comments in Dotcoin Telegram, which excludes the appearance of reviews. Bloggers who point out the prospects of the project are most likely simply making money from referral links. Platform X users discuss the project, but do not comment on the game itself and the conditions. Only the drop is mentioned, in which participants are promised literally mountains of gold.

💼 Terms of cooperation

Experienced players in new games are always interested in the possibilities and ways to withdraw their earnings. Information about how to withdraw Dotcoin is missing. Some bloggers justify the lack of an output function by the youth of the project, but this is not a serious argument.

Apart from the method of withdrawing coins, it is unknown how to sell Dotcoin after withdrawal. However, is it worth asking such questions if the game’s native token does not exist? Cryptocurrency unit Dotcoin has not yet been developed or released. In the absence of a token, the question about the timing of listing is at least inappropriate. There is not even information on which blockchain the token is planned to be issued on, so find out how much Dotcoin will cost is not possible.

Date of issuemid-March 2024
Social mediaTelegram, platform X
Road mapNo
White paperNo
Referral programYes

How Dotcoin clicker is similar to clicker Notcoin, with the difference that Notcoin had a token. This similarity worries experienced crypto players, because Notcoin (created based on TON) too appeared on Telegram.

However, while the happy owners of the Not token were waiting for the promised listing of the crypt, The Binance crypto exchange announced that on the Ethereum blockchain, scammers have already “flipped” the Notcoin game tokens and reset them to zero, withdrawing liquidity. The scammers made money from the scam$281,300 – the scam of the players was successful. Comments Binance crypto exchanges are as follows: Before listing on DEX exchanges, any crypto assets are a scam.

A similar situation is observed with the dotcoin cryptocurrency, which is already being traded on some crypto exchanges, although the token has not yet been officially released. It is obvious that the scammers are manipulating the similarity of the names of the yet non-existent clicker game token (DOTcoin) and the native token of the Polkadot platform (DOT).

🔎 Conclusions about cooperation

Determine whichDotcoin prospects are not easy. Experienced crypto players are rarely interested in tapers.

The facts show the following:

  • ❌ Nothing is known about the author and investors of the project.
  • ❌ The team announced the unknown Diablo Gato as a partner, which is not in favor of the project.
  • ❌ There are no documents or license.
  • ❌ The team’s plans are unclear.
  • ❌ The game is not interesting from a mechanical point of view.
  • ❌ The game contains a lot of advertising for other services, which indicates the developers’ desire to make money immediately after release.
  • ❌ The token itself and the withdrawal method are missing, the blockchain has not been defined, the emission of the crypt has not been established and the listing has not taken place, which indicates the lack of opportunity to earn real money.

Some bloggers persistently promote the project, but most likely for compensation from advertising referral links. The prospects for the Dotcoin clicker are very vague, including in terms of real earnings from cryptocurrency mining. If you cannot figure out whether Dotcoin is a scam or not, consult our specialists. Consultation on your questions will take place at a time convenient for you.

Simple processLack of withdrawal function
Opportunity to participate in competitions and lotteriesLack of token at this stage
Impressive communityWeak prospects for token listing
Availability of a referral programAnonymity of the development team

✒️ Expert opinion

It is almost impossible to evaluate the current user experience of the Dotcoin game. Judging by the efforts made to promote the project, most likely the new clicker is a scam.

The information that periodically appears in the Telegram channel, as well as updates, are empty statements in order to maintain the interest of the audience. The anonymity of the development team, the lack of documentation and the token almost directly indicate fraud. There is an opinion that the creators of the game simply make money from advertising on other platforms and using other available methods, so it is impossible to recommend the Dotcoin application as a source of real income.


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