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Emaar is a construction company based in Dubai. Her specialty is large-scale construction. It was she who erected the tallest building in the world, the largest shopping center on the planet.

The developer’s track record includes a huge number of impressive projects. Judging by his rhetoric, he has no intention of stopping. Therefore, its securities will only rise in price.

The investment and construction company has all its documents in order. Its headquarters are located in Dubai. It has more than 60 “daughters” in India, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and China. Everything is legal everywhere.

Emaar works closely with governments. This is one of the reasons why it is a good choice for investment. The mere fact that the brand was listed on exchanges shows that scrupulous checks have been passed.

Another good reason to pay attention to Emaar is its shares. They are very attractive. Despite the fact that the price of the securities is affordable, they have managed to grow almost 9 times since the IPO.

It is unlikely that the growth ceiling has been reached. All technical and fundamental analyzes show that Emaar shares are a must buy. Moreover, both for short distances and for long-term placement.

Shares with the ticker EMAAR are traded on only one exchange – in Dubai. Quoted in UAE dirhams. This means you need to find a broker who has access to this site. Preferably local, working with foreign clients. Then there will be no double and triple conversions.

Reviews about Emaar

There are no reviews of investments in Emaar shares. But there are comments from those who have encountered projects created by the company. Most praise the brand for its quality, unique design, thoughtful, reliable buildings.


Several reviews from company employees have surfaced. They highly value the quality of work for the developer and the level of the buildings he creates. Many call it the best company in Egypt.

Emaar reviews

Since we are evaluating securities, in addition to reviews, we need to study forecasts. In general, they all recommend buying Emaar shares. And actively. The brand’s securities are still considered undervalued. This is evidenced by technical data and fundamental analysis.

Emaar review

Some analyst sites say: Emaar shares are worth selling. But only on a weekly horizon. This indicates a temporary drop in quotes against the backdrop of the events of the following weeks.

Here is a good chance for speculative investors to play short. But opening short positions should be extremely careful. Quotes can shoot up sharply at any moment.

Start making money on Emaar. It’s real. Rating Forex will tell you how. All ours consultations are free. You will have a new way to make money.

How to invest in Emaar

If you have a lot of money, you can buy real estate that Emaar sells in its projects. There are plenty of attractive, expensive properties that can generate income both in the form of rent and after resale.

Rating Forex advice: if you are interested in how to make money withEmaar in the next few daysIn the next few weeks and months, it is worth paying attention to securities.

EMAAR shares

TickerEMAAR is available on only one exchange – DFM. This is the Dubai Financial Market. There, Emaar shares are quoted in the local currency – UAE dirhams. That is, the capital will have to be converted into the required fiat.

To get listed on the Dubai Stock Exchange, you need a suitable broker. The easiest way is to find it in the list of the best right on the Dubai Stock Exchange. There are surprisingly many good candidates from Europe and the USA, who have created “subsidiaries” specifically to work with traders.

Emaar reviews

When choosing an intermediary, it is worth considering not only the terms of service, but also the language barrier. It is important to understand: if the company is Arabic, the main language will be appropriate. It’s much easier with an English-language platform. Unfortunately, there are no Russian-speaking brokers on the Dubai stock exchange.

Rating Forex tip: in Alternatively, you can find an intermediary who cooperates with Dubai Financial Market brokers. But this means that there will be additional costs. For each transaction, you will have to pay for the services of two intermediaries at once.

Investments in derivatives

It doesn’t always make sense to invest in the securities of just one company if you want to cover an entire industry. For example, sharesEMAAR is included in 3 stock indices at once:

  • DFM General (DFMGI).
  • MSCI EM (MIEF00000PUS).
  • Dow Jones Arabia Titans 50 (DJARB50).

They are all steadily going up. But that’s not what’s important. A synthetic product is often created based on indices. For example, funds or ETFs. This is a basket of securities that form a particular index.

There are more than 50 exchange-traded ETFs to invest in with EMAAR shares. Many show quite vigorous dynamics. Some add up to 40% to the cost in a very short period of time.

EMAR shares

Investing in ETFs and other index derivatives is good because it protects against the volatility of individual companies. They only go down if an entire industry goes down. This happens quite rarely. Therefore, most funds increase in value. The main thing is that they can be traded like ordinary shares. The only drawback is that no one will pay dividends from specific companies.


Another way to make money on the movement of Emaar stock quotes is contracts for difference. These can be found from CFD brokers and dealers who specialize in the Middle East. They receive quotes from local liquidity providers and ensure order execution.

One of the main advantages of CFDs is that they are easy to trade. There is no need for a depository to store securities yet. Plus, brokers offer fairly wide leverage for speculative trading. It makes it possible to make a profit even on slight market volatility.

Rating Forex Tip: It is important to choose a broker who will actually take trades and not trade against them like a dealer. This way you can minimizenon-market risks.


Emaar is registered in the United Arab Emirates. She has about 60 “daughters”. They are engaged in construction, maintenance, real estate sales and other related tasks.

The territorial coverage of the Emaar brand is impressive. This:

  • Egypt.
  • China.
  • India.
  • Pakistan.
  • Turkey.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Morocco.

All foreign companies are managed by the Emaar International brand.

This scale makes Emaar the largest developer in the UAE and the entire Middle East. The company is very stable. You can definitely trust her.

Regulations are also fine. Emaar shares are listed on a single exchange. For this, the brand received permission from the financial regulator and other local supervisory authorities.


Emaar has been operating since 1997. The brand started out as a small developer. Has become a global brand with interests throughout the Arab world.

Emaar projects are always large-scale. Each one evokes the admiration of the entire planet. The brand hires leading architects from around the world to create truly unique structures. This attracts investment. Real estate that is still under construction sells well and generates rental income.

Emaar plans to break its own record for the tallest building. This could boost its stock price again. Recent reports, just within the last week at the time of writing, indicate that the brand has experienced explosive revenue growth. Such news appears with enviable regularity.

Billions of dollars in income give Emaar the opportunity to feel confident in the global market. This means that the company’s shares will remain stable and in demand.

As one of the largest companies in the UAE, Emaar is a blue chip company. This is an excellent investment tool for novice traders, and a good protective financial asset for experienced players. Whatever happens, the brand’s quotes are only going up. It makes sense to invest in its securities.


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