Deception Using the “Caspiy Neft” Brand: The Real Company vs. Scammers – How Victims Can Recover Their Capital

Year of establishment 1997
Affiliate Program 
Regulation and Jurisdiction Kazakhstan
Company features Caspiy Neft, established in 1997 in Kazakhstan, specializes in oil and gas extraction, primarily at the Ayrankol field. A major player in Kazakhstan’s economy, it saw a 75% profit increase in 2022 and maintains a strong performance. 
Scammers exploit Caspiy Neft’s renown, launching financial scams and fake promotions. These frauds often involve aggressive advertising and misuse of personal data. To identify such scams, it’s important to know that Caspiy Neft doesn’t offer public investments or easy employment opportunities, focusing instead on B2B interactions.
Contact information Country: Republic of KazakhstanCity: AtyrauAddress: Satpaev Street, 15vPhone: +7 7122 315663
The company “Caspiy Neft” is real.Scammers misuse its name for financial pyramid schemes and frauds.
Caspiy Neft shares are not actually available for sale.
Recovering money from these fraudsters is extremely difficult. 

Expert’s opinion 

The “Caspiy Neft” brand doesn’t have an official website, so any entity using this name is fraudulent. At the time of this review, the real Caspiy Neft was owned solely by Timur Kulibayev, who controlled all shares through two brands, making investment impossible and profit from securities unattainable. 

Beware: offers to open a “Personal Account” with Caspiy Neft are scams aimed at stealing personal data and money. Fraudsters exploit Caspiy Neft’s fame and rapidly growing revenues to deceive people into believing in substantial profits from capital investments.

Caspiy Neft Overview 

Caspiy Neft, established in 1997, operates only at the Ayrankol field, generating substantial annual revenues. In 2022, the company’s profit surged by 75% and almost replicated this in 2023, ranking in Kazakhstan’s top 50 brands according to Forbes. Registered in Kazakhstan, Caspiy Neft has a mining license and a subsidiary for product sales, primarily to larger concerns with processing capabilities.

All shares of Caspiy Neft are owned by Joint Resources, wholly owned by Timur Kulibayev, who became the sole owner recently. Until 2017, Kulibayev shared Joint Resources with Mikhail Gutseriev, then among Russia’s top 200 wealthiest.

Distinguishing the real Caspiy Neft from frauds is straightforward: any site claiming affiliation is a scam. Remember, the company doesn’t distribute its capital and is difficult to join as an employee, focusing mainly on B2B and rarely interacting with individuals.

Reviews about Caspiy Neft 

“Caspiy Neft” is a joint-stock company that doesn’t deal with individuals, explaining the lack of online reviews about it. However, the internet is full of exposés on scams masquerading as Caspiy Neft, mostly financial pyramids with partner programs promising rewards for recruiting new members. Unwittingly, those who fall for these scams become accomplices. Many fear punishment, as the fine for promoting financial pyramids is $900. Most lose less money than the fine, so they refrain from writing exposé reviews.

To recover funds from fraudsters using the “Caspiy Neft” brand, Rating Forex offers free assistance. Their lawyers guarantee to recover what the scammers took.

Cooperation terms. How to earn with “Caspiy Neft”?

Despite online discussions, investing in the real “Caspiy Neft” is impossible. It’s a joint-stock company, but all its shares are owned by another entity, Joint Resources, making investment unfeasible. Similarly, Joint Resources is not open for investment, as 100% of its shares are owned by Timur Kulibayev.

The good news is that Caspiy Neft’s complete closure to outside investment helps filter out fraudsters. Anyone offering investments in the name of this company is a scammer.

Note: The brand doesn’t even issue bonds and doesn’t need external capital, consistently reporting significant profits.

Rating Forex adds: Besides “Caspiy Neft,” there are other oil companies in Kazakhstan, with some of their stocks available on the KASE, offering legitimate investment opportunities.

How to Get Scammed in the Name of Caspiy Neft

In 2021, the “Caspiy Neft” brand became associated with scams. Advertisements surfaced on social networks, promising high returns on a 80,000 tenge investment, with expected payouts of at least 520,000 tenge. These ads claimed that thousands had joined and received money, but in reality, it was a fraud and no one received anything. 

Financial Pyramid ‘People’s Platform Caspiy Neft’

Scammers created a financial pyramid scheme named “People’s Platform Caspiy Neft.” To attract victims, they faked an interview on the “KTK” channel with Tatyana Colbert. Colbert had to issue a denial, which greatly damaged her reputation. The scammers aggressively sought new victims, falsely claiming that anyone could profit from investing in Caspiy Neft shares. Initially, they paid out profits, but these were always less than the deposited amounts. This tactic was merely to entice larger investments later.

New pyramid scheme masquerading as ‘Caspiy Neft’. How does the scam work?

In September 2022, another financial pyramid emerged, promising 25% monthly profit from investing in Caspiy Neft. 

Warning: such scam projects can last long with modest payouts, stretching each victim’s deposit over many months. 

Tales of stock investments deceive only those completely unaware of trading and stock markets. Earning over 25% monthly on securities is impossible; dividends are paid at most every 6-12 months, and blue-chip stock prices aren’t volatile enough for such profits. 

Rating Forex comments: Pyramids thrive due to low financial literacy, enabling fraudsters to convince people of unrealistic profits from non-existent securities.

In conclusion 

Passive income is enticing, but scammers offer money-making schemes without effort or investment, often using known brands like “Caspiy Neft” for credibility. Despite the company’s real presence and stock, “Caspiy Neft” doesn’t invite investments in its securities. It’s owned by a single individual via Joint Resources, with no intent to share assets. Typically, fraudsters lack legal entities and necessary documents for securities trading. Investigating reviews across platforms is crucial; their absence signals high risk.


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