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🔎 Cyber ​​Finance bot review: how to withdraw a coin? Reviews from experienced players about Cyber ​​Finance crypto mining

Cyber ​​Finance is a crypto game that allows you to farm coins. The development was created to accumulate points for further airdrops. The project started in the spring of 2024, but users are still waiting for the official launch of the game on decentralized sites.

Cyber ​​Finance indicates that it does not charge commissions and payments, but has completely free functionality where you can get a token in the Web3 system. At the moment, the project is doing its best to attract users to the DeFi platform, where it will be possible to brand the CFI coin of the same name.

📌 The developers’ ambitions are quite high, but today we will find out whether it is worth participating in beta testing of the application and investing your time in the product with the help of an independent review.

🎮 Cyber ​​Finance game basics: strategies, earnings, rewards

Cyber ​​Finance is located on the telegram platform in the form of a bot. Therefore, first you need to launch it. Further mining occurs on the principle of clicking on an egg with a hammer. Each hit brings points that can be used, stored, and exchanged within the game. Typically, earnings are proposed to be used to purchase boosts, accelerators, leveling up characters and other functional components of the game. You can play with a break of 2 hours. Because the bot requires a reboot, and the character needs to rest. If this is not done, the device may overheat due to excessive mining. After all, this system requires a large profit. In addition to earning money from in-game missions, Cyber ​​Finance also offers to participate in a referral program. By inviting friends, you can earn up to 10% of the amount of accumulated coins daily. True, you need to be careful with such a system. Often, after spamming referral links, social platforms can block chats, channels and bots. Therefore, Cyber ​​Finance created a prize pool of 25 thousand coins. You can get them by playing the game, subscribing to all social networks of the project and doing active mining. Quests within the game do not carry difficult tasks, but the income from them is quite meager. Therefore, in order to label your coins, you will need to spend a considerable amount of time.

💵 Tokenomics Telegram bot Cyber ​​Finance: when does the developer promise listing?

On the main Cyber ​​Finance channel, the developers announced the price of the token and it is already known that 1 CyberFi is equal to $0.20943. The cost fluctuates from time to time, because everything depends on demand, game traffic and the general liquidity of prices on the market. But it’s too early to talk about this, because the project has not launched a listing yet. Therefore, converting a token into a real digital coin is not yet possible. Despite this, the administration is already publishing the expected amount of leverage and setting limits on the number of mined coins. Thus, the creators of Cyber ​​Finance indicate that a total of 2.4 million coins will be used and mining will be completed. That is, when users are able to collect all the coins, the company will begin the process of releasing crypto coins to exchanges. But it usually takes at least several years before the coin enters circulation. But it seems that the developers are hoping to attract a huge number of referrals that will create excitement and unprecedented demand.

📢 Reputation of cyberfinance bot: reviews on forums about tapalka, scam token and deception

Reviews about Cyber ​​Finance on forums often convey a negative message. Users are disappointed that the game turned out to be a dummy and does not bring real income. People spent their time on it, but never got a listing. Which causes absolute bewilderment and doubts about the integrity of the project. Of the main things that bring risks, we would like to highlight:

  • ✖️The company does not have all the documents with permits for financial activities. This is why listings take so long.
  • ✖️Cyber ​​Finance has a very low audience reach and demand, so the speed of project development automatically decreases.
  • ✖️The project resources do not provide a roadmap with clear decisions and development stages. Therefore, it is not entirely clear where the crypto game is heading.
  • ✖️The game has technical problems: weak interface, graphics errors, mining causes overheating on devices.
  • ✖️Loss of access to your account and blocking of your balance is a common occurrence. Which demotivates users.
  • ✖️Converting a token into a real digital coin is impossible.

⚠️ Taking into account all of the above, experienced gamers and users of casual games do not recommend killing time in the Cyber ​​Finance slipper.

📍Conclusion about Cyberfinance: how did the Cyber ​​Finance project turn out?

The Cyber ​​Finance check made it clear that you should not expect payments here in real money. The developers have a completely unfinished game in the testing stage. The game’s launch budget was small enough to attract more potential players. Imenn

Therefore, the company risks losing its position in the field of cryptocurrencies and not getting listed on the exchanges at all.

Write us your question and receive qualified assistance on the topic of games with financial rewards. And also leave your feedback about Cyber ​​Finance if you have played it.


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