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Crypto game Cubes — an original clicker with signs of scam

Cubes botin Telegram is a regular cryptoclicker that was released quite recently. It is not yet known how this project will develop. But if successful, the player will be able to earn a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

Trading platformTelegram bot Cubes?
AccountsTo get an account you need to register
Account currencyNot yet determined. These can be game tokens, PUNK or TON
Deposit/withdrawalTo replenish you must use TON tokens
Minimum deposit amountThe game does not require any preliminary investment
Financial instrumentsCryptocurrency tokens
affiliate programEat
Trading FeaturesProvides the opportunity to earn game tokens
Competitions and bonusesIt is possible to earn tokens through gaming activity

Users gain access via Telegram bot. Participation in the game is free. But by spending a certain amount of cryptocurrency, they can get lucrative benefits. Important questions about Cubes bot are whether there will be a listing and when exactly. There is no answer yet. In the reviews, players mention that such uncertainty indicates a scam project.

The game in Cubes bot TG is based on the use of TON and PUNK tokens. Participants will have to work hard with a pickaxe, breaking cubes. At each moment, one cube is shown on the screen. After it is broken, the next one immediately appears in its place.

Cubes game in TelegramIt’s a bit reminiscent of Minecraft. The amount of income is determined by the amount of work done — the number of broken cubes. Here users may come across bonuses. While working with cubes marked with a question mark, participants receive various gifts from the creators of the project. The game has a section where participants are offered tasks. Bonuses are given for completing them.

At present, it has not yet been decided what kind of cryptocurrency can be earned here. Among the most likely options are TON, the future game currency, as well as PUNK. The Cubes tapal was created recently, and some important issues have not yet been voiced by its creators.

It is known from the creators of the Cubes project on Telegram that a drop is planned, but there is no word yet on its date. It is expected that the reward will be greater the more cubes with a question mark that can be broken.

By breaking blocks, participants receive a number of drops corresponding to their activity. This resource allows you to increase energy when working with cubes. The more of them, the higher the likelihood of receiving bonus cubes marked with a question mark. It is expected that the project from Punk City will develop further, improving and offering new opportunities to participants.

During the game, it is possible to receive 500 drops as a bonus after paying 0.001 TON. To do this, just click on the appropriate button. During the day, no more than two bonuses are available in this way. To turn drops into energy, you need to click on the button with the image of a lightning bolt located at the bottom of the screen. To form a more objective opinion about what the Cubes game on Telegram is, user reviews and their analysis will be useful.

📌Reviews from clients

Крипто игра Cubes честные отзывы

The author claims thatthe project has unclear prospects and that he believed the promises in vain. It is unknown whether there will be an airdrop or not. Therefore, there is a high probability that time spent breaking cubes is wasted.

Крипто игра Cubes реальные отзывы

Some believe that the drop size will be proportional to the amount of bonus boxes received, marked with a question mark. They drop out randomly. Some players receive them more often, others do not receive them at all. Reviews that focus on this topic do not answer all user questions.

The game is at an early stage of implementation, so there is little information. It is difficult for players to find a strategy that will increase their efficiency. There is no information on how often bonus cubes should be obtained. It cannot be ruled out that some players will receive almost no rewards at all, which could render their efforts virtually ineffective.

📃Terms of cooperation

To start playing, just register in the project’s Telegram bot. With active participation, you can hope to accumulate enough bonuses to count on receiving tangible income.

Date of foundation2024
affiliate programEat
Regulation and jurisdictionCarried out by the creators of the project
Company FeaturesPreliminary investments are not required, but their use will provide additional progress in the game. There is an opportunity to earn game tokens
Official website of the company

There is a referral program that can become a source of additional income. Bonuses in the form of 500 drops are provided when paying 0.001 TON.

💼Expert opinion

The game was created by authors who already have experience in successfully promoting similar projects. It is expected that everything should be well thought out and that the players’ efforts will be fairly rewarded. But on the one hand, the project is still at a very early stage, on the other hand, almost nothing is known about the specific features that it will acquire in the future.

If the player feels confident in the success of the project, it makes sense for him to spend time and effort breaking cubes and receiving bonuses. But there is no factual information about the further development of the game yet. There is no information about the payment currency, the availability of your own game currency, or the stability of the project. Therefore, expectations of a successful result do not yet have serious grounds.

The authors of the project are known for having previously ensured success for the NFT TON Punks. Among them are the creators of the PUNK cryptocurrencyThe project is at a very early stage, and there is practically no information about its further development
Uncomplicated gameplayIt is unknown in what cryptocurrency winnings will be paid
It is possible to directly withdraw tokens in the futureIt is unknown when the drop will occur and how the amount of reward for participants will be determined
The game runs smoothly

🔎Conclusions about cooperation

You can play completely free. If you regularly log into the bot, you can earn a lot of drops that give energy, and with their help you can find and break cubes marked with a question mark. If the players are paid a decent reward, then the game was worth the effort. If the project is abandoned, the effort and time invested will be wasted.

Using crypto games to make money can sometimes be promising. Cubes Telegram bot gives a chance to earn income, but does not guarantee it. Working with crypto games requires a professional approach to be effective. Hurry up get help from an expert — this will significantly increase your chances of success.


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